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  World War 3 - Act 4 Scene 1



World War 3 - Act IV, Scene I: Erosion of Confidence in 'The System'

An erosion of confidence in the protections provided by the government may be so severe that citizens will gradually be willing to  give up their liberties and Constitutional form of government.

Look out for terrorist attacks, disruption to services, disease scares, natural disasters, corruption or scandals in western governments, all real or imagined.  All will be designed to undermine our confidence in 'the powers that be'.

It appears that this phase is not yet ready to be implemented, so events are few and far between.  But rest assured, this phase will start soon!  When it does, events will happen with very quick succession.

November 2002 -- First reported cases of SARS.  A massive media blitz attempts to create a pandemic, but by September 2003, only 780 people worldwide have died.  Source: W.H.O. Compared to the Influenza Pandemic of 1917-1919 which killed 800,000 Americans and 25 million people worldwide, SARS is hardly a pandemic.

February 01, 2003 -- Space shuttle Columbia breaks up on re-entry over Dallas, Texas.

June 12, 2003 -- A deadly train bombing in Russia, a few days before their elections. For those following numerology, here you have an obvious 666 in the date (6+2*6), but in addition, this attack occurred 669 days after 911, which is another form of 666.

August 17, 2003 -- What began as a handful of commonplace, summertime "trips" brief transmission line shutdowns, usually due to ebbing voltage caused by anything from a bird hitting the lines to a power overload set off the biggest outage in U.S. history. Fifty million people lost power in eight states and parts of Canada.


August 28, 2003 -- In an uncannily similar event to the US blackouts, London is hit shortly thereafter.  Mayor of London Ken Livingstone said at least 250,000 people were affected.  "We've never had this catastrophic failure before and we clearly can't have it again," he said.

December 13, 2003 -- While the public was fixated on the external dramatics of the capture of Saddam,  President Bush was quietly signing into law the most dictatorial powers act in American history.   Americans had just lost their liberties and Constitutionally protected rights.  As of the signing into law of HR 2417, commonly referred to as Patriot Act II, Bush has the power of Hitler, Stalin, and Mao Tse-Tung.

January 29, 2004 -- Lord Hutton in the UK delivers the Hutton Report into whether Blair misled the British public into invading Iraq.  "I am satisfied there was not a dishonourable or underhand or duplicitous strategy on the part of the prime minister and officials to leak Dr Kelly's name covertly."  Even Labour MPs were taken aback by the tone of the report - some going as far as calling it a 'whitewash'.  A vindicated Mr Blair immediately called on Michael Howard, the leader of the opposition, to withdraw his claim that the Prime Minister had lied. 'The allegation that I or anyone else lied to this House or deliberately misled the country by falsifying intelligence on WMD is itself the real lie," Mr Blair told the House, clearly relishing the sudden change in his political fortunes.

February 5, 2004 -- The start of severe criticism in the US of the Iraq War.  "Precisely because of the qualms the administration encountered, it created a rogue intelligence operation, the Office of Special Plans (OSP), located within the Pentagon and under the control of neo-conservatives. The OSP roamed outside the ordinary inter-agency process, stamping its approval on stories from Iraqi exiles that the other agencies dismissed as lacking credibility, and feeding them to the president. At the same time, constant pressure was applied to the intelligence agencies to force their compliance. In one case, a senior intelligence officer who refused to buckle under was removed."

February 11, 2004 -- In an impromptu news conference, Bush stated that he did not know of "anybody in my administration who leaked classified information."  He went on to say that he "wanted to know the truth" about the leak.  This will later be proven to be false.

March 11, 2004 -- Madrid, Spain. Exactly 911 days after Sep 11, 2001, over 200 people are killed and thousands are injured when deadly simultaneous attacks are launched on several trains in “retaliation” for the involvement of Spanish troops in the occupation of Iraq.  See Madrid Attack for details.

March 25, 2004 -- FBI Director Robert Mueller warns that terrorists may attempt to influence the outcome of November’s presidential election by launching new attacks in America and overseas. Mueller says, “We understand that between now and the election there is a window of time in which terrorists might try to influence events, whether it’s here or overseas.”  Consistently throughout the summer, Federal officials kept up the drumbeat that America could expect a terrorist attack during the Presidential campaign. These rumors of war were intended

April 30, 2004 -- A New Yorker article appears exposing mistreatment at Abu Ghraib prison in Baghdad.  Soon after, similar stories start breaking about British troops engaging in the same activities.  Details of prisoner abuse, torture and rape are plastered all over the media, in a seeming attempt to fulfill part of an overall plan to enrage specific Muslim sensibilities in order to provoke war.  See a Timeline of events leading up to the torture.

June 3, 2004 -- President Bush consults with powerhouse attorney Jim Sharp, who represented Iran-contra figure retired Air Force Major General Richard Secord; Enron's Ken Lay; and Watergate co-conspirator Jeb Stuart Magruder.  "This action by Bush is a rather stunning and extraordinary development. The President of the United States is potentially hiring a private criminal defense lawyer. Unsurprisingly, the White House is doing all it can to bury the story, providing precious little detail or context for the President's action…": Former White House Counsel and Watergate figure John Dean.

June 3 & 4, 2004 -- DCI George Tenet suddenly resigns on June 3rd, only to be followed a day later by James Pavitt, the CIA's Deputy Director of Operations.

Tenet's resignation, which occurred at night, was the first "evening resignation" of a Cabinet-level official since October 1973 when Attorney General Elliott Richardson and his deputy, William Ruckelshaus, resigned in protest of Richard Nixon's firing of Watergate special prosecutor Archibald Cox. Many regard this as the watershed moment when the Nixon administration was doomed.

June 24, 2004 -- An apparent deliberate campaign designed to discredit President Bush, which appeared to start in early June, obtains a real boost when Al Gore accused President Bush of lying about a link between al-Qaida and Saddam Hussein and said the president refuses to back down from that position to avoid political fallout. 'They dare not admit the truth lest they look like complete fools for launching our country into a reckless, discretionary war against a nation that posed no immediate threat to us whatsoever', Gore, the former vice president who lost the presidency to Bush in 2000, said during a speech at Georgetown University Law Center.

July 23, 2004 -- A national commission probing the September 11 attacks in the US finds "failures of imagination, policy, capabilities and management" by the United States government and recommends a sweeping overhaul of intelligence services.  The foregone conclusion obviously exonerated Bush and his entire Cabinet of any responsibility in the attacks.  This verdict set the stage for further encroachments upon individuals' liberties and freedoms by setting forth 41 recommendations that would "solve" these imaginary "intelligence failures".  However, for a more accurate perspective on 911, see and

August 1, 2004 -- Just hours after the Democrat Party nominated John Kerry as President, the Bush Administration turned to its "incumbency advantage" to announce a terrorist alert in New York City, elevating the alert level to Orange. Immediately, the Democrats cried "foul" because such action virtually eliminated any poll "bounce" Kerry might have expected following his nomination.

November 22, 2004 -- $100,000 reward is offered to the first person to deliver a full mathematical, engineering proof of how the impact and/or fires caused any of the WTC buildings to collapse the way the government claims. It must include all the fuel, mass, critical temperatures, likely temperatures and their causes, energy needed to crush concrete into fine powder, force needed to sheer bolts and rivets, time calculations, and all the other relevant data in a detailed analysis to be reviewed by accredited engineers on a team headed by Jeff King, engineer and doctor educated at MIT.  Deadline: June 30, 2005.  For application:

December 1, 2004 -- The US senator leading an investigation into the United Nations’ oil-for-food programme in Iraq calls on secretary-general Kofi Annan to resign.  This is the first in a number of volleys fired at Annan.  It appears that Annan will not succeed as Secretary General of a future World Government, and may soon be replaced.  Perhaps by Clinton?

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World War 3 Statistics

For a detailed look at WW3 statistics, including the running cost of World War Three, the number of lives lost and the countries involved in World War Three, please see our World War Overview.  Further details will be added as events dictate.

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Today is World War 3 on March 20, 2003 and the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.