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One of the most rewarding things about running a site like this is the feedback I receive every day.

Here's a selection of what others are saying about - the good, the bad and the ugly!  All have been received by email, and originals are on file.  Errors have been included as received.

Please feel free to add your own comments - there's a valuable reward for you!

Featured Comments

"ThreeWorldWars is a unique resource. We've all seen over-the-top conspiracy sites that devolve into a bizarre mix of mutually exclusive theories, lacking any sort of documentation, and trailing off into a bizarre assessment of the meddling in human affairs by supernatural descendants of ancient profits and other worldly beings. Such an approach seriously stretches the ability of the common man to suspend his disbelief (and common sense) to allow him to seriously explore alternative theories on modern world history. provides a rational, researched and documented, review of modern warfare and the events that led to the armed conflicts in the first place. Gone are the endless vague references to Boogieman style Templars in league with Satan and little green (or grey if you prefer) men from Zeta Reticula. What is left is a very readable, connect-the-dots approach connecting the ruling elites of the world in a web of complicity in the armed conflicts of the past and present. I highly recommend it."
'Smiley_K', Houston, Texas

"The Three World Wars Newsletter is very insightful and detailed. Your articles stimulate independent thought and are profound. I note for example the beheading of Nick Berg and its tie in with the Lord of the flies. How savage the majority of mankind has become.  Events taking place in today's world are enormously complex with a seriously convoluted tangle of interrelated and unrelated occurrences happens simultaneously. Just to sift through this maze and present issues in a logical manner is a challenge itself. Then adding historical, social or political elements into the mix makes it a work of art."
Boyd 'Space Cadet'

"I can’t begin to tell you how much I enjoy [your site]; how much I have appreciated the things you write about and how much I have stretched my own thinking in the months I have been receiving [your emails]! One of my lifelong passions (and goals) is to keep growing, keep stretching – and this includes of course subjects one would not always ‘naturally’ gravitate towards. Thanks for the incredible amount of time you put in, it is invaluable to me and I know must be a huge sacrifice for you – well, it is an incredible privilege to benefit from your thoughts, passion, direction and research."
Veronica Williams, Johannesburg, South Africa

"I'd have to say that you are just as unusual as your website, with a lighthearted sense of humor as well as some welcome optimistic comments regarding the basic goodness of man i.e. our ideal human potential. Reading your work is enjoyable, actually offering an occasional sense of peace despite the dreadful subject matter. ("The truth shall set you free.") What definitely sets you apart from the vast majority of authors is your rational approach and your sense of calm, fearless composure, no doubt founded in your faith in God. That's a welcome relief considering all the confused, panic-stricken, emotional disinformation out there. You are in fact a man in a state of peace, in the face of WW3, and that's what makes you different. That peace clearly enables you to actually THINK, a capacity in short supply today!

I am grateful that you chose to make this contribution for all of us. As they say, you're a gentleman and a scholar!

I'm honored to be in cyber-contact with someone who thinks and writes with such vision, clarity, and wisdom.
God bless you and your work!"
John, San Diego

I've got to say that your threeworldwars web site is marvellous. I've been aware of the NWO in a sort of fragmented way for at least 10 years, but it's only lately that I've awakened to a sense of the
gravity of the situation and the lateness of the hour. It's as if scales have
fallen from my eyes. Your website and the roadmap to a police state pdf have
helped wake me up, along with Alex Jones's radio programme (I'm a Yank but I couldn't resist slipping in the English spelling) and a few other sources.
You've really crafted an extraordinary web site which is also a fine and
valuable service to humanity.

I particularly like the upbeat tone of the web site. I get kind of freaked out
sometimes when I think about what's going on, and even though I know that God will defeat satan in the end, I get pretty upset at times when I think about
all the suffering. So it helps that your web site is an island of relative peace in a maelstrom of doom and gloom which emanates from so many other web
sites which deal with essentially the same subject matter.

Also, I find the practical helps you offer very heartening, and I am trying to
find a way to avail myself of them. I work as much as 70 hours a week to
support my family, but we are barely making it. My son has Down Syndrome and requires a lot of extra care. Anyway, we are trapped in the rat race and want
to get out of the city and into a saner lifestyle. Right now it is an enormous
struggle just to pay my bills every month, let alone get ahead. Your section on
building wealth is offering a ray of hope. 
David Kaftal

"You seem to have lost the plot. I wish you the very best of luck in seeking psychiatric assistance. I would advise you to stay indoors and not approach anybody, you may well incriminate yourself, or others.
It has been a long time since I have seen a website as totally off the wall as yours, and I would like to say thank you for the sheer entertainment value. You really are totally disillusiosned
Again, good luck with your re-habilitaion." (sic)
James White, England

Latest Comments and Feedback

I love your work. I'm humbled by your passion. Reading your site warms my soul, I actually believe the network of our like minded individuals will eventually become powerful enough to influence the course of many strata of human behaviour.

I'm a 44 yr old graphic artist employed for UK government and actively involved in the UK crop circle movement (terra-symbols).

I had to write and let you know I've bookmarked you and will spend the next twelve months reading your content. Well done, keep it up! - Stuart Raith, Northern England.,


Your web site is so good, and your views and beliefs reassuring. People need to know that there is a God, things get pretty bad before they get better, and that there is nothing happening that is outside the knowledge or control of God. At times like these, it's good for people to reinforce each others' faith, as Jesus and the disciples did. There is this matter, talked about in the Bible, of certain people being "blinded to the truth by the god of this world". I don't fully understand all the hows and whys of this being the truth, but I know that it is the truth. People should understand that many people simply cannot see the
truth, no matter how obvious it is, not get frustrated by this, and that they should not worry about this but just know that it is a fact. - Robert Thorne, M.D., New Jersey, USA.


Finally there is someone that brings the truth to light!  The entire world needs to wake up and put that foot down.......just as YOU have.  I find this site to be very informative, and it makes great sense.  I don't understand why the majority of the world can not see what's going on around them w/their own common sense. - Chad Clark, Texas, USA.


Thank you for your email and for your support.  I appreciate all the news tips and comments that I receive and read them all.  

Although I might not respond to you directly, rest assured we appreciate your input and will make good use of the information you send us.

Thank you for all you do to help us fight the New World Order. - Alex Jones,


I have been reading your three world wars article for some time now....fantastic!!!   It all seems like it is falling into place. Keep up the information. - Steven Smith Sr.


You have been an inspiration. Your emails are more than stimulating my friend and I'm always on the look out for stuff of this kind. A real eye opener.  -  Joe Gill, UK


Thank you Michael for your most recent newsletter about Lord of the Flies. Your question:  Do you feel like weeping?...... was definitely one of the most sincere and touching communications I've ever received. You are unquestionably a man of God and a
blessing to all humanity. Such profound empathy helps to ease our pain. - John in San Diego


I would like to simply thank you from the depths of my heart for creating this amazing site.  Completely at random I fell upon it, and have experienced the most enlightening period of my life.  In particular, the roadmap to a police state I have found incredibly
mind-blowing, and have been reading it for the last 4 hours.  I just wanted you to know that for me at least, your work has been absolutely priceless.  Thank
you. - Scott.


There are many other sites similar to yours, but all of them manage to put a slightly outlandish and unfounded spin on things eg: Aliens, shapeshifters,
satan worship etc, and while I won't totally disregard those theories, nor will I willingly buy into them. Yours seems to be purely from a factual base, with no ridiculous theories at all. Looking forward to your
correspondence and updates. - Alex, New Zealand.


I am very impressed with your website. I had been wondering where the 'coalition of like-minded' was, but I found it.
I'm browsing through your archives, and it is shocking to see that many of my visions are coming true.
I am very happy to have found your site - your analysis is excellent, and I am glad to see that it is based in fact with proper extrapolations made. Not that I shy away from Nostradamus and such, but I prefer to look at things from a realistic p.o.v. It is really not that hard to put one and one together. - Marinza Bruineman,


It has also been said on the Net that the only hope for the world is the Net, and specifically sites such as yours.  You were specially mentioned... I forget where but you have influence.  - Anthony Austin, author of Mother Shipton: The Missing Prophecies, England, UK.


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