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Published March 12, 2004

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Newsflash - Madrid, Spain



Nine Hundred and Eleven Days Later: Madrid, Spain

By now you know that during the early morning rush hour of Thursday 11 March, (01:30 ET) a number of simultaneous bomb blasts killed more than 200 people in Madrid, the capital of Spain.

If you’ve been with ThreeWorldWars for any length of time, you’ll know my interest in the pattern of historical world events when it comes to dates, times and other facts.  I wrote about this when I reported that certain elements appeared to be in place for a possible terrorist attack on February 2.  Thankfully that didn’t happen.

A date that I missed because of an error on my own website was March 11th.  The Madrid bombings occurred exactly 911 days and 16 hours after September 11, 2001.  Coincidence? 

Another significant fact is that a number of newspapers originally reported that 173 people were killed.  Here’s one of the first announcements.

Even the Taipei Times (which I use on account of being in Taipei currently) had this front-page headline: “Madrid explosions kill at least 173”. 

Taipei Times Report

If the fatality figure wasn’t yet clearly known, why choose 173?  Why not 175, or 150?  Don’t you usually round up or down a number when you’re estimating something?  The reason 173 was blasted all over the international press is because it’s a message, a signature showing those who know what to look and listen for, that this dastardly act was planned. 1+7+3 = 11, a well-known occult signature.  If you’re interested in reading more about this, please see: Repetitive Appearance of Numbers and Symbols.

So Who is Responsible?

You’ll see these two messages being repeated constantly over the next few days:

"The Spanish authorities have made it clear their prime suspect for the co-ordinated blasts is the armed Basque separatist group ETA, but do not rule out other lines of inquiry."


"Some observers say the bombings bear the hallmarks of the Islamic militant network al-Qaeda, which has threatened revenge on Spain for its government's backing of the US-led invasion and occupation of Iraq."

The two phrases "ETA" and "al-Qaeda" are going to be blasted at us constantly, numbing us from thinking about anything other than these two possibilities. And of course, that’s what ‘they’ want.

I can't say much about al Qaeda, but I can say with some certainty that I doubt it's ETA.  I lived in Spain until fairly recently for almost a year.  I used to frequent the trendy bars and restaurants around the Atocha Station area (the location of the first blasts), because I lived a short, 10-minute stroll away.  On two occasions I drove a fairly flashy German convertible sports car through Pais Vasco (literally country of the Basques), and had the opportunity to chat to a few 'locals'.  This despite numerous warnings from ill-informed Spanish friends about how dangerous Basque country could be.  I know the Spaniards, and I know the Basques (at least as well as one can get to know a nation in a year of living there).

I also know the following facts:

  • ETA usually provides advance warnings of any attacks (most often by phone).

  • ETA attacks are usually small scale, damaging either only buildings or killing small numbers of people.

  • 'Only' 850-odd people have been killed by ETA since 1968.  That's 24 deaths a year on average, far fewer than what the US government and military is responsible for.

  • In 1987 a bomb blast in a supermarket in Barcelona killed 21 - their most deadly attack to date.

  • If this attack is ETA, it would be more than 8 times as serious as there previous record.

  • ETA attacks are normally individual events, not coordinated, multiple events.

  • ETA always claims responsibility - they haven't done so to date for the Madrid bombings.

So, while I obviously don't know who is responsible, all I ask is that you consider ETA's history before blindly believing everything you hear on the news. 

It's clear to me that forces similar to those involved in the planning of 9/11 are responsible for Spain's Twin Towers.

For further analysis, please see Joe Vialls.

Until next time,

Think and be free.

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