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Where Can I Find Answers to My Questions?

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Listed below are the questions which I am asked most frequently.  Please check to see whether your question is answered below before contacting me - it saves you and me time.  If I don't respond to your question, it's not because I'm being rude and ignoring you while hiding behind a website.  It's just that your query has probably already been addressed.

Another method of having any complex question answered, and by far the quickest, is to visit our wonderfully supportive community in the Forum.  There are people there with fantastic input just waiting to help!  There is also a powerful Search Feature in the right hand column of every page to help you find elusive content on the site.

My Framework/Paradigm

Perhaps the most important reference point you can have for the site is my broad framework, which is thus:

  • There is a plan for world domination.
  • It has existed for more than 4 generations.
  • The plan is demonically inspired, hence the consistency in following it from generation to generation.
  • The battle we see on earth is a physical manifestation of a spiritual battle.
  • Today's leaders are unwittingly guided by influence from the spiritual world.
  • Resistance is futile, since you would be trying to impose physical resistance against an unseen foe.
  • Preparation is key.
  • Any other issue is simply noise in the grander scheme of this framework.

OK, on to the questions many others have asked.  Go directly to the Category which best describes the topic of your question, or see the Full List of Questions.

Question Categories

War: All about WW1, WW2 and WW3, including what can be done about WW3.  Also statistics and dates for all 3 World Wars.

History: Apparent historical discrepancies and any other historical questions, but not related to War specifically.

Beliefs: Answering the tricky questions on my belief system.  Go here if you want to find out what the hidden agenda is of this site.

Admin/General: Questions about the Newsletter, Forum, Subscribing, Bibliography and general site related questions.

Advertising:  All about my advertising policy and what you should know if you'd like to advertise on ThreeWorldWars.

Full List of Questions

  1. When will World War Three start?
  2. When will the next terrorist attack occur?
  3. How can I prepare for WW3?
  4. Will you help organize an armed uprising?
  5. What's the purpose of this grand plan. Why 3 World Wars? Why a New World Order? Who benefits from all of this? (or something similar)
  6. What are your beliefs? / Are you a Christian? / Do you believe in God? / Why do you spread so much doom and gloom? Didn't Jesus teach us to spread the good news? (or something similar)
  7. Who sponsors the site? / Which organization is behind the site?
  8. Where can I see a copy of Albert Pike's letter about the planned Three World Wars? (or some similar question about Pike's Letter)
  9. The statistics you quote: Why are they inaccurate/incomplete/missing? (or something similar)
  10. Why isn't your site as detailed as other World War sites?
  11. Why have you not included information on Secret Societies, Bilderberg, Illuminati, or some other commonly accepted conspiracy?
  12. If what you're saying is true, is it safe for me to register with your forum and sign up for your newsletter?
  13. If what you're saying is true, surely your life is in danger - are you not scared of being tracked down and eliminated?
  14. If what you say is true, and nothing can be done to alter this, then perhaps it would be better for us NOT to know?
  15. I've subscribed to your newsletter, but I'm not receiving it - what's going on?
  16. I'm receiving more than 1 copy of the newsletter - how do I stop this?
  17. How do I unsubscribe from the newsletter, or change my email address?
  18. Can I copy your site? Does the site have any copyright?
  19. Why did you name your site Three World Wars - why not Four?
  20. What are your sources? / Do you have a bibliography?
  21. Do you accept speaking engagements?
  22. Can I contribute in any way?
  23. Is available in other languages?
  24. My Grandfather / Father / Uncle fought in one of the wars with the 542nd / 51st / 12th Battalion; where do I find information about him and his unit?
  25. Do you have further information to help me with an assignment?
  26. I live in mid-west USA / England / Israel / Australia / Hong Kong / some other place on earth.  Will my home place play a role in WW3?  When will my city be invaded?  (or something similar)
  27. Will you place a banner for my product/web site on ThreeWorldWars?  How can I advertise on ThreeWorldWars?
  28. Can I link to ThreeWorldWars?
  29. Will you link to my website?



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Today is World War 3 on March 20, 2003 and the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.