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Where Can I Find Answers to My Admin Related Questions?

Listed below are War related questions which I am asked most frequently.  Other Categories can be found here.

Admin Related Questions

  1. If what you're saying is true, is it safe for me to register with your forum and sign up for your newsletter?
  2. I've subscribed to your newsletter, but I'm not receiving it - what's going on?
  3. I'm receiving more than 1 copy of the newsletter - how do I stop this?
  4. How do I unsubscribe from the newsletter, or change my email address?
  5. Can I copy your site? Can I post your articles on other sites?  Can I send your emails to friends?  Does the site have any copyright?
  6. Why did you name your site Three World Wars - why not Four?
  7. Why have you not included information on other Secret Societies, Bilderberg, Illuminati, or some other commonly accepted conspiracy?
  8. What are your sources? / Do you have a bibliography?
  9. Who sponsors the site? / Which organization is behind the site?
  10. Do you accept speaking engagements?
  11. Can I contribute in any way?
  12. Is available in other languages?
  13. Can I link to ThreeWorldWars?
  14. Will you link to my website?

If what you're saying is true, is it safe for me to register with your forum and sign up for your newsletter - could I not be compromising my safety by providing my details? 

A.  In short, it is not recommended to provide all your real contact details when registering.  You should never take online privacy for granted.  While I believe it is currently safe to visit this and other conspiracy sites, such visits could be recorded at any time by your ISP and used as evidence against you when and if your government decides to take action against infidels like you and me.  There are many ways you can protect your privacy online and I have detailed some of them here

Are your personal details safe with me?  As far as I have control over access to your details by third parties, absolutely yes.  Privacy is paramount for me, and I will treat your personal details as carefully as I treat my own personal information. I have very little respect for government authorities, so 'they' would have to find me first before I handed over any of your details.  I suspect they will shut down the site before they could force me to disclose your details.  Your email address is not stored on my computer, so there is no risk of your details being found if my computer ever falls into the wrong hands.

As for your email address being sold or rented to anyone other than myself, our relationship is far more valuable to me than any price I could get for selling your details.  I also hate spam email with a passion, and would never do anything that contributes to furthering spam.  So, your email address is safe with me.

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I've subscribed to your newsletter, but I'm not receiving it - what's going on?

A.  It's more than likely being filtered by an aggressive filter implemented by your ISP (Internet Service Provider).  There are a few things you can check to ensure you never miss an issue of these valuable updates:

For Yahoo! Mail Users: If the confirmation mail is filtered to your 'bulk' folder, open the message and click on the "this is not Spam" link next to the "From" field.
For Hotmail Users: Place the domain on your Safe List, so that you can receive my free reports and follow up e-mails. You can access the Safe List via the "Options" link next to the main menu tabs.
For AOL Users: Place the domain in your Address Book.
Some spam filters use White Lists: Place the domain on the filter's whitelist. You may need to search a filter's help for how to do this -- and depending on the software or version, they may call it a "whitelist," a "good list" or other similar name.

More detailed instructions are available here.

If you are an AOL subscriber, you might be interested to learn about the aggressive filtering and non-delivery policies they use - it might convince you to change your ISP!  Details here.

Sorry for the trouble, but these circumstances are beyond my control. All I can do is work together with the ISPs to shut out the REAL spammers and let the legitimate email through!

You can find all previous updates in the Archive or in the Blog.

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I'm receiving more than 1 copy of the newsletter - how do I stop this?

The reason this has happened is because, for some unknown reason, your email address has been entered more than once into the database that handles your subscription.

The only way to correct this is to unsubscribe (see details in next question below).  You will be presented with the dates on which you joined the ThreeWorldWars General Subscription List.  Unsubscribe the entry with the most recent date.

If only one entry exists and you are still receiving more than 1 copy of the newsletter, you might have subscribed using 2 different email addresses.  In this case, simply unsubscribe using the address you no longer want to use.

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How do I unsubscribe from the newsletter or change my email address?

At the very bottom of every email you receive there are two links, as follows:

If you no longer wish to receive communication from us:

To update your contact information:

Click on the top link in your email to unsubscribe.

Click on the bottom link in your email to change your email address.

This is the only way to unsubscribe or update your details.  While I do try to action all requests sent by email directly to me, this may take up to a few days or weeks.  If you require immediate removal please follow the directions above.

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Can I copy your site?  Does the site have any copyright?

A. You are encouraged to spread the word as far and wide as possible.  All emails sent by may be forwarded freely provided they are sent without any modifications. 

The content of any article on this site may not be copied and/or published on any other website, without our express written permission. 

The layout and design of this site, including the home page, blog and forum are copyrighted by and may not be copied.

If any other use is desired, permission in writing from is necessary.  Contact for details.

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Why did you name your site Three World Wars - why not Four?

A.  I'm an old man, and I'll be dead before WW4 comes along.

Actually, I don't believe there'll be another world war.  The WWIII currently underway is the last and final war, which could very well end it for all of us...

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Why have you not included information on Secret Societies, Bilderberg, Illuminati, or some other commonly accepted conspiracy?

A.  Two reasons:

  1. I do not wish to reinvent the wheel - there are hundreds of other sites already covering this quite adequately.  See Links for other suggestions.
  2. I prefer a wider, more strategic view of world history.  By focusing on individual conspiracies or individual groups, one tends to lose sight of the pattern unfolding.  By not concentrating on specific groups, I believe allows one a more unbiased view of what's happening in the world, because you do not become a victim of the specifics of any one group.

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What are your sources? / Do you have a bibliography?

A.  As far as references are concerned, I have a small problem. In short, I hated to annotate, footnote, etc. in college, and it's a habit that has stayed with me. It's wrong and I'm sorry. I've wished that I could go back and change it, but I can't.

Consider this: I have used many hundreds (possibly thousands) of sources for this website, and the information has been gathered over many years of research. If I had properly cited and annotated, the site would easily be double the size it is, making it very cluttered.

So unfortunately, I am not able to give you the source material. In fact, all I can tell you is that I take my research very seriously, and you'll notice I don't simply copy other people's work, although I am often copied.

There have been some who have contacted me about errors, and if I could verify their contention I have corrected it as soon as possible. I have also identified some of the urban legends which have become part of the end-time scenario, which I have corrected. So, I have tried my best to present as accurate a picture as I can.

Resources I have found extremely valuable and which you can quite safely quote as sources, are as follows:

  1. The Unseen Hand - An Introduction to the Conspiratorial Nature of History by A. Ralph Epperson:

  2. Hitler's War 1939-1942 and Hitler's War 1942-1945 by David Irving (very difficult to find since both books have been banned in most countries because of the accuracy of his (revisionist) account. ISBN 0 333 35791 4 and ISBN 0 333 35792 2. You can read about this author and the book at Conspiracy Penpal, and I'm sure you could find the books on eBay or other Internet search engines.  Order direct from UK publisher, or you can download free.  The original 1977 edition has been scanned and converted into 42 chapters in html format.

  3. The Armageddon Script by Peter Lemesurier:

  4. Behold a Pale Horse by William Cooper:

  5. 1981 Revisionist Bibliography - A Select Bibliography of Revisionist Books Dealing With Two World Wars and Their Aftermaths.  Compiled and annotated by Keith Stimely, of the Institute for Historical Review.  ISBN 0-911038-97-3

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Who sponsors the site? / Which organization is behind the site?

A.  This site is developed, maintained and funded solely by private, independent individuals in the interests of spreading the news.  The views expressed on the site (excluding the Forum) are the non-partisan views of the site owner.  No direct funding is received from any organization or church, so the views expressed are not influenced in any way.  It is this fact alone which makes the site unique and refreshingly different from the controlled mass media.

A small revenue stream is generated by the placement of generic adverts in certain locations on the site.  This small revenue covers some of the expense of running the site and ensures that this resource will always remain free.  The adverts are not selected by me, and I have little control over what is displayed.  Google places these ads based on the content of the page being displayed.  For this reason, you may occasionally see adverts which support a cause contrary to the message of this site.  If you see such an ad, please contact me with full details so that I can ensure it is filtered in future.  The placement of these adverts does not imply direct funding or any relationship apart from commercial with the advertiser.

To stress again: this site is absolute, autarchic, autonomous, free-wheeling, individualistic, liberated, liberating, non-aligned, non-partisan, self-determining, self-governing, self-reliant, self-sufficient, self-supporting, separate, sovereign, unaided, unallied, unconnected, unconstrained, uncontrolled, and unregimented.

Just the way life should be.

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Do you accept speaking engagements?  Can I interview you? 

A.  Yes.  There are a number of logistical challenges because I do not live in the US.  In fact, I travel constantly and it's fairly difficult to pin me down.  However, contact me and we will work something out.

You are also encouraged to listen to archives of previous radio interviews, although I am comfortable speaking on a wide range of topics.  My current passion and topic preference is 'Living Under the Radar'.  In other words, if all this stuff is true, and resistance is futile, what should one do.  This is really exciting stuff, and although I don't yet have a website up, I have much planned. 

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Can I contribute in any way?

A.  The site does cost a fair amount to keep running, and I'd be most grateful if you would consider contributing to the ongoing maintenance of the site, thus ensuring the message can continue to be spread far and wide.

I am also always on the lookout for unique and interesting articles, to be published in the Blog.  If you have written something or have seen something worthwhile (i.e. not regurgitated news copied from a controlled media site), please do send it to me using the Contact page.

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Is available in other languages?

A.  Unfortunately no, although plans are afoot, and if you can help I'd be most grateful.  A French translation was offered, but the volunteer received a rude awakening when he realized how much work is required.  I would love to have the site (or even parts of the site) translated into French, Spanish, German and Simplified Chinese. 

I'd be most grateful if you would contact me with any offers to assist.  Your efforts will help in spreading the word far and wide, and you and/or your company will receive significant exposure!

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Can I link to

A.  Linking to another website is considered one of the highest online forms of compliment, since the message you are giving is that you are so happy with the content of the site you are linking to that you are willing to 'endorse' the site by recommending it to your visitors.  So, you don't normally have to ask permission to link to another site.

If you would like to link to ThreeWorldWars, here is the HTML code I would prefer to see, but you may use anything similar:

<p><a target="_blank" href="">
ThreeWorldWars</a> - An Introduction to Conspiratorial History</p>

I am so grateful for any link or any mention of ThreeWorldWars on another site, that I'd like to thank you personally if you do link to this site.  I'm grateful because you realize the importance of getting the word out far and wide, and are assisting this effort by linking.  Please contact me and let me know where the link is placed.


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Will link to my site?

A.  I very seldom honor link requests, because I receive numerous requests on a weekly basis, often from sites that have no relevance whatsoever to this site.  Many of these requests are automatically generated, so I've had to implement an email filter.

Before I consider a site worth linking to, here are my criteria:

  • No pop-ups;
  • Pleasing on the eye;
  • Based on readily provable facts;
  • Easy to digest, yet stimulating material;
  • No material of a sexual entertainment nature;
  • Usually more than 20 or so pages of solid, original content;
  • Closely aligned with the theme of this site, including: Religion and Metaphysical Studies, Secret Societies, Numerology, Conspiratorial History, World Wars, Globalization.

That immediately invalidates about 99.8% of existing websites.

If you believe your site qualifies, contact me and give me a clue that you've at least read some of this site to prove that we have something in similar.  Perhaps use the secret code "XJPMC" in the body of your request.  That'll get my attention.

It will also help if you tell me a little about yourself and your site, and why you believe a mutual sharing of visitors is a win-win for both of us.  We're both people after all, not inanimate websites in cyberspace.

A link request like this is far more likely to receive the attention it deserves, than a request rapidly fired off by an automated script.


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