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Your site is truly one in a million, and I have greatly enjoyed reading it. It has answered and confirmed many questions I have had about the world that we live in. Ever since I started really paying attention to the news (after the 911 attacks), I cant help but notice that the conventional media networks aren't telling the whole story. Thanks for your services. - RJ Read


I would like to start out by saying that your website is put together very well and has made a lot of things that I have been thinking about make so much more sense.  For a long time now I've thought some strange things were amiss, and have never passed on the idea that it might be some world wide order and in that sense I am now looking to secure my future so I do not become a victim. - Tyler N. Williams


I take this opportunity to warmly thank you for the insights you give us on the important and also scary events occurring these days. As you say, it's very sad to see how people are brainwashed by those who control the media and make opinion. - Christian Mpassi, Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo


Dear Sir: Thankyou and may GOD bless and keep you. You have unfolded thoughts I believed within myself and feared tell anyone for fear of THE TRUTH. You have made a path for ordinary people to follow ...should they DECIDE to do so. We the cannon fodder of life have been deceived long enough. The current situations in various parts of the world have proven your points beyond my understanding. I just thank God and people like you for wisdom and understanding in these matters. - Ken 


Thanks for the great web site which I just today stumbled across thru a connection from the web site.  I'm happy to now be on your E-mailing list.

I've always wanted to know what "REALLY makes the world tick" and over the years have gotten a pretty good handle on it. But now with your truly excellent web site I can have even more of those elusive answers at my fingertips! - David Parker, Texas, USA


I feel so lucky and happy to have you guys filling me in on the truth, I have for a long time felt this way and you all are confirming my thoughts. Thank you so much for your emails they make a lot of sense to me but like you said most people don't want to hear it and don't seem to care but I'm going to keep trying and one day not to long away they will remember what I tried to tell them. - John Cole


Thank you for the emails. I used to believe the news as truth like most  people today do. I came across different things like and 911 the road to tyranny and I was shocked by what I saw, and how the government are behind these attacks to bring in the Luciferian Anti-Christ new world order. I don't believe the news any more because it is controlled by the illuminati any way, and it is preventing the truth. Thank you for your emails much appreciated. - Troy Bristow


Also for further articles concerning World Wars, go to This website is brilliant. it goes into great detail on the conspiratorial nature of world history. All wars have been orchestrated by the Illuminati Families since the Medieval Age when the Blue Blood Royal Families of Europe and Britain really came into their own. - Stephen, in response to an article posted at


I am so thankful to have found your website. You are very brave to speak out the way you do. I have great respect for people like yourself who are willing to do so. Far too many are intimidated by various "things". It is so nice to read "the truth". I read the truth in the Bible: John 17:17 - "Thy word is truth".  Other than that, I am not seeing a great deal of the truth. Your website is a breath of fresh air. Thank you for your courage and your scholarship. - Harold Murray


My accountant recently referred me to your website and I am impressed by the clear chronology and characters mentioned.  The events discussed are echoed by Dr Michael Coffman, Dr John Coleman, and elaborately laid out in "The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America" (from the "Education" establishment's point of view/Influence).  As a computer toddler at age 66 I will be forever grateful for your organisation of thought and look forward to the E-mail updates. - Jim Lewis


You must be out of your mind to write such an article. - Tetris, Netherlands


I have had the dubious pleasure of reading through your website over the previous few days. I feel compelled to write and express my disappointment.
What a load of rubbish. Your site serves only as a means of collecting all the crank beliefs that have developed over the last 100 years.

I thought your "cold hard truth" on the cause of WW1 particularly purile. I assume you are a yank, even if living in the UK, as only a yank would have such a profound belief that the rest of the world really cares what they think, or that we would bother to go to the least bit of trouble to bring you under some type of world order. I for one, go out of my way to avoid yanks, and your website has not encouraged me to do otherwise.

Your brand of falsehoods and half truths in dealing with both WWs is not unique.
I give two samples:
to the best of my knowledge, the Lusitania was never part of the Royal Navy, nor Royal Navy auxillary fleet. Of course, shipping was to some extent regulated by the board of trade, and the RN, but, the Lusitania was still operating under her house flag, and as a passenger ship. Control of the ship was by a civilian captain, unlike RN aux. ships which would have a naval captain. I do not believe she was carrying armaments of any description, and there are no cargo manifestos to state otherwise. She was apparently carrying canvas webbing for the army. If you can provide proof of a military cargo, I await to be corrected.

Secondly, you state that Woodrow Wilson made a speech to the League of Nations, and that during his speech he showed his hand at plans for a new world order. I find this very difficult to believe. This disbelief is most due to the fact that you state he made this speech on the 27th May  1916, whereas the League of Nations wasn't formed until after the Paris Peace Conference of 1919.
Yours disapprovingly - Matt, Australia


I just finished reading one of lastly issued newsletters and I feel really impressed by its content. - Elzbieta Klósek, Poland


Hi! I'm really glad that I joined! I've always been interested in politics, history etc etc. But well, school don't educate us well on those subjects and the same goes for the news etc. - Jess Higgins


I was looking for info on albert pike and so far yours was the best. thanks. - Michael Kahdushan


Poor Michael. What universe do you live in? This is a fallen world, full of forces both good and evil.  I'll pray for you that God will grant you repentance and snatch you out of the snare of the Devil. - RK


I've enjoyed your newsletter and web site for some time, missed you when you took a break. - RB, Oregon.


I was excited to find the Occult Report brought back to life. Thank you so very much. Keep up the good work. - Aloha,  Chris Clewett.


Your site is very thought provoking. - Malcolm Cowan, Canberra, Australia.  


Sending people e-mails like this really tend to make you lose your credibility. - GES


I have been looking over your site for a few months now and I am very impressed with the time and effort put into it and the factual information it holds. I have subscribed to the newsletter and find that very informative as well. - Fluid Friction.


Thank you for all of your hard work, I find your contribution extremely valuable. - Ronni Blair, Geographer, Springfield, Oregon


Thank you for your WW3 Newsletter, excellent as always with a bright view of current and upcoming events. There are hard times about to come, thank you for keeping me informed. - Ondrej Dolezal, Czech Republic.


Thank you for making this site, and letting us know that we're not the only ones thinking about all those stuff. - BS.


I've taken a great deal more than I expected from this place and have enjoyed the site interaction immensely. I hope I've added something to it as well and hope you keep it open and growing.  So thank you for creating the forum and sharing the energy. - Ladyhawke


I am most impressed with your fearless and broad approach. Naturally, it has attracted people who think out of the box of traditional thinking. - RS


The content of your site impressed me, the articles and the fact that you freely divulged hard-earned information. It is your generosity of spirit, a gift that is sorely lacking anywhere on the Internet today. - RH


Kudos! What a treat to trip over your site. Pass on the prizes. Thank you. - CWT


Love the site! - Miss Patriot


Thanks for keeping me informed. Keep up the good work! - BC


When you throw a rock down a dark alley and something screams, you know you've hit something. Get ready to hear the screams of protest from the bad guys... - FM


Congratulations on a great job you have done. - teegee


I would like to let you know that your website makes me scared. - 15yo HN


You have a marvellous website! - Robert


Thank you for a great work. I have spreaded it
to so many people I could.  - Albert


You folks are right-on. Don't back down, don't back up, and don't give quarter. - FM


Thanks for opening up my eyes and giving me another view point on things that go on in this world. - Bobby


You are doing a great , well organized job. - JCK


Thanks for the site!!! Your information has value! - WL


Great stuff and extremely helpful for my research. - LF


The work is probably on my top 3 favorites!! - RM


I have looked at your site and applaud you for putting so much time into the research and production of it. What I find comical is that it is presented as if it were "new news." Are there governmental conspiracies? That's like asking if there are governments... of course. Are we, the people, going to do anything about it? Most likely not. - BW, Idaho


Outright lies of this type should be scrapped. - AGS, Australia


Maybe, people would take a look at what you say without laughing if you did not use so much bigoted rhetoric. - WH


I like your site a lot and appreciate what you have done. You are almost there. Please review two things that may help you in your research... - RAS


I appreciate your stand for the truth, I can see how all of this is fitting in with Bible prophesy, and how it is all fitting in to the plan of God. - RG


you lose your credibility right from the start... I dont hate you but wont pretend i understand your position . are you one of those one worlders?? - Anonymous (sic)


...your website seems to be one of the best in the area of NWO conspiratorial information. - MT


I just saw your site and loved it. It is so great with info. - DW


It's pure delirium! - Anonymous


Thanks for opening up my eyes and giving me another view point on things that go on in this world. - RP


You have a well-researched and well thought out website. I try to remain non-partisan about the various arguments for and against a New World Order, but you have certainly laid out your argument well and presented some compelling evidence. - Tom


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