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How Christianity has Led to World War Three


How Christianity has Been Warped to Enslave Mankind

From David Stewart:

This is coming from a guy who has spent more than  3 decades in Australia alone;  endeavouring to achieve the most basic prerequisite which is fundamental to addressing the major issues associated with our national security and identity/sovereignty.

After all the years and countless tens of thousands of $ expended (all my own), I have finally been forced, ineluctably, to come to the conclusion that one can never achieve consensus, cohesion and therefore adhesion. I did realize by 1980 that the situation was hopeless: however, I soldiered on and only started to use the internet early last year.

However, it has been through this medium that I have had a limited success in terms of alerting & awakening a few people to the real cause for the apathy & the inevitable dumbing-down process.
Arrested development doesn't begin at the carnal sense-knowledge level, sure, sensuality does indeed serve to disorganize our basic [mind] level of function (thinking processes). However, it is in the vital area of spirituality that the profoundest negative or positive effect on an individual's life and character is experientially realized.

Therefore, there is nothing calculated more than, or perniciously designed, in order to stultify ones spiritual intelligence, than corrupted and perverted religion: this in fact, is the fountain-head and root cause of the world's current dilemma.

Herein lies the impasse, just take a serious look at history: the history of Israel is very well recorded and is replete with examples of what I'm saying; the palpable evidence is there for all to see, other than those who are the ever so willfully blind.  

Moreover, I have lived with people who are the adherents of all the major religions; and in addition to this fact, I have also studied their teaching and more importantly the lives and character of a substantial number of the acolytes, neophytes and hierarchy of the 5 major religions.

To my own reproach, I must admit, that I too was once one of the hierarchy with a branch of false Christianity; albeit, an organization closer to the original pattern of the true Christian structure than most other groups or factions in terms of its liberty to function autonomously (so-called Full Gospel church). 

There is no greater means to create a profusion of confusion than vacuous secular philosophies and false religions in a general sense. Satan and his summa cum laude globalist conspirators know this very well, as this has always been their primary weapon against humanity, because they know, absolutely, that once a person's spiritual intelligence is corrupted the rest is easy.

Please consider:

  1. Corinthians 5:6; Galatians 5:9; leading to.....
  2. Peter 3:16 & 2 Thessalonians 2:9-12;
  3. and then this......Matthew 15:6-9; Mark 7:6-9;
  4. but with the possibility of this........2 Timothy 2:24-26;
  5. otherwise, ultimately, THIS .....Revelation 20:11-15; 21:27; 22:15. Ipso facto!

If you have a Bible, I humbly beseech you to read these Holy Scriptures in the sequence given.

GOD ALMIGHTY will not cop false DOCTRINE OR TEACHINGS of any kind; PERIOD!!

The alternative is simple: obey this ...Acts 2:38-42; and you will receive this .....John 1:12; --1st.Corinthians 1:30; and this...... 2:10-16.

The Lord Jesus said ......John 10:1-6; check it out. And....except you repent , you shall all in like manner perish....Luke 13:3. So this leaves us to conclude that GOD is no respecter of persons ..... Acts 10:34-48. NB. John 4:24. 

Your friend and fellow-pilgrim in this life's journey for weal or woe,

David "Iconoclast" Stewart. 



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Today is World War 3 on March 20, 2003 and the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.