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What is the Truth Behind the Alex Jones and Charlie Sheen Interview?

On Monday, 20 March 2006, Charlie Sheen was interviewed on the Alex Jones radio show.

"The more you look at specific incidents, specific events in or around that fateful day, it raises a lot of questions." So said Actor Charlie Sheen discussing 9/11 on CNN on March 22.

Charlie Sheen on 9/11

Since then a wave of excited reporting, blogging, emails and incredulity has been expressed that someone so recognized can actually come out and say something as obvious, and yet not give anything away.

The issue has to do with deception, and we had better start preparing ourselves for more of the same, because we are entering a time when deception across all aspects of our lives will become commonplace. Now is the time to expose the intent behind the Sheen fracas, so that we can understand what is in store for us over the coming months and years ahead.

The following brief points are extracted from an article which you should read in its entirety online at:

While I do not agree with some of the points in the article, I fully endorse the gist thereof , namely that very few information sources are reliable and we are to choose wisely to understand the bigger picture.


Why has a known supporter of US government policy chosen Alex Jones to 'break the news', among thousands of more qualified 9/11 sources?

Remember that all three CNN shows and the CNN poll emphasized "cover-up" and "unanswered questions." Vague terms. One of the most insidious cover-ups of 9/11 is a book with the title "Cover-Up" on the cover - by a CIA operative!

CNN selected two people to bring onto a subsequent show as 9/11 experts: Webster Tarpley (author of "9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in the USA") and Mike Berger (of – a known disinformation site). Both these individuals have previously been involved in suppressing facts about 9/11 (see link above for details). Tarpley is also the individual who promoted the idea of the planned opening of the Euro-denominated Iranian Oil Bourse as the real reason for an attack on Iran. This bourse didn't open as scheduled on March 22.

The Bottom Line?

The next chimera is an even greater feat of delusion: letting only a tenth of the cat out of the bag.

The criminals responsible for 9/11 realize it is time to admit SOME of the truth behind 9/11, but in doing so, wish to remain in control about WHICH truth is revealed. If this involves sacrificing a few of their puppets (including possibly Bush) to protect themselves, they will not hesitate to do so.

Sheen, Jones and the variety of other actors used in this stint are purely the useful idiots who will bring the engineered 'truth' of 9/11 to the sleeping public's attention, while the full story will remain hidden to all but the few who recognize the extent of the deception.

If the criminals responsible for 9/11 can fool the masses into believing that George Bush is responsible for 9/11, and that Charlie Sheen, Alex Jones, Webster Tarpley and Mike Berger are heroes, then the criminals have won. They will remain in control of the global media, the Federal Reserve, the global banking system, the global military, and the coming global religion (the next deception to be forced on us).

What To Do?

The Sheen incident is yet the latest is a series of grand deceptions planned for us, and the challenge is to recognize them as they break.

Training our minds to recognize and expose deception will become more and more difficult in the days to come. Partly this is due to an over-abundance of information: as more and more raw data is thrown at us from disparate sources, our mind loses its ability to separate fact from fallacy.

The body can be trained to lift heavy weights and run long distances. So too can the mind be trained to identify a con quickly. But training takes time and dedication.. The key is to create an entirely new World View, or way of looking at events as they happen. With the correct World View, the Sheen con is quickly exposed for what it is: further propaganda amidst a sea of disinformation.

To learn how to recognize disinformation and develop the required World View, see
Fresh Wisdom.


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Updates and more will be posted to and at

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