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  Frequently Asked War Questions


Where Can I Find Answers to My War Related Questions?

Listed below are War related questions which I am asked most frequently.  Other Categories can be found here.

War Related Questions

  1. When will World War Three start?
  2. When will the next terrorist attack occur?
  3. I live in mid-west USA / England / Israel / Australia / Hong Kong / some other place on earth.  Will my city play a role in WW3?  When will my city be invaded?  (or something similar)
  4. Will you help organize an armed uprising?
  5. How can I prepare for WW3?
  6. What's the purpose of World War 3?
  7. If nothing can be done to stop WW3, why bother sharing the information you have?
  8. Why isn't your site as detailed as other World War sites?
  9. The statistics you quote: Why are they inaccurate / incomplete / missing?

When will World War Three start?

A. This is by far the most frequent question I receive. 

Although it's too early for this date to be readily accepted now, I believe that history will record the start of WW3 as being the US invasion of Iraq on March 20, 2003

Just as at the start of WW2, the entire world wasn't immediately engulfed in the flames of war in early September 1939.  Similarly, WW3 will have a period of 'warming up' before those living through the event acknowledge that war has commenced.  We are now in that period.

However, I suspect what most people mean by this question is "When will the coming World War Three affect me personally?"

First, let me say that I am not a prophet, so the simple answer is that I don't know.  We are called to be watchmen on the wall, not prophets.  Prophets predict, whereas watchmen watch: constantly alert, looking for signs and indications that trouble is brewing.  I am merely a watchman on the wall, seeing all the signs and drawing conclusions.  You and I can predict outcomes, but not specific events, nor the timing thereof.  I would caution you as to the true source of any specific predictions.

That said, I believe the period from 2006 through 2012 will be challenging times for us all.  I believe current world events will reach a climax toward mid-2007, which is when most western civilizations will be deeply affected.  This is my personal opinion which is not based on any verifiable fact - do with it what you will. 

For a more general breakdown of the phases of WW3, see The 6 Acts of WW3.

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Based on the Occult Signature on world events, when will the next terrorist attack occur?

A. I have had some success in identifying ahead of time when a potential terrorist attack MIGHT occur, using past Occult signatures on world events to predict possible future atrocities.  However, I am not a prophet, and will never claim to be one.  I do not believe it is possible to 'see the future' without assistance from the spirit world, which I do not seek and do not receive.

However, where a number of occultic signatures (usually more than 5) point towards a possibly significant date, I will bring that to your attention on this page.  If no future date appears there, it means I have not come across any date supported by occultic signatures.

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I live in mid-west USA / England / Israel / Australia / Hong Kong / India / Canada / some other place on earth.  Will my city play a role in WW3?  When will my city be invaded?  (or something similar)

A. My answer might offend you somewhat, so if you're sensitive, my short answer is "I don't know".

If you're still reading, brace yourself!

I suspect the real reason you're asking this question is because you're abdicating the responsibility of being a watchman on the wall, to me.  You want someone else to do the thinking for you and tell you when to get out so that you can continue enjoying your life of relative comfort for as long as possible, and get out only when someone else tells you to.

We cannot know exactly which city will be invaded and when.  Plans change, and the people behind this grand plan will only take certain actions when a host of other requirements are in place.  Every event happens for a specific reason, reasons which we are not aware of.  However, you can familiarize yourself with the Grand Plan of WW3, and then watch how events are unfolding in your home town.  In this way, you will be far better prepared to predict how your city might be involved in WW3.


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Will you help organize an armed uprising?  Why do you not suggest ways to resist the NWO?  Will you join us in such-and-such demonstration?

Absolutely not! 

Not once in the history of the world has freedom been won by writing letters or begging government to do what they are paid to do, which is to uphold the Constitution. 

Instead government has repeatedly slapped the people in the face and stated,

"We will do OUR will and not the people's. We will do as WE please NO matter what the people want. We will continue to lie, to make war, to mass murder innocent women and children, to cheat, to steal. We know there is NO one that will stand against us because they have become weak and cowards."

I firmly believe that resistance is futile, because:

  1. The battle we're seeing unfold is in fact the outworking of a battle occurring in the spiritual realm.  Hence, I am not prepared to resist, since one would be taking on far more than what appears to be a physical battle;
  2. The plan now unfolding has been in preparation for more than 2 centuries.  Nothing you nor I can do will affect the outcome in any significant manner;
  3. The outcome of the plan fulfills Biblical and secular prophecy - how is it possible to stop an outcome that has already been prophesied?

Instead of resisting, I believe the only effective way of living life is to live 'under the radar'.  You can find details of this here:  How to Live 'Under the Radar'.

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Why isn't your site as detailed as other World War sites?  I can't complete my research unless you provide more detail.  Why is some or other vital piece of information missing?

A. Unlike other sites who can afford to focus on a specific war and thus provide far more detail than I do, my intention is to provide a 'helicopter view' of the true causes behind each World War, not to provide detailed statistics on each.  If you're looking for information to complete a school assignment, I strongly suggest you read my disclaimer.  If you've done that and are still looking for more information, feel free to use the same research I used in preparing for this site, including timelines, casualties, leaders and countries involved.  Help yourself at my Download Page.

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The statistics you quote: Why are they inaccurate / incomplete / missing?  Why have you not mentioned [insert my favorite topic]?

A.  Firstly, apologies for not including your favorite statistic / topic - it is NOT intentional!  Hopefully you can understand that an undertaking like this is vast, and will never be fully complete.  Please contact me and (nicely) point out any omissions - I am more than happy to update the site after checking the sources you provide.  All I ask is that you provide as much detail as possible, with links where possible to validate the omission. 

Secondly, please keep in mind that this is not meant to be an exhaustive compendium of World War facts.  There are other sites that do a far better job than I can (see download page for details).  However, hopefully what I've provided here is sufficient for you to understand HOW and WHY world wars occur.

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If what you're saying is true, it's obvious that I need to do something to protect myself and my family and top prepare for the coming tough times, but I don't know where to start.  Can you help?

A.  This is the second most frequently asked question, so I've written a short report giving ideas and suggestions about how to prepare.  I've also provided a collection of useful resources which I've tried and tested and can highly recommend.  Here are my suggestions to prepare for the coming World War Three, but please use this purely as a starting point to develop your own plan.  How to Prepare

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OK, I've read everything on your site, and don't really understand the purpose of this grand plan.  Why 3 World Wars?  Why a New World Order?  What's going on?  Who benefits from all of this?

A.  What an excellent question - clearly an indication you've been thinking.  Unfortunately the answer is not an easy one.  I'm currently working on my understanding of an answer, and it should be ready some time soon.  Please subscribe to the newsletter if you'd like to be notified once I publish it - all subscribers will be offered this booklet at a hugely reduced rate once it's published.

In the interim, here is my short answer:

The NWO is a satanically inspired plan, hence the continuity over more than 4 generations.  If the NWO were ONLY a human endeavor, the plan would have limited success.  But I believe that events on this earth are simply a physical manifestation of a spiritual battle going on around us, between Satan and God (your religion may have different names, but the concept is the same).  Leaders of the NWO are thus influenced by real yet unseen spirits, and will therefore achieve a certain level of success, as long as God allows them dominion.

If I were to summarize my "helicopter view of the Universe and all things within it", it would be thus:

  1. The Universe was created by a Supreme Being;
  2. The Universe was created with both physical and spiritual worlds;
  3. Before this (physical) world was created, other worlds were created, both physical and spiritual;
  4. At some time before this world was created, a revolution occurred in the spiritual world, caused by some of the Creator's creatures challenging His right to supreme authority over the entire universe;
  5. As a result of this revolt, the Supreme Being disowned the leader of the revolt, who took with him most of his followers.  The Universe was thus divided into "Good" and "Evil";
  6. Ever since this (physical) world was created, the Evil forces have been working to destroy it, because the Supreme Being did not allow them to take any credit for the creation of this world.

Without getting into detail, I believe this view is supported by Scripture, including that Satan has been allowed dominion over the earth for a limited period.

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If what you say is true, and nothing can be done to alter this, then perhaps it would be better for us NOT to know? What is the point of telling us about all the horrors that await us, if all we can do is sit back and watch it happen? Don't you think people would rather bask in their ignorance than go mad with sheer terror before being tortured and executed at the end of the world?

A.  There are two parts to this answer.  The first refers to PAST events, and the second refers to FUTURE events.

Past Events

I agree that worrying about events in the past is pointless.  This includes all other conspiracy sites who espouse all sorts of theories about past events, while ignoring the most important issue: how past events can be extrapolated to predict the direction of future world events.  I believe it's important to understand the Conspiratorial Nature of History, without worrying about the individual events in isolation.  This simply serves to confuse the issue and cloud the mind with irrelevant distractions.

Future Events

Again, I agree that worrying about whether the next terrorist attack will affect you personally is a waste of time: If it's your time to go, nothing you can do will change that.

However, I disagree strongly that we should stick our heads in the sand as far as trends are concerned.  History is replete with examples of people who refused to see the obvious signs, chose to do nothing, and were exterminated as a result.

Something led you to this site, and the fact that you're reading this answer indicates to me that you HAVE already accepted that things are not as they seem.  Simply accepting that fact and not doing anything about is, in my opinion, the most foolish and defeatist thing in the world.  The best preparation you can achieve is to understand the trends we're seeing, and slowly make adjustments to your mindset and lifestyle, so that when the doodoo does hit the fan, you'll be ready to take massive and immediate action.

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Today is World War 3 on March 20, 2003 and the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.