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Want to Experience the Illuminati Feeling for a Day?

What’s the Purpose of Your Life?

Ongoing ‘Independent’ Press Cover-ups

Further Internationalization Confirmed at Bilderberg

Ronald Reagan’s Death Another Example of Spin Reporting

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Published July 16, 2004

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In Perspective

When NASA's Magellan spacecraft was near the edge of our solar system, it turned the camera toward earth and took a picture. The earth, from this distance, was less than a pixel in size. The inner planets weren't even visible.
And that's just from the edge of our own solar system, which is just a tiny, tiny part of the Milky Way galaxy. Astronomers don’t even know how many galaxies there are besides our own, but estimates are in the millions.

From that perspective, earth and all the things that we worry about so much, aren’t of much significance. It might be good for us to remember that now and then to keep from letting the pressures of life overwhelm us.


Nation States

Ever wanted to rule your own country? There’s an extremely interesting online game, inspired by the novel Jennifer Government, by Max Barry, called Nation States. Here’s your opportunity to build a nation and administer it according to your own political ideals, however warped they may be. You can create a Utopian paradise or a totalitarian corporate police state. Care for your people or deliberately oppress them. It's really up to you, and really quite intriguing. I’m trying to build a World War escape paradise, but some of the ‘rules’ are a little too restrictive. Much like life itself, I guess. Good fun, nonetheless.

Newsletter Issue 10



For the past three weeks I’ve been island hopping in the (mostly) unspoiled Andaman Sea (Gulf of Thailand), with the purpose of establishing whether there are islands that could be a safe haven for a strategic relocation when the time requires such a move.  I've also been specifically looking for hideaways that would meet my strict ‘survival’ criteria. I will be preparing a report on this very topic in the not too distant future, and ThreeWorldWar subscribers will be the first to receive it – as a thank you for remaining with me during these trying times.

But I have a confession to make: Enjoying God’s creation far removed from my usual routine is not in the least bit conducive to thinking about further progress of the planned Third World War. Spectacular, jaw-dropping sunsets and sunrises, crystal clear azure oceans, unbelievably white pristine beaches and balmy tropical breezes blowing through coconut palms reminds me that there is someone still in control of our crazy world.

It has also proven to me that, despite mankind’s best attempts to destroy the last remaining vestiges of beauty through over commercialized tourism, there are still enclaves of unspoiled, stunning beauty, just the same as often misleading holiday brochures describe. If you’re looking for a top-class tropical island holiday, you would do well to give Thailand a serious consideration. 

What does this edition of the 3WW Newsletter have in store for you?

Want to Experience the Illuminati Feeling for a Day?


Just before departing for the islands I enjoyed dinner (and wrote some of this newsletter) at what is currently the world’s tallest outdoor rooftop restaurant, on the 64th floor of the Trade Tower, in central Bangkok, Thailand’s sprawling capital. For setting, The Dome easily rates as one of the best restaurants I’ve had the pleasure of dining in, and there have been quite a few!

There is something to be said about watching the activities of the man in the street from a high vantage point. Try it for yourself one day: view the bustle of your nearest airport, or harbor, shopping complex, or better yet, an entire downtown area if possible, from the top of a tall building or nearby mountain top. As you’re doing so, picture yourself as a member of ‘The Illumined Ones’ watching the affairs of their task force from a distance. It will certainly place in perspective the way ‘they’ view you and I.

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What’s the Purpose of Your Life?

Being away from normal day to day distractions has allowed me to clear my mind and escape the constant barrage of propaganda which we all unknowingly allow ourselves to be subject to every day via TV and newspapers. Time spent on the islands has allowed me to read a number of rare, hard to find and sometimes banned books on Albert Pike’s plan for Three World Wars, and I now feel far more prepared to answer the most perplexing question on the site’s Frequently Asked Questions page:

“If the information on the ThreeWorldWars site is accurate, what is the purpose of the grand plan? Why 3 World Wars? Why a New World Order? What's really going on? Who benefits from all of this?”

The answer is surprisingly simple when the analysis and conclusions are presented in a form which can be readily grasped and easily understood by all but the laziest of readers.

I don’t wish to exaggerate this point, but in the past 3 weeks the entire purpose of my life has become clear. For years I have known innately that my mission is to publish ‘something’ to dispel the vast clouds of disinformation that abound. However I’ve not even had the vaguest notion of where to start, or how to go about defining what the final product will be. Finally, though, the coin has dropped with a resounding thud, and all the seemingly isolated pieces discovered in my 20 plus years of research and enquiry are now starting to come together.

My aim is to prepare something which is simple to understand. Whether it be an idea, a theory, a discovery, an invention, or an analysis, the BEST product is always the SIMPLEST. In analysis, there is no substitute for CLARITY.

If, at the end of reading the booklet I am preparing, you can sit back and think: "Yeah, that's how things hang together" followed by: "I could have worked that out myself" - then my job on earth will be done.

My analysis of the answer to the age old question ‘What is the meaning of life?’ will be presented in the form of a short booklet, with masses of supporting documents and links to a range of external websites and banned books, which tie all the pieces of a very complex jigsaw puzzle together.

The answer is not what you think, and I believe you’ll be just as excited as I am when you read it. And the life-changing potential of this information just boggles the mind.

But before the booklet is available, here’s how you can be a part of a project which will have monumental impact on those who understand its simple message.

I obviously want to make the final product as useful as possible to the widest possible audience. So it must be relevant, and I would really appreciate your help with a sanity check of what it is I’m planning.

Please would you take 5 minutes to complete a short survey online? The questions are designed to help me understand what most thinking people are currently concerned about, and this is the most effective way of doing so.

You’ll benefit in two ways:

  1. The final document will be far more relevant than something I simply concoct without your input, and

  2. As a thank you for your time, I’ll send you a 58-page Detailed Disaster Preparedness Report, which will prove extremely useful when the time comes. It will even help in making sure your mindset is one of preparedness, long before the time comes. As I’m sure you’ll agree, this will be vitally important some time in the near future.

Please do me the favor of taking a few minutes out of your busy schedule to complete the survey now. Perhaps you could see this as your way of thanking me for what I hope is useful and insightful reporting. If you leave it till later you may forget about it, so please do it now. I’d be most grateful for your valuable input.

Online Survey

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Ongoing ‘Independent’ Press Cover-ups

> One can be forgiven nowadays for believing that the tabloid press is not affected by the restraints imposed by the establishment media. Their tacky reports of the vilest abominations imaginable can be construed as being the reporting of a truly independent media.

But when the family failings of anyone in public office are not even reported by the trashiest magazines, one can be assured that no publication is immune from censorship in the current age of carefully controlled reporting.

On or around Thursday 13th May 2004 British Prime Minister Tony Blair's 16-year old daughter Kathryn attempted to commit suicide. She took an overdose of unknown pills. She was rushed to hospital and a news blackout was requested by the PM's office and adhered to by the British Press. Trusted sources tell me that it was not reported anywhere in England.

News about the suicide attempt was confirmed by Alan Johnson, Labour MP for West Hull and Hessle.

Clearly a case of the establishment press kow-towing to protect the flagging public image of the most disastrous and most easily influenced Prime Minister England has ever seen, just before local and European Elections.

Indymedia Article

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Further Internationalization Confirmed at Bilderberg

Bilderbergers remain united in their long-term goal to strengthen the role the UN plays in regulating global relations, with the ultimate goal of creating a One World Government. This year's conference agenda included the following:

  • British elites are to press on with membership in the European Union despite growing domestic opposition.

  • The Free Trade Area of the Americas should be enacted and include the entire Western Hemisphere, excluding Cuba until Fidel Castro is replaced. It should then evolve into the "American Union" as a carbon copy of the European Union.

  • An "Asian-Pacific Union" is to emerge as the third great superstate, neatly dividing the world into three great regions for the administrative convenience of banking and corporate elites. The United States and other international financial institutions should facilitate and administrate these global trade pacts.

Bilderbergers have, for some time, argued for three global currencies - the euro for Europe, the dollar for the American Union and another for the "Asian-Pacific Union."

Detailed Conference Notes and Attendee Photos

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Ronald Reagan’s Death Another Example of Spin Reporting

I was amazed at the blatant lies, spin and propaganda pumped out universally shortly after Reagan’s death. I could not find a single article to help others see the truth that Reagan had served the Illuminati in an unusually powerful way, at a critical juncture in the end time plan.

It must be made clear that Ronald Reagan fooled many people; that he was really a very highly skilled speaker and salesman - i.e. he could fool nearly all the people all the time. People liked him, and therefore turned off their Christian radar, and paid for their foolishness with the end of their country, and as in Germany, 1939, their foolishness and resistance to truth will cost the lives of hundreds of millions both inside the US and around the world.

Ronald Reagan was an incredibly evil man, in bed with incredibly evil friends, chosen from his early adult years for his speaking talent and willingness to do anything for money, including embracing Lucifer and mocking God - the news of which is being completely buried under the disturbing mantra of God and Country - from the usual popular Evangelical and Charismatic and Catholic outlets.

Here’s an extremely revealing article about the true nature of Reagan and the role he played in selling out America.

Reagan Article


Wrapping Up

Please remember to spare 5 minutes to complete the ThreeWorldWars online survey.  You'll be helping me and potentially all mankind!  Online Survey

Very few people read to the end of this email.  If you're one of them, you deserve to be rewarded.  Here's something which I'm extremely excited about.

I'd be very interested to hear your comments.

That's all until next time folks.

Live Free and Keep Thinking!

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