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Chicago on Monday, April 19, 2004

Speaking Great Things & Blasphemies

Modern Day Slavery

Iraqi Tinderbox

Published April 16, 2004

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"May you live in interesting times" is an ancient Chinese saying. Some say it was intended as a curse. Others say it was a blessing. I'm with the latter. When I look at the world today, it is clear that we live in very interesting times. And I look at these remarkable times as a great opportunity for those who are aware of what's going on and are prepared to do something about it.

The call to we who are awake is clear. We have just one job until events come together to allow the creation of a New World Order: we must awaken the others.

Imagine a neighbor, friend or family member awakened by events, too late to prepare, confronted with your obvious advance preparations: "Why didn't you tell me? What on earth were you thinking, not to demand that I wake up? You knew! Why didn't you think enough of me to make me aware?"

Is that a memory you want to carry with you for the rest of your life, especially if they end up not making it?

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What does this edition of the 3WW Newsletter have in store for you?

Chicago on Monday, April 19, 2004

Thunderbirds Pass Middle Of Sears Tower, ChicagoI'm in a real quandary: most of my loyal readers are extremely skeptical of the numerology related information I've been sending in previous newsletters, which I can understand, as it is a little hard to swallow sometimes.

So what do I do when I receive information which I feel I have an obligation to share in case a prediction occurs as expected, but I know you may be frustrated when I keep harking on about this?

Well, how about a compromise? I'll simply mention that there are a number of seemingly unrelated facts which apparently point to the fact that Sears Tower in Chicago might be the focus of an attack on Monday, April 19. If this is of no interest to you, simply move on, but if you want to find out more, see the link below.

Could Chicago be Attacked on April 19, 2004?


Speaking Great Things and Blasphemies

"And there was given unto him a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies..." (Revelation 13:5-6).

The White House fought for two years against the release of the August 2001 CIA memo to Bush, and the appearance of Condoleeza Rice on oath before the 911 Commission. Rice's defiant performance against a Commission never out to question her aggressively was riddled with perjury. This however comes at a bad time: the release of the August memo shows they were lying when they described the 911 attacks as 'unthinkable' (Tony Blair) and stated that no warnings had been received (Rice, Cheney).Bush Lies, Who Dies?

Lies take many forms: Outright omission, commission, and the just plain obvious. Bush and his playmates used them all unsparingly, and still they have failed to hide the truth. They lie because they are incapable of truth.

For most of them, their whole lives have been nothing but a lie, in service to arrogance and greed. These people are not "leaders" in any sense of that word. The real "thugs" today, can be found in Washington, in London, and in Tel Aviv: in the power centers that are directing this WAR upon the WORLD. Despite all their efforts, all their posturing and all their empty words, most know that all their promises are false.

A current example of the living lie is the so-called 9- 11 commission who prefer to blame the deaths of nearly 3,000 people on governmental bureaucracy - which will divert all blame away from any of the real answers. People ordered the murders, other people knew about it and did nothing to stop them, and still others know the truth and will never talk about it. This is but one of a continuing series of lies by which this country is trying to create the kind of fear that will immobilize this nation and the world. The proof that this is true lies in the fact that no one on this commission has asked any of the hard questions that might bring the commission's focus to the deaths of all those people. The responsibility of those in this government who have played more than just a bureaucratic part in this criminal act need to be exposed and prosecuted - now.

Lying is part of how the world has always "gotten by." Everyone knows the truth of that. But when lies become the only thing on the political stage, it's over for us all. Take the lie about the war in Iraq. Remember the "mission accomplished" from the deck of the aircraft carrier now over a year ago? We lost more troops in just the last two weeks of intense fighting, than we did in our glory days of the Shock & Awe Campaign, when we smashed an unarmed nation, under that banner of "The War on Terror." Is what we're seeing now the face of victory, or the bullet-riddled corpse of all the lies we've told to get this far?

What the cabal has done is steal the very definitions of our words, the very soul within the language, while we were 'busy with our lives.' A perfect example of this is "The WAR on TERROR." There can be no such thing as a physical war upon an abstract concept - which is a part of the definition of "terror." The Bushwhacker's compounded this lie, to include everyone opposed to their designed takeover of the world's resources. In Bush-Speak, anyone who resists their juggernaught is a terrorist. Anyone who resists their military might, whether to defend their families or their homes, or the sovereignty of their own nation is a "terrorist." That is the most egregious lie of all!

Illusions & Lies


Modern Day Slavery

SlaveryMy dear Mum, who doesn't read the 3WW newsletter because she thinks her son has lost the plot, retired this month, after many years of faithful service to a boss who never appreciated the effort she put in. Being of a nervous and timid disposition, she found it nigh on impossible to take the plunge and finally stop working. 

So I went searching for an article I'd found previously on the web to try and convince her that when one is forced to surrender half one's life's work to the government in ever-increasing taxes, then one is a slave. By finally quitting her j.o.b. (just over broke), she would finally be achieving ultimate freedom. I didn't find exactly what I was looking for, but can highly recommend the following article which places slavery in the context of taxation, future wars, education and vote fraud. Read it to discover that You are a slave. When you live under a government that takes your wealth and your children and lies to you to keep you docile and scares you to keep you obedient, how can it be otherwise?

2004 - Year of the Slave


Iraqi Tinderbox

> Last week's brutal and criminal US attack on Falluja, the sudden hostage taking of foreign nationals and the rapidly escalating violence in Iraq has virtually guaranteed that the continuing occupation will end in political and military disaster. The justification presented for the attack on Falluja was the murder of four coalition 'contractors', who are now known to have been mercenaries, hired for contract killings. The Falluja attack is clearly a war crime, and it's no wonder resistance is increasing rapidly. As events continue to escalate, it's clear that Iraq is destined to become the tinderbox which will ignite the entire region into all-out war.

The Iraqi Resistance may be far more united and organized than the corporate media is implying. The 'National Council for the Iraqi Resistance' has issued a politically sophisticated statement calling for a complete withdrawal of occupation troops, elections within two years supervised by the Arab League, a President to be ratified by 60% of the popular vote, and a legal return to the status quo immediately after the fall of Saddam Hussein - with the reforming of the Iraqi army and the annulment of the Occupation's contracts and privatizations.

Iraq Resistance Communiqué


That's all folks.

Live Free and Keep Thinking!

Copyright ©2004,

Forward this email as you wish. Permission is granted to circulate among your friends and acquaintances, and to post on all Internet sites in full (including this paragraph). Contact author for all other rights, which are reserved.

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