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Taiwan's Long March to Democracy

Six Degrees of Separation

Bush, Rice and the 911 Commission

The Passion of Christ - an Update

Numerology Revisited

Another Nation Conquered

Published April 5, 2004

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Newsletter Issue 5



As you may know, this newsletter is currently published from Taipei, the capital of Taiwan, home to the world's tallest building (well for now anyway).

This edition is somewhat delayed because of an unscheduled road trip around Taiwan, with the intention of discovering where would be the best place to hide out in the event of a Chinese attack on the island.  Be sure to scroll down to read more about my findings.

What does this edition of the 3WW Newsletter have in store for you?


Taiwan's Long March to Democracy

I'm assuming that news of Taiwan's recent troubled elections have made the news in your part of the world.  Being in Taipei during the elections I've been able to see firsthand the intensity of the emotions involved, and in questioning locals about their political passions, I discovered these interesting facts:

  • 1895 - China cedes Taiwan to Japan.

  • 1945 - Taiwan returns to Chinese control after World War Two.

  • 1950 - Chen Shui-bian is born into a poor family who go heavily into debt to educate him.

  • 1985 - Chen is narrowly defeated while running for office of magistrate in Tainan County.  After the vote, an unlicensed tractor-truck, presumed to be driven by the opposition KMT party, runs down his wife and backs over her before fleeing.  The incident leaves her permanently crippled from the waist down.

  • July 1987 - Taiwan lifts almost forty years of martial law.

  • 1992 - Taiwan holds first full elections to parliament. - Parliament orders destruction of tens of thousands of personnel dossiers, ending checks for ideological reliability.

  • 2000 - Voters put DPP in power for first time, electing Chen Shui-bian as president and ending more than five decades of Nationalist Party rule.

  • March 20, 2004 - Taiwan voters go to polls to cast their vote for the next president and in the island's first referendum, with resulting protests and demonstrations over the next few weeks, ending in the opposition requesting a re-vote.

  • March 26, 2004 - Washington congratulates Taiwan on a successful election, confirming it's vows to support Taiwan if invaded by China, thus further setting the stage for a military conflict in the region.  Bush spokesman Scott McClellan said that the maintenance of peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait and the welfare of the people of Taiwan remained of "profound importance to the United States."  To advance these goals, he said, the United States would fulfill its obligations under the Taiwan Relations Act, which underlines Washington's one-China policy and reaffirms the US position on Taiwan's security.  More.

Detailed Taiwan Timeline

There's no doubt that there's more to Taiwan's elections than that recorded in the international press, but so far developments are not pointing to anything specific enough.


  • Margin of 29,000 with a total of 337,000 invalid votes;

  • The apparent assassination attempt is highly suspicious.  Contrary to what's depicted in Wild West movies, it's not easy to hit a moving target, much less graze one.  And the odds escalate astronomically when the same wound is inflicted twice.

  • Protests were organized very quickly.  In Taiwan, a political party arranging any gathering needs to apply for a permit a week in advance.  Did election officials know what the outcome would be, and thus arranged the required permits beforehand?

  • No agreement could be reached in court on how a recount is to be conducted.  Come on!

  • The US responded with support and a complex radar system very quickly.  There is definitely something brewing.

The Impending Collapse

While I'm no economist, and not qualified to give financial advice, the following significant events should be pointed out.

First, rumors of Alan Greenspan's heart attack were very quickly denied as soon as they surfaced.  What would happen if Greenspan actually resigns?  He is an old man, after all, nearing 80.  It's my belief he can see what's coming, and stepping aside



Six Degrees of Separation

You may have heard of the theory that says everyone on Earth is separated from anyone else by no more than six degrees of separation, or six friends of friends of friends.

You've also probably heard the old favorite: "the world's such a small place".

Here's an example.

In December 1999, after fairly traumatic personal upsets in my life, I wanted to get as far away from Australia as possible, and headed for London, England.  Destitute, I looked for shared accommodation and met Mark.  Mark later introduced me to Ceri - we fell in love and have been together ever since.  Ceri introduced me to her then boss, Gordon, a prophet who believes he has been sanctified to unseal the book of Daniel and has predicted various doomsday scenarios.  We had dinner with Gordon, a very intelligent man, but who was unable to convince me on the accuracy of his teachings.

Fast-Forward to the Future

Shortly after I launched, I was contacted by the author of Mother Shipton - The Missing Prophecies, Anthony Austin.  A little known book, Mother Shipton is based on the prophecies of an Australian, Miss Frances Yule, and covers more than 1,000 years.   A major war is predicted in 2007.

Almost 20 predictions have been fulfilled already, including 9/11, which had it been missed, would have rendered the work somewhat questionable. Characters such as Rudy Giuliani, both Presidents Bush, and Vice-President Cheney, as well as Osama bin Laden are identifiable in the verses from cursory descriptions that hit the mark and give dates that are very close to the facts. Viagra is predicted thus: 'A man who cannot father children can take a new pill overnight...' and '...the drug whose name is V for sex mad orgies shall be sold'.

The book can be ordered direct from the author in the UK by emailing or from Amazon using the link above.

But I digress.  A few days ago, I received a letter from Anthony with a newspaper clipping from a UK newspaper containing an advert for...

The True Bible Code, the website of none other than Gordon Ritchie, the same Gordon I had dinner with a few years ago in London!

The world certainly is a small place!

Before getting too swept up in the detailed research and analysis in the True Bible Code, which predicts 'the last date of this system' as being March 21, 2008, you should be aware that at least 2 previous predictions from them have not come true.  The first was April 24, 2001.  A second date, which I have not been able to confirm precisely, resulted in a massive billboard being displayed in New York's Times Square.  Both dates passed without incidence.

You would do well to read this excellent Lord's Witness Analysis.  And here is a further list of Failed Doomsday Predictions.


Bush, Rice and the 911 Commission

Come Thursday April 8, Dr. Rice will be testifying under oath in a public hearing about her handling of September 11.  There are two possible outcomes, as I see it:

  • A skilled examiner can, with the right form of questioning, open the portal to the truth, and in so doing destroy the future of Bush and his Cabinet in the upcoming election;

  • Or, the more likely outcome is that the panel will refuse to ask the challenging questions requested by the 9/11 Independent Commission (scroll down to halfway mark of the page), and as a result not much progress will be made in the search for the truth.  (Additional questions can be found here).

We will have to see what happens.  Whatever the outcome, we will know what the New World Order leadership wants to achieve in the November elections, based on the outcome of this inquiry.

The argument she will likely proffer is that she and the President were focused on protecting US interests abroad because prior to September 11, there had been no significant incidents of domestic terrorism.  She will say that it was her duty to focus on more likely situations, instead of wasting time on improbably threats.

What I am sure of is that we can expect misdirection, deflection, obfuscation, outright lies and certainly no apologies to the victims' families.

Agree?  Disagree?  Have your say in our Forum.


The Passion of Christ - an Update

Gary North has written a new book in which he argues that the media's war on The Passion of the Christ has been systematic and increasingly frantic. It is part of the overall culture war that is being waged by the Left on America specifically and the West generally.  Listen to what he says:

"Conservatives and libertarians have fought an amazingly successful counter-attack over the last three decades in the area of economic theory.   Socialists have been routed, both intellectually and politically. The Soviet Union went belly-up. In the battle of ideas, we have scored victory after victory.

In the culture war, however, we have been beaten again and again. On every front, we are surrounded by the enemy: in literature, television, and especially the movies.

Now, in a stunning reversal, Mel Gibson has handed us a victory so overwhelming that the Establishment media are in shock.

Why? Why did Hollywood walk away from what instantly became a blockbuster?

For the same reason that the studios continue to lose hundreds of millions of dollars producing films that attack religion and morality: its intense hostility to Christianity and the value system it teaches.

An Iceberg of Discontent

We should recognize The Passion for what it is: an experiment that has revealed the tip of a very large iceberg of discontent. Hollywood did not want to acknowledge that this iceberg was there.

Mel Gibson's victory has sounded an alarm bell: the powers that be can be transformed into the powers that were. The powers that be have heard the alarm. The question is: Have their victims also heard it?

Gibson has touched a nerve. In full public view, he challenged the cultural powers that be. He beat them to a pulp in full public view. Whether he can do it again is now of major concern to Hollywood and the Establishment media.

The conservative public was given an opportunity to test its own strength of numbers. This is the first time in my lifetime that any artistically first-rate movie has challenged the Establishment's view of Christianity.   This is the most important counter-offensive that we have seen in the culture war."

North has written a free eBook in which he further investigates this phenomenon.

Download the book. Read it. Draw your own conclusion. But I warn you: he names names, quotes verbatim, and takes no prisoners. If that's your kind of weekend reading, download the book.

INDEX: The War on Mel Gibson

Part 1: The War on Mel Gibson - Introduction

  1. >Is being Pro-Christianity anti-Semitic?

  2. The Outraged New York Times

  3. Follow the Leader

  4. Is the Movie's Violence Pornographic?

    Part 2: Hollywood and the Culture War

  5. The Snake in the Garden

  6. Hollywood's Strategy of Subversion

  7. The Neglected Market for Decency

    Part 3: A Christian Counter-Attack

  8. Two Christ's, Two Boycotts

  9. Using Movies as a Tool of Evangelism

  10. Paying Our Dues

  11. Tell Us a Story




Numerology Revisited

I am extremely cognisant of the need to exercise caution when reporting things that may be a little difficult to swallow.  If I keep doing so I quickly lose credibility, and then there'd be no reason for you to remain a subscriber.  So the decision to include numerology related articles is one not made lightly.

All indications are that we are very much on the Illuminati's timeline to produce a world leader.  Not only are events moving at a fevered pace now, all events are occurring by the numbers, like the Iraqi war that started 555 days after 911, which has a very strong 'triple death' meaning to the occultist.

If you're unfamiliar with the significance of numerology, I can recommend a site which has been taken down, but which is still available in Illuminati Ritual Alignments  (Some graphics are no longer there, but all the content still is).

June 6, 2004

Could this be the next significant date?  Here's why.

In the previous newsletter we showed how the Madrid bombings occurred 911 days after September 11, 2001.

Well, June 6 equates to a rather significant 666 (6/6 and 2+0+0+4 = 6), AND it is 999 days after September 11th.  This combination is just too significant to ignore.

December 14, 2004

Perhaps another significant date?  Here's why:

If we use September 11 2001 as the start of the occult significant calendar, we can calculate the following:

  • Add 1 year, 1 month and 1 day to this date, and we get October 12 2002: the Bali bombing.

  • >Add 2 years, 2 months and 2 days to September 11, and we get November 13, 2003: Nothing significant happened on this day, proving that the pattern isn't always fool-proof (unless you count Bush's visit to London to justify the combined invasion of Iraq).

  • >Add 911 days to Sept 11 2001 and we get March 11, 2004: the Madrid bombing.

  • >Now add 3 years, 3 months and 3 days (333) and we get December 14th, 2004. To make this even more significant, that's 1190 days after September 11.  Drop the zero and that's 911 backwards!  This surely is another date to be wary of.

>Check it out by all means by using a date calculator at

>While these dates may not be significant on their own, the wars and rumors of wars constantly circulating, our ongoing loss of freedoms, a functioning, centralized global economic system already in place, a rapid acceleration to a global religion - all seem to indicate that we are very near the end.

>All the more reason to make sure you and your family are fully prepared.

Another Nation Conquered

For some strange reason, I enjoy driving trips.  It allows me the luxury of really enjoying the countryside, while getting to know something about the locals.  Maybe I'm also fed up of spending many hours in airplanes.

To date, I've undertaken road trips through:

  • South Africa (most of, on account of many trips over 8 years;

  • East Coast of Australia, from Airlie Beach to Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, and Melbourne;

  • From Lake Tahoe through San Francisco, along Highway 1 to Los Angeles (including Hearst Castle), and on to San Diego;

  • DC to New York, DC to Virginia Beach, DC to Harrisburg and Pittsburg;

  • Phoenix to Grand Canyon, through many small towns, including the stunning Sedona, and eventually Flagstaff.

  • The length and breadth of England and Scotland;

  • France (north to south and back again);

  • Luxembourg;

  • The length and breadth of Spain;

  • Andorra (a tiny little country between France and Spain which one can drive through in less than an hour, so maybe this doesn't count);

  • Portugal;

  • And most recently, Taiwan.

Let's just say that Taiwan certainly lacks the  style and sophistication of Europe!  And I can now understand why tourism in Taiwan accounts for only a tiny fraction of the nation's GDP (US$4.2 billion in 2002 compared to Hong Kong's US$64.2 on in-bound tourism in 2002).

The trip did at least uncover many hideaways, in case things do start escalating with mainland China, including a rather bizarre Wild West themed resort in the middle of nowhere, which I'm sure the Chinese would never bother invading.

Scene from Lalu Hotel over Sun Moon Lake


  • East Coast Scenic Route - Stunning views spoilt only by the uncooperative weather and incredibly slow going on account of treacherous mountain roads and maniac truck drivers.  One 250km (155mi) stretch took 6 hours to complete! 

  • Taroko Gorge, a 19km breathtaking spectacle of craggy rocks and cascading water.

  • The Lalu Hotel (previously President Chiang Kai Shek's palatial residence) at Sun Moon Lake, the largest freshwater lake on the island, and the geographical center of Taiwan.

  • The south coast around the Kenting area, where we attended a rather bizarre Spring Scream festival.

>An interesting experience, made all the more challenging by confusing Mandarin road signs and, where names are spelt in English, spelling of the same name is often shown three or four different ways.  It's not easy driving and navigating in Taiwan!

Confuding Mandarin Road Signs in Taiwan - on the way to Spring Scream

That's all folks.

Live Free and Keep Thinking!

Copyright 2004,

Forward this email as you wish. Permission is granted to circulate among your friends and acquaintances, and to post on all Internet sites in full (including this paragraph). Contact author for all other rights, which are reserved.

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