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Published December 29, 2004

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SE Asian Tsunami - Lessons



The Human Side of the Asian Tsunami's

The travesty currently unfolding on TV screens worldwide of the death and destruction throughout SE Asia is truly tragic. However, the pure scale of the devastation is almost too much for the average mind to comprehend. As the number of lives lost is updated on an almost hourly basis, we tend to become numbed by the barrage of statistics. Whether itís 60,000 lives lost, or 80,000, or 100,000, our minds go into automatic protection mode and (thanks to the style of reporting by media powerhouses) we donít think of the long term consequences of a catastrophe like this. Even further from our mind is how this tragedy could have any bearing on our sheltered lives.

Keep reading to see what lessons we can all learn from this catastrophe.

It was a mere 6 weeks ago that I was in the region. The beach on Phi Phi Island, where I reclined while watching a nighttime fire and dance show, is destroyed, along with most of the bungalows. Kata Beach, a beautiful pristine beach on Phuket, where I enjoyed a thrilling morning of jet-skiing, is no more. The remains of boats and jetskiís are littered throughout hotel lobbies. The Boathouse Hotel, where I enjoyed a sumptuous 7-course degustation dinner, has been completely washed away. Theptaro Resort in Kao Lak, the gateway to the Similan Islands, where I celebrated my birthday in October, has been flooded. All the beaches are destroyed. The live-aboard dive boat, on which I spent a 4-day dive trip around the Similan Islands, has disappeared without a trace, together with the unfortunate souls onboard at the time. A hotel swimming pool, at which I spent many hours at the swim-up bar, is currently filled with beach sand, palm trees, destroyed fishing boats and other debris. Many friends and associates have not been contactable. For me, there is clearly a human side to the destruction throughout SE Asia.

Thankfully, there is one miracle Iím aware of: a dear friend of mine, who was working as a dive master in Kao Lak, boarded a plane which departed Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, a mere 15 minutes before the earthquake struck. The passengers were blissfully unaware of how close theyíd come to being trapped in the region until they were swamped with reporters at Londonís Heathrow airport. I thank God that she was spared.

Here is a map which shows the earthquakeís epicenter and resulting shock waves:  To date 11 countries have been affected, from Thailand to the east coast of Africa.  Here is an additional seismic monitor.

Statistics of the quake which caused the tsunamis can be found here:

Not yet considered by the news networks is the long term economic impact on the region. Thailandís tourism industry, which for the past few years has helped reestablish the countryís weak economy, is pretty much destroyed. Islands which attract thousands of holiday makers each year will be avoided for years to come, while a slow cleanup process continues. The previously stunning coral reefs, which attract thousands of international divers annually, have been obliterated. Coral takes many, many years to re-grow, and fish will simply seek other reefs to breed and feed. The Similan Islands, one of the top 10 dive sites in the world, have in an instant had their status annihilated. The economic effect of these tsunamis will be felt for many years to come, and a region already struggling economically has been dealt a devastating blow.


The destruction aside, there is a disturbing coincidence surrounding these events.

Exactly 1 year ago, on December 26th, 2003, Iran was struck by a massive 6.6 earthquake which killed more than 30,000. At the time there was speculation that the Iran quake may have been triggered by increased HAARP activity. See the following articles for more details:

While itís obviously too early to tell whether the same is true in the SE Asian tragedy, the coincidence is just too eerie to ignore the possibility. Rest assured that I will update you as soon as any reports along these lines start surfacing.

At the very least, it appears the US may have had advance warning of the tsunamis, and failed to sound the alarm.  See


What Lessons Can be Learnt?

I started this email by saying that for those uninvolved in a major tragedy, our minds protect us by removing any sense of personal connection to the event. However, even though we may not be directly affected, there are still important lessons to be learnt, the most important of which, is to be prepared at all times.

No-one could have predicted the events in SE Asia. For all of the tourists tragically involved, the thought of any impending calamity would have been furthest from their mind. Instead, they basked in the sun, swam in the sea and generally relaxed after a stressful year. Disaster strikes when one least expects it. Generally speaking, only those who have developed a survivalist mentality are capable of avoiding serious injury.

If we are to learn any personal lessons from these tsunamis, take note of what issues survivors are faced with now:

  • lack of food and water;

  • the spread of disease;

  • blocked transport routes, including not being able to leave the disaster area;

  • inability to communicate when phone systems clog up or fail completely;

  • looting,

  • and a sense of despair when help doesnít arrive quickly enough.

Iím going to go out on a limb and predict that the world will experience an even more tragic event before 2005 draws to a close. I wish that werenít the case, but global events and conditions are quickly coming together such that a world government can soon be implemented. One of the prerequisites for such a government is widespread fear and panic, and what better way to cause it than real or imagined natural disasters.  Can you say ĎThe Day After Tomorrow?í

Iíve prepared a detailed preparatory plan, which you can find at our Be Prepared Section. Please read it. Study it with your family. Share it with your friends. Stay prepared. Donít become a statistic in the next disaster.

Until next time,

Think and be free.

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