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Published June 02, 2004

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June 2004, A Pivotal Month?



Could June 2004 be a key month in the planned march towards a New World Order?

In the lead up to the November 2 elections, which without a doubt will not be plain sailing; June is the last month in which the US will not be totally swept up in domestic politics.

July: Democratic Convention
August: Republican Convention
September: Final rallying and build-up to elections, with potential terrorist threats or public disturbances, as seen in Spain and Taiwan just prior to recent elections.

June, especially the first half of June, will be a very busy month for the President of the United States, George W. Bush. President Bush will be in Rome on 4th June 2004, to meet Prime Minister Berlusconi, President Ciampi and Pope John Paul II. He will depart Rome on the 5th June, over-nighting somewhere between Milan, Italy and Paris on the night of 5th June 2004. Remember that the Bilderberg conference is in Italy over this weekend, and it seems unlikely that he will not drop in for a quick visit, as Clinton did in 2000, and Blair did in 1998.  By June 6th President Bush will be in France, where he will meet Jacques Chirac and participate in the 60th D-Day anniversary.  He then returns to the US for the G8 Summit meeting at Sea Island, off the coast of Georgia about 80 miles from Savannah, which takes place on June 8-10.

On June 25, President Bush will be in Ireland for the annual EU/US summit, and thereafter the Nato Summit, to be held in Istanbul on the 28th and 29th of June, where the main topic of conversation is expected to be ‘improving links with the Chinese military’.

Considering that a bombshell was dropped by European Energy Commissioner, Loyola de Palacio, on May 26th in Brussels, it’s likely that the European challenge to the US dollar will be hotly debated.  Here’s what was said:

BRUSSELS, May 26 (Reuters) - World oil trade should be switched to a basket of currencies, including the Euro, rather than be priced in dollars only - the European Commission said on Wednesday.

"If the oil price should be related to a value, it should be a consequence of a basket of currencies involving the main oil consumption (nations)," Energy Commissioner Loyola de Palacio told the reporters after a news conference.

"This should give the real picture of the impact of the oil prices."

A spokesman for Mr Palacio said a currency basket for oil trade, which is now all US Dollar denominated, would help provide stability on world oil markets. Since it is the political case that no Commissioner speaks without having the European Heads of State fully behind him, it can be taken as a given, that the EU Commissioner for Energy, Mr Loyola de Palacio, has the FULL backing of Europe’s Heads of State for his sudden statement.

Two other potentially huge events take place at the end of June.

On June 29/30, the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meets and the world will find out if the Fed will do what most expect them to do - raise US interest rates. If the Fed does raise rates, it will be the first time they have done so since May 2000 - when rates were raised by 0.50% from 6.00% to 6.50%. The expectation this time is that the Fed will raise rates by 0.25% - from 1.00% to 1.25%.

June 30 is also the “deadline” for the US to hand back “sovereignty” over Iraq to an Iraqi government.  As we all know, although an independent Iraqi government has been elected, the massive 1,000 strong US Embassy in Baghdad will supposedly become the world’s largest US Embassy.  It will have “regional offices in key cities that will work closely with Iraqis at all levels of government” - so President Bush has said. With a US Iraq Embassy staff of 1,000 and branches in all the main Iraqi cities, the US embassy is to be the de facto power behind the new “sovereign” government of Iraq, the one which is expected to arrive on June 30.

From a numerology point of view, Sunday June 6th, barely 4 days away, has signs stamped all over it which I just cannot ignore, even though I’m trying to tone down the numerology emphasis.

  • 999 days since September 11, 2001

  • 666 in the arrangement of the date (06+06+2+0+0+4).  A combination of 666 and 999 is extraordinarily powerful to the occultist.

  • 2004 is the “60th anniversary of D-Day and the Liberation of France” and will be celebrated everywhere in the West of France, in Normandy, Brittany and Pays de la Loire on June 6th.  See French Government’s D-Day Site (in English) and PBS’ D-Day Site for details. 
    President Bush will be attending celebrations in France.

  • Some are celebrating June 6th as International Capitalism Day. See Celebrate Capitalism

  • June 6th will see the beginning of first Sun-Earth-Venus alignment since 1882.  It can’t be ignored that the next alignment of these planets is in 2012, which as I’ve pointed out in a separate article, could turn out to be another apocalyptic year.  See, CBS News, NASA.

  • June 6th is the final day of the 50th Bilderberg Conference, being held in Italy, which incidentally is also one of the best locations to view Venus moving across the face of the sun (it will not be visible from the US).  It was during the 2002 Bilderberg meeting that the Iraq war was finalized – who knows what might be planned this year, and whether Bush will be invited to attend?  There is high expectation that this year’s theme is the planned destruction of all western economies, specifically the already failing, fragile US economy.  This is of course one of the many reasons the cost of the Iraq war is being allowed to balloon out of control.  See for further details, including who will likely attend.

Truly, international events seem to be coming together in such a way that it seems likely June 2004 is a pivotal month in the march towards the New World Order.  Perhaps The Day After Tomorrow truly has arrived?


Have anything to add?  Please voice your say in our Forum.

Until next time,

Think and be free.

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