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ThreeWorldWars Takes on Google!

Asia Ratchets Up War Rhetoric

Living a Long and Healthy Life

Democrat or Republican?

The Passion of Christ

US Sponsored Haitian Coup d'Etat

Published March 9, 2004

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Newsletter Issue 4



In the previous newsletter I asked for your input regarding how frequently you would like to receive this newsletter. Thank you to everyone who responded, some with extremely detailed requests and suggestions.

While replies were varied, the most common request was to receive it every 2 weeks. But your valued input and responses have also prompted me to completely redesign the site, with the intention of providing a news portal that focuses on war-related 'end times' news. The look and feel will be similar to other portals like with one noticeable exception: no adverts! Details of the new site will be announced in the next newsletter, due by March 22.

What does this edition of the 3WW Newsletter have in store for you?


ThreeWorldWars Takes on Google!

If you're a frequent web surfer, you've more than likely used the award-winning Google search engine, which is designed to provide a simple, fast way to search the Internet for information. Offering users access to an index comprising more than 4 billion URLs (websites), Google is the largest search engine on the World Wide Web. Google maintains its leadership position in the search industry by continually innovating its search capabilities.

Google is a play on the word googol, which was coined by Milton Sirotta, nephew of American mathematician Edward Kasner, to refer to the number represented by 1 followed by 100 zeros. Google's use of the term reflects the company's mission to organize the immense amount of information available on the web.

OK, so that's what their press releases say. For the most, I agree with their ability to present mostly relevant pages, but that's only if you're searching for popular themes and topics. As soon as one starts researching the items of interest to readers of the ThreeWorldWars newsletter, it becomes challenging to find relevant and fresh information. So in a moment of lofty delusion, I've decided to 'take on Google'. Of course I don't want to beat them on size - just relevance. The idea is to build a substantial database of links relevant to 'end times' and the coming world war.

And this is where you can help. We all have sites we enjoy visiting: our 'Favorites'. Please take a minute to visit the categories I'm putting together. If you have a suggestion that fits with the collection I'm trying to build, please add it as a suggestion. It'll take only a few minutes, and your contribution will be much appreciated. The link won't appear immediately - within 48 hours I'll review all submissions and decide whether it fits somewhere within the broad theme of ThreeWorldWars.  Have your say....


Asia Ratchets up War Rhetoric

The "surprise" across the West at the commercial arrival of China over the past few years fails to comprehend that China is the last great area of humanity to enter into our modern world. Prior to the year 1900, all and sundry nations established beachheads on China's coastline. The Chinese Emperor did not have the military means with which to counter this. Then came the great upsets. In 1933, Japan began making imperial inroads upon China's main territory, with vast technical superiority. This mainland war lasted until 1945, to be superseded by the ongoing Chinese civil war, which China's Mao Tse Tung, won in 1947. Like Lenin, Mao discovered that Communism couldn't work.

The end result was that back in 1970, China stood with a national GDP of a paltry $US 106 Billion.  A third of a century later this national GDP has managed to climb to $US 1.3 TRILLION. Divided by 1.3 billion Chinese, that comes to a per capita GDP of just $US 1,000. China as a closed society has only really come forward into the modern world over the last two decades.

It happened slowly at first but much faster over the past decade or so. Today, China has a new middle class, in economic terms, of about 70-80 million people, all paying increased taxes as a result of an exploding economy. These increased taxes are being spent on an increasing military budget: up 12% to more than $25bn: bbc news.  According to reports, all of Asia, and particularly Taiwan, is watching this development with increasing unease.

Over the weekend of March 28th, more than 1 million people linked hands across the entire length of Taiwan.

The purpose was supposedly to win the world's sympathy for Taiwan in its struggle against China. But it could end up further antagonizing the communist giant, particularly when there were public scenes (unfortunately not televised) of large groups of people burning the Chinese flag, amidst loud cheers.  See article: Times of Tibet .

Maybe it's just the eternal pessimist in me, but I can't help thinking that all of this is simply a conditioning exercise, to prepare the minds of people here in Asia to the fact that war at some stage is inevitable.

Taiwan's upcoming referendum asks questions like: "whether Taiwan should increase anti-missile defenses if China refuses to withdraw the missiles it has pointed at the island."

The dangers of relying on the public (and a generally uneducated public at that) for input regarding military strategy is simply ludicrous.


Living a Long and Healthy Life

In honor of my father's 60th birthday this week, I thought I'd mention a little about longevity. I know this has nothing to do with war, but looking at the profiles of the valued ThreeWorldWar subscribers, many are approaching or well over 40 and could be facing health issues.

The maximum life span of humans is about 110 years; of mice, about 39 months. In experiments to extend the life of mice beyond 39 months, the only effective method found thus far is the selective restriction of calories in the diet. Calorie Restriction (CR) has extended the 39-month maximum life span of mice to an impressive 56 months, which would correspond proportionally to a 158 year-old human. And the long- lived mice stay youthful in appearance, in mental and physical abilities, and show enhanced resistance to disease. These well-established facts are why the CR diet is now one of the principal areas of research in gerontology, and is receiving major emphasis from the National Institute on Aging.

We will soon be launching a unique Internet reference of alternative life routines, including:

  • Privacy and Financial Tactics for Future Security

  • Metaphysical Truths for a Rich, Full Balanced Life

  • Longevity Secrets for Extended Exuberance

  • Love-life Skills for Satisfying Relationships.

However, in the meantime I encourage you to look into Dr. Walford's Calorie Restricted Diet.


Democrat or Republican?

Vote? A total waste of time, obviously. The ruling elite vets all leading candidates in advance, at all levels of government. And voting for the lesser of two evils is what gave America George II (that is, if you don't count the Supreme Court's role, of course). Remember: the lesser of two evils is still evil.

Ten Reasons Not to Vote

1. Reform is the biggest enemy of revolution and the electoral system is the essence of reformism. Voting gives the impression of participation and change, yet it is the backbone of a society based upon alienation and boredom. Voting lures me away from the real task of demolishing existing institutions. In the short term the voter gets token, pacifying reform, and in the long run we get the same electoral repetition, with no significant change.

2. To vote is to accept the limits of my own power. It makes me as powerful (or powerless) as the cross on the ballot-paper. Democracy is the amassed power of several million opinions reduced to a whimpering and stifled cheer for the same masters we've had all of our lives.

3. There is nobody who can run my life better than myself. Why then should I give others the power to decide how I should run my life?

4. There are those who would vote, yet still be active in the struggle for real change. They are like vegetarians working in slaughterhouses.

5. Voting is the excuse we need to avoid organizing ourselves, to avoid creating our own alternative. Voting is accepting that the power of the state is preferable to the power of the individual and the power of the community.

6. The weight and force of the blow of a policeman's truncheon does not change when the truncheon is painted a different color. All democratic institutions are 'law and order' institutions.

7. Voting is a clever way of getting me to sign my name to a whole series of measures, when in fact I am only aware of three or four of them. Thus, my vote is my personal approval of every single policy carried out by the party I vote for, without exception. By the time the elected party has spent a year in office, I won't even recognize the measures I voted for - but I will be subject to the laws and restrictions imposed through each and every decision made by that government.

8. Voting for the lesser of two (or more) evils perpetuates the biggest evil of all: the evil of stasis, a world where all change is superficial. Invariably this means that we eagerly vote in order to grasp the available entertainment of politicians walking tightropes between popularity and personal wealth and comfort.

9. Voting legitimizes not only the system of government we have now, it also legitimizes the pendulum-style inevitability of the electoral process. (No matter how many times you flip the coin, it will never land on it's edge. The Democrat / Republican Alliance exists in the no-hope land between left and right, and voting for it only strengthens the swinging regularity of the elections). Surely it's far better to encourage real change - which can only happen outside of government.

10. Voting is slapping a preservation order on corruption, inequality, and mass-manufactured boredom. In short, voting is the blinding of the people, by the people.

Agree?  Disagree?  Have your say in our Forum.

I should probably clarify a little more some of my beliefs about freedom and privacy, which all governments detest.

The ongoing erosion of privacy in the world is (or should be), in my mind, the most important issue facing individuals today.

Without privacy, we have nothing, or less than nothing.

Privacy is a human imperative because privacy of self is an important biological necessity of a sane and stable sense of self. It is a scientific fact that a rational person cannot have their autonomous sense of self - their sense of privacy of self - compromised and still function as a healthy individual.

Thinking and creativity require the capacity to make independent judgments. An invasion of our privacy such as that going on in most Western countries today violates that capacity.

It is more than important to reclaim our privacy; it is a biological necessity.

Instead of voting for the lesser of two evils, put your energy into reclaiming and then defending your freedom.

The Passion of Christ

You may be aware that Mel Gibson's 'The Passion of Christ' was released in the U.S. on Ash Wednesday, 25 February. It is due for release in the UK later this month.

The film, which depicts the last hours of Christ, has caused uproar in the US, and has received extreme reviews. It has also broken the US five-day box office record held by 'The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King' - it made $125.2m (68.2m) in its first five days, and a total of $212m (115m) in the first two weeks.

Since I can't comment on the movie yet (it's not yet released in Asia, from where this newsletter is currently published), here are a number of interesting comments on the film:

The controversy certainly is raging on!


US Sponsored Haitian Coup d'Etat

Do you find the recent 'resignation' and disappearance of Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide just a trifle odd? The truth is that Aristide was whisked out of Haiti by armed marines after a meeting with James Foley, US Ambassador to Haiti (earlier in charge of US relations with the Kosovo Liberation Army). An eyewitness report from Agence France Presse implied he was under arrest, another stated he was handcuffed.

He was then flown by the US to The Central African Republic although countries far closer would have accepted him. For days even his lawyer was unable to contact him. This is a carbon copy of the failed coup in Venezuela, when the State Department lied that Chavez had resigned.

US State Department Richard Boucher has stated that they have no obligation to uphold 'bad' governments even if they were democratically elected. Last Friday an estimated ten thousand people demonstrated against the US-backed coup.

Detailed Haitian Coup Analysis...

That's all folks.

Live Free and Keep Thinking!

Copyright 2004,

Forward this email as you wish. Permission is granted to circulate among your friends and acquaintances, and to post on all Internet sites in full (including this paragraph). Contact author for all other rights, which are reserved.

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