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Includes: Martin Luther King Day, The Crumbling Dollar, Notable Patterns in Historical World Events, Possible Terrorist Attack on February 2.

Published January 19, 2004

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May 2004 be a year of increasing learning for you, and may your family be kept safe, no matter what the year holds in store for us all.  I trust your holiday time allowed you to recharge the batteries, so that your mind is alert and enquiring, ready to question and critically evaluate everything you hear and read this year, including this newsletter.

A sincere thank you to everyone who sent greetings at the end of last year.  Although I may not have replied, I read every one of them, and thank you for your support – it is greatly appreciated.

I spent a restful Christmas on a popular beach in Sydney, Australia and was intrigued to watch the antics of revellers, particularly as the vast amount of alcohol consumed began to take effect.  It reminded me of the excellent 1841 classic, “Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds” in which Charles MacKay studies mass madness, crowd behaviour, and human folly.  He asks the question, “Why do otherwise intelligent individuals form seething masses of idiocy when they engage in collective action?”  There are of course parallels in daily life, and I felt pleased that, just as I could remove myself from the crowd on the beach, you and I can remove ourselves from the apparent chaos and delusions constantly blasted at us by the controlled media.  In doing so we isolate ourselves from the 'seething masses of idiocy' around us.

What does this edition of the 3WW Newsletter have in store for you?


Martin Luther King Day

While this has absolutely nothing to do with World War, I include it here to show how easily important historical facts can be changed with the stroke of a pen. (With thanks to Gus).

Americans will be celebrating King's birthday on January 19th.

Billed as a man of peace and social unity, popular culture reveres the life of Martin Luther King Jr., with many idealizing this supposed saint. Once critically examined, however, the myth of Martin Luther King Jr. disappears to reveal a violent whoremonger, woman-beater, adulterer, plagiarizer, and communist.

"No other public holiday in the United States honors a single individual. Of all the great leaders in our Nation's history - none of them have their own holiday. All of our great war heroes share Memorial Day. All of our great presidents share President's Day. Yet King - a man who was a phony, a cheater, a traitor, and a sexual degenerate - gets a day of his own. I have a big problem with that."
--- Author unknown

Before you fall victim to the hype, you may want to review an excellent article: The Top 10 Reasons Martin Luther King Day is the perfect reflection of Modern America.  See also the other side of the ML King coin, and in particular the evidence as to why the King holiday should be repealed. 


The Crumbling Dollar

Before I left South Africa in 1994, shortly after Nelson Mandela came to power, I saw firsthand how a paper currency can be destroyed in as little as 4-5 years.  The South African Rand has since recovered significantly, so exchange rates are not as crippling as they were 10 years ago.  What particularly struck me then was how few South Africans seemed concerned that the foreign buying power of their money was being decimated.  I'm equally surprised to see the same thing happening with Americans and the US dollar today.

Here is an article which explains this phenomenon far better than I could, taken from a newsletter published by

The River Boat Accountant's Principle:

These are the simple observations of a boat owner earning his living by sailing back and forth across a small river between two different countries where different currencies are being used. Over the past two years, he would have seen the US Dollar fall in value by almost 30% while at the same time he could read in the US papers that total national wealth still stood at an enormous $US 50 TRILLION in terms of land, buildings, factories etc.. From his external perspective, it was a clear case that Americans had lost $ 15 TRILLION in cross-river terms in just two years.

It Is Not Just A Matter Of Perspective:

Paper currencies can be potentially deadly in economic terms. Ultimately, the deadly part arrives when they simply implode and disappear. But paper currencies which fall drastically in value can be nearly as deadly because so few people using them ever look across their own borders at other currencies. This is what our small river boat sailor noticed. He saw, when he travelled inland from the other side of the river, that all people were oblivious to their own currency's fall in value. They did not notice because most of their local prices had not moved much at all. He also noticed that fewer and fewer people came over to his side of the river. When he asked why, they all answered that it was becoming very costly to shop on his side of the river. Later, back home on his side of the river, he too looked around but costs on his side of the river had really not changed much either, not in terms of his own kind of money. So he reached the straightforward economic conclusion that the people across the river had become really poor. They had not realised it yet, but he was sure that they would.

The Closing Vise:

The massive fall in the international value of the US Dollar since early 2002 is something that President Bush cannot do anything about. The real economic effects of such a massive fall in value of the US Dollar have yet to show up inside the continental US. They will.

©2004 - The Privateer
(reproduced with permission)

You are encouraged to read Secrets of the Federal Reserve and The Creature from Jekyll Island.


Significant Patterns in Historical World Events

I have long been intrigued by an apparent pattern in dates and times on which significant world events happen.

Here are some examples:

11:00 on 11/11/1918 - World War 1 ended with the signing of the Armistice at 11:00 on November 11, 1918. (repetition of 11’s)

03/03/1933 - On March 3, 1933, the Federal Reserve Board issued an order closing all Federal Reserve Banks. (repetition of 3’s)

3:30 on 04/30/1945 - Adolf Hitler committed suicide at 3:30pm on April 30, 1945.  (repetition of 3’s)

3:30 on 03/30/1981 - An attempt was made to assassinate President Ronald Reagan on March 30, 1981, at 3:30pm.  (repetition of 3’s)

09/11/2001 and 09/11/1990 - The tragedy of September 11, 2001, occurred 11 years to the day after September 11, 1990, when President George Bush (Sr.) delivered a speech to the Congress entitled, "Moving Toward A New World Order".  (repetition of 11’s – to see more occurrences of the number 11 on 9/11, see, where someone was prepared to pay $2.00 to have this question answered.)

You might also be interested in the research done on significant events that have occurred on September 11th throughout history.

05:50 on 03/20/2003 - When the Iraq invasion started, the first missiles hit at 05:50 Baghdad time, on March 20, 2003, which is exactly 555 days after September 11, 2001.  (repetition of 5’s)

3:30 on 04/30/2003 - U.S. Ambassador Dan Kurtzer presented the Mideast Peace "Road Map" to Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon at 3:30pm, Jerusalem time on April 30, 2003.  (repetition of 3’s)

3:33 on 05/01/2003 - President Bush touched down on the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln at 3:33pm on May 1st 2003 to declare an end to major combat operations in Iraq.  (repetition of 3’s)

Bear with me – I am going somewhere with this train of thought!

While reading the occult book "The Secrets of the Illuminati" recently, I came across this passage. 

"Students of Numerology are well aware that numbers affect a person's life. One's name, place, and time of birth all have an influence on one's physical, mental, and spiritual being. Each letter as number has a certain vibratory effect ... the picture produced by the various combinations gives an understanding of the character, karma, and potentialities of the person.  …in Spiritual Numerology, the numbers 11, 22, and 33 are the three 'Master Numbers', the highest being 33... This highest of the master numbers was the age of the Master Initiate (Jesus) at his death, resurrection and ascension, giving more esoteric accents. The '33' symbolizes the highest spiritual conscious attainable by the human being." ["The Secrets of the Illuminati", Elizabeth van Burn, p. 161-2].

I recently received an email from ‘FM’, a reader who spent 15 years in ancestral Druidism, who stated the following:

“Numbers are very important to Illumnists and occultists, who believe the right combination of numbers possess inherent power. They further believe that any significant event must be created and executed by the right set of numbers, dates and circumstances, or the plan may fail. This attention to detail thus creates an observable "Occult Signature" which can easily be identified if you know what to look for.

Occultists determine everything they do based on three sciences, or methods:

  1. Numerology;

  2.  Astrology;

  3.  ‘Sacred’ Geometry.

Combining the precise results of these three methods is complex and requires a lifetime of careful study and practice, with a fair amount of demonic influence.

Calendar dates are added to get to numeric base significance, celestial alignments are determined, and finally geometric locations and dimensions are calculated.  Only once all of the elements combine precisely, is the plan deemed to be a potential success, and execution of the plan can commence.”

Here are two examples of how significant events have occurred with an occult signature that combines the three sciences mentioned above.

Space shuttle Columbia disintegrated on February 1st, 2003


Columbia was 22 years old.
Columbia was planned to touch down at Runway #33 at the Kennedy Space Center.


February 1st, 2003 was a new moon, the darkest night of the month.
February 1st in the Satanic calendar, is Imbolg [also Imbolc], the first of eight annual Satanic Sabbats, each of which requires innocent human sacrifice.

Sacred Geometry

The break-up occurred over Dallas, Texas, which lies on the 33rd parallel (incidentally, so does Baghdad).
Palestine, Texas was also mentioned in some news reports, which may be significant because of one Israeli astronaut aboard.

Assassination of President John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963


Occurred in the 11th month on the 22nd day.


The sun was directly above Texas, while Venus and Mars were both located directly above Washington D.C. (

Sacred Geometry

Again occurred on the 33rd parallel at the Masonic Dealy Plaza in Dallas, Texas.

You are encouraged to research all the instances where a disaster, war, murder, or assassination has occurred on the 33rd Parallel.  A good place to start is the excellent book "Masons and Mystery At The 33rd Parallel", in which you will read this quote:

“If a life is taken close to the northern 33rd Parallel, this fits with the Masons’ demonic mythology in which they demonstrate their worldly power by spilling human blood at a predetermined locale.” ["Masons and Mystery At The 33rd Parallel", by Day Williams]

OK, now for the real reason I’ve presented all of the preceding.

Terrorist Attack on February 2, 2004?

If the reasoning mentioned above is correct, there appears to be some evidence of the possibility of a terrorist attack in a major U.S. city on February 2nd this year.  Please understand that while I’m not into predicting events, nor spreading unnecessary fear, I did find this theory fascinating, and present it here for your careful consideration, so that you can form your own opinion and take action as required.

Here is an article from the respected, a site devoted to independent, investigative reporting and forward analysis in the fields of international terrorism, intelligence, and international conflict.  It quotes a respected Italian daily newspaper as saying on December 31 that “Al Qaeda Threatens to Nuke New York on February 2, 2004”.

Here is an article from MEMRI, a site which bridges the language gap between the West and the Middle East, providing timely translations of Arabic, Farsi, and Hebrew media, as well as original analysis of political, ideological, intellectual, social, cultural, and religious trends in the Middle East.  The article is entitled “We Are Capable of Destroying an American City” in which it calls for all Muslims in America to leave the following cities: Washington DC, New York, and Los Angeles.  The article shows the Internet location of the original Arabic quote.

Here is an article from, a predominantly Christian site, which claims to understand the influence of occult forces on current world events.  It makes a compelling case for the concept of 1 year, 1 day, which leads to the possibility of a significant terrorist attack on February 2, which is 1 year and 1 day after the tragic Columbia ‘accident’ on February 1, 2003.  (After clicking the link, scroll down until you see a sidebar saying ‘This Weeks Hot News’.)

Am I absolutely convinced that there will be a nuclear attack on February 2? 

NO.  The site quoted above has previously predicted events, which did not occur on the dates expected.  It's also easy to find patterns AFTER an event, and it's not necessarily correct to apply these same patterns to predict future events.  However, I am convinced that all the elements mentioned previously (Numerology, Astrology and Sacred Geometry) are in place for an event which COULD result in significant loss of life.  The fact that Feb 1 and 2 is an important date on the occult calendar is also telling, so I guess we will have to wait and see.  The stage certainly does seem set.

Am I convinced that we will soon be entering a phase of terrorism designed to panic us into giving up our Constitutional rights so we can be assured of "safety"?

YES.  New Age author, Bill Cooper, who wrote in his book, 'Behold A Pale Horse", sums up a potential widespread, global crisis, on page 177.

"Can you imagine what will happen if Los Angeles is hit with a 9.0 quake, New York City is destroyed by a terrorist-planted atomic bomb, World War III breaks out in the Middle East, the banks and the stock markets collapse, all in a very short period of time? Can you imagine? The world power structure can, and will if necessary, make some or all of those things happen to bring about the New World Order."

Bear in mind that all the elements mentioned above are now in place:

  • The ability to trigger a massive earthquake was successfully tested in Iran on December 26, 2003

  • We’ve seen the ability to trigger ‘terrorist’ events recently, and specifically on 9/11/2001.  Also keep in mind that the US National Alert Level is currently at Orange (high risk, just one colour away from martial law);

  • Tensions in the Middle East are extremely high.  North Korea has recently shown inspectors that they have nuclear facilities at Pyongyang, and there is currently an increased number of US troops in Iraq, during the overlap period while new troops are sent in to replace those coming home;

  • The weakening dollar is becoming weaker still, and analysts have been warning for months about the high levels of national and personal debt, which cannot be sustained much longer.  Everything seems set for a financial collapse;

  • The US Patriot Act II was quietly signed into power on December 13, 2003, which means that in a moment of crisis, contrived or not, ALL of our constitutional rights disappear overnight.

Would I consider taking extra precautions?

YES.  With all that is going on the world right now, it is clear that we are entering a phase of advanced plans for the implementation of a New World Order.  One of those requirements is terrorism in our cities.  Whether an attack occurs on February 2nd or not, now is a good time to start preparing yourself for the worst.

What can you do?

  • If you live in a major U.S. city, consider visiting an out of town relative for a long weekend break.  If that’s not possible, plan an exit strategy in case you need to leave in a hurry. 

  • You might also want to consider stocking up on drinking water, long-life food, first-aid kit, flashlight, personal items like toilet paper and toiletries, candles or a portable emergency generator if possible.  You know, all those things considered essentials only for conspiracy nuts.

  • With the recent cold weather, ensure you have a backup method of providing heat in case of loss of power. (Remember those blackouts in August last year?  Could they have been a test for something much bigger?  Imagine if the same had happened in the cold of winter.)

  • Make sure your gas tank is full, and if possible keep an extra full container just in case.

As compelling as the evidence is, it is equally likely that there will be no attack on February 2.  If nothing happens there are two ways of looking at the non-event.  You can either dismiss my rantings and the writings of other analysts as coming from crazy conspiracy theorists who have no clue of what’s going on in the world.  Or, you can choose to believe as I do: that even though every required element is in place for our world to be plunged into a war, the likes of which none of us have seen, God is ultimately still in control, and His timing is still not right.  So, I’ll keep a watchful eye, and when His timing is right, I’ll be ready!

Please remember that this article is not meant to cause panic, but rather to create an awareness of the need to prepare oneself for what appears to be an imminent possibility.  I am reminded of Noah who was ridiculed for building his ark while a bright sun shone overhead.  Storm clouds are currently brewing on the horizon – are you going to wait until the deluge arrives before finding materials to build your ark?

Live Free and Keep Thinking!


Copyright ©2004,

Forward this email as you wish. Permission is granted to circulate among your friends and acquaintances, and to post on all Internet sites in full (including this paragraph). Contact author for all other rights, which are reserved.

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