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Resources to assist you in preparing for the coming tough times ahead.



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Just for Fun


When it all Becomes Overwhelming, Ensure you can still Relax...

Let's face it, the subject matter covered on is pretty depressing.

Here's how I can offer an occasional sense of peace despite the dreadful subject matter.

It's vital now to strive to constantly be in a state of peace, in the face of WW3.  That peace will enable you to actually THINK, a capacity in short supply today.  Here are a few recommended products to help you relax and enjoy life.


Just for Fun

Powerful Sleep: There’s actually a method to optimize your body’s inner sleep system to sleep less, and have more energy in your life than when you slept LONGER. Sleep expert Kacper Postawski spills the beans in his fascinating new ebook “Powerful Sleep.” While most people think sleep is just “sleep,” it is actually a complex and fascinating system which you can optimize in order to sleep less, and create an abundance of energy in your life.  Read review.

How to Find Happiness:  Create stronger bonds of friendship, by becoming a happier person that people will want to get to know.

How to Achieve the Perfect Swing in Golf:   A long-lost 1919 manuscript reveals the secret for the perfect swing in golf.  Now virtually anybody can achieve the perfect swing in golf.

The Meaning of Dreams:  Have you ever woken up in the morning or during the night and wondered what the heck the dream you were just having meant?  Dreams can drive you crazy, so isn't it about time you found out what YOUR dreams are all about?  This book is the answer to your dreams!  See also Dream Interpretations.

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Today is World War 3 on March 20, 2003 and the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.