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Alternative Currencies


How to Remove Yourself from "The System"

Most people don't spend much time wondering what money is.  Their major concern is how much they have, and how to get more. Usually, the question of what money IS arises only when money ceases to function properly.

Eliminate Debt

It's vital to have your own individual economic affairs in order. In terms of real economic facts, that does not mean that they have to be perfect or exemplary. All it means is that you have to know where and how you stand economically. Make a very clear distinction between what you own and what you don't own. What you own is anything to which you hold free and clear title and which has no debt against it. If there is debt standing against some of your "possessions" (you don't OWN them until the debt is cleared), live WITHIN your means to bring the day of ownership closer.

Second, in regard to what you own, maintain and keep in your own personal possession enough cash (literal CASH - in your own currency) to be able to pay for all upkeep, maintenance, government charges and imposts etc. for at least two and up to six months.

As an expression of your own individual independence, maintain a 15-20 percent personal holding of Gold coin. Bullion grade coin, since you are not building up a "coin collection", you are holding money.

It is that holding which keeps you OUTSIDE the entire global fandango of fiat money, and OUTSIDE the global credit money system. In the breakdown of the monetary and financial system of Weimar Germany, a Gold coin was often the difference between managing to live in a reasonable manner (discreetly) and sleeping on the street. In the US in the 1930s, a Gold coin was often given (very discreetly - the ownership of Gold was illegal) to a son or daughter with the words: "This keeps you free".

Ignore the "price fluctuations" of Gold, except as they bring opportunities to add to your holdings. Gold ownership will do more than almost anything else to increase your independence and, as a corollary, your EARNED pride. What you will get in return is the inestimable benefit of a human respect from those around you capable of recognizing it.  A mutual respect of this nature is the foundation of all positive and productive human relationships.

A note about our current fiat paper money system: If the printing of paper money, credit and debt could create real wealth there would be NO poverty anywhere. To ACTUALLY create wealth takes savings, sound investments of money saved into real productive capital, and debt free property as a base on which to produce the new wealth.

For advice on what coins to own and for an excellent case study of the history of gold, and the anticipated future of gold, see these two articles:


When you're convinced that money as we know it will shortly stop functioning, visit here.


Alternative Currencies

e-gold:  If you don't have physical silver and gold coins which you can use during the coming economic crash, shame on you!  Here's a way to store gold electronically.

Just one word of caution: Be very careful of fraudulent emails sent by scammers who ask you to enter your e-gold account details to confirm certain details on your account.  These details are then stored by the scammers and used to access your account illegally.



Offshore Trusts:  The use of a trust for asset protection and estate planning dates back to medieval times. Developed over time, trusts have become a very effective means of protecting assets, passing wealth along to heirs in privacy, obtaining complete privacy and in some circumstances, tax savings.

The very wealthy have used the trust approach for many years. Because of recent developments, the trust has become a more widely available tool to hide your assets from prying eyes.

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Today is World War 3 on March 20, 2003 and the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.