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Are You an Anti-Conspiracy Theorist?

What on earth am I talking about, <$firstname$>?

Think about it:

How much time have you and I wasted reading the rantings of various conspiracy theorists?  Has any of that time enriched our lives?  Has the world become a better place as a result of our reading or their outbursts, however well-intentioned?  Are you any more prepared in case some or all of these theories prove accurate? Can any of these theories be either proven or disproven?

You see, The War in Iraq, the coming War in Iran and Syria, World War Three – none of these are the real issue. There’s a much bigger war going on: a spiritual battle for control of your mind.

And conspiracy theory sites are unwittingly aiding the battle, by spreading fear, gloom and a sense of futility, instead of providing practical, meaningful solutions.  And I’m not talking about building log cabins in the wilderness stockpiled with long-life foods, or emigrating to the wilds of Borneo.

There’s a grand plan unfolding, and conspiracy theory sites (those worth their salt) know there’s absolutely nothing that can be done, but still seem satisfied with believing they’re smart enough to have “it all figured out”.  Why do you think conspiracy sites are permitted to continue operating by governments? If they’re a real threat, wouldn’t they all be shut down? Or at the very least controlled in the same way the mass media is.  Truth is, conspiracy sites are aiding and abetting the grand plan, by enslaving people’s minds through fear.

My suggestion?

Drastically reduce the amount of time you spend assimilating “news”, from either traditional or alternative sources.

Radical, I know.

And I say this because, for most of us, NONE of the news stories reported affect us personally.  If they don’t affect us personally, why worry about these events?

Instead, spend time coming to grips with the bigger picture:

- World events, both politically and geo-physically, particularly in the next few years, are going to become cause for more and more alarm. The individual events themselves matter little – what matters is the trend, or the unfolding grand plan. Once you’ve understood the grand plan (which you cannot do while worrying about individual events) you’ll be able to live in peace because your mind is prepared mentally;

- We, the people, have no real power, not even over ourselves for we are part of a system that runs independently of whatever it is we believe. (This statement will undoubtedly raise the ire of those who passionately follow one of many religions);

- Western society as we know it will collapse (some will argue that it has collapsed already, but there is worse to come). This is inevitable, and the signs now appearing seem to indicate a time-frame of 6 years or less, that is before the end of 2012. How old will you be in 2012, <$firstname$>?;

- When the collapse comes, it will be a case of adapt or die. Many will die. The rest will briefly mourn them and carry on, doing the best we can. There are always survivors, but very often luck plays as much a part in survival as anything, for few have any foresight or the will to adapt in the face of imminent disaster. Don’t believe me? Look at footage of survivors from the SE Asian Tsunami. Did survivors survive because they took planned action? Or because they were lucky? Closer to home: look at footage of survivors from 9-11. Few can argue that they were simply lucky to be far enough away when the buildings collapsed.

That’s a rather bleak bigger picture. And yet it shouldn’t be! These events have all been predicted many thousands of years ago. Read Isaiah 13, Daniel and Revelation 13 with an open mind. How exciting that someone knew about these events long before this generation came to being!

And if you take the time to understand the coming events, not only will your heart and mind be prepared, but you’ll be presented with opportunities to prosper, just as certain individuals prospered in the Great Depression. Now THAT is the exciting challenge!  And I hope I'll be able to assist with that challenge.

Have you understood The Grand Plan, the bigger picture, <$firstname$>?  Will you stick with me as we filter through the noise out there to find the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about the world in which we find ourselves in?  And will you keep an open mind, which might mean challenging some of the beliefs you’ve held dear for many years?

I hope so.

That’s all until next week, <$firstname$>.

As always,

Live Free and Keep Thinking!

All the best,

PS. You probably have friends who think you're crazy for reading conspiracy theories.  How about forwarding this email to them?  It's against Conspiracy Theories, isn't it?  Or you can simply Tell Your Friends about ThreeWorldWars.  They'll thank you for it!

PPS.  Is this all ho-hum to you?  Thank your lucky stars you were introduced to these concepts long ago!  Now it's time to really push the limits: Ultimate Freedom.  Dabblers need not apply.


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