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Resource Sites & Services to Ensure You're Prepared

When Disaster Strikes Home - 101+ Ways to Protect Your Family From Unthinkable Emergencies. Yes, disasters happen. Failure to plan for them can unnecessarily endanger your life and the lives of your family members. This new book gives you an "emergency edge" by guiding you through the steps to customize your own Family Emergency Preparedness Plan.

How to Prepare - Discuss various Preparation Strategies in the ThreeWorldWars Forum.

Ultimate Freedom - Advanced strategies - not for dabblers.

Strategic Relocation - By Joel Skousen. This book presents a comprehensive analysis of all major strategic threats facing North American countries, and how to relocate around, mitigate, and/or avoid them. Areas are rated in detail according to these threats. Retreat strategies are presented for contingency planning even if one cannot relocate permanently.

Preparation Basics - The key to survival preparedness is learning to become, primarily or alternatively, independent of the system.  Here are my recommendations.


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