NOV 09, 2006

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Bill N says: "Of course the voters have conscience. They have TOO MUCH conscience. Most of them are good people who canít believe the government and media would lie to them the way that they do. It is easy for sociopaths to manipulate good people because good people canít believe anyone would think that way. This phenomenon is what Hitler based his ďbig lieĒ theory on. Daniel Ellsberg said the good thing about the American people is that you have to lie to them to get them to do anything bad. The bad thing about them is that they are so easy to lie to." (In response to International Reaction to US Elections).

Brad says: "Dude youíve lost the plot, bush is just a pawn, everyone knows the us president is there only to save face and be a fall guy if the shit hits the fan, itís the high commanding generals and cia that are in control of the damn country. Thatís also the reason why it wouldnít make a difference whether a republican or democrat was in presidency. Besides, the gullibility and naivety of the American nation, is enough to drive the world insane. Youíd think that America was running the world, as far as Iím concerned America is the schoolyard bully about to catch a severe hiding from very quiet strong nations. Who America knows not to challenge, or bark at to loudly." (In response to International Reaction to US Elections).

J says: "in response to this exercise. it is nothing out of the ordinary, this training runs about every 4 years and 07 is australias time to host again, this is still a vital training for our troops to train under large scales of operation and is why us australian soilders are ranked among the best in the world, i know this cause i was an infantry soilder in the ADF for just over 5 years
i encourage that my mates get all the traing they can get, as it is the difference of there survival or not, but i can tell we were quite shocked when they arrived at the last exercise with many body bags, they expect there troops to be hurt and accidently killed during training,
we dont  thats the difference between our well trained anzacs and there boy soilders"  (In response to Australian Military Operations.)

June F says: "great newsletter, i absolutely agree with your comment about australia. in the early ninties there was a preacher called barry smith who revealed that australia was the testing ground for the world in many of the nwo social bombs, eftpos and the money systems were some of the earliest. keep up the good work."  (In response to Australia, the NWO Lab












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American Dictatorship

Dear <$firstname$>,

Two items of interest for you today:


American Dictatorship

A Dictatorship is form of government in which one person or a small group possesses absolute power without effective constitutional limitations.

When Hitler was appointed in January 1933, Germany was a democracy. Germany had fair elections; nobody had their right to vote abused; there were numerous political parties to choose from at voting time. To pass a law, the Reichstag had to agree to it after a bill went through the normal processes of discussion and debate.

Hitler had promised a general election for March 1933.  One week before the election was due to take place, the Reichstag building burned down.  Hitler knew that if he was to convince President Hindenburg to give him emergency powers - as stated in the Weimar Constitution - he had to play on the old president's fear of communism. What better than to convince him that the communists were about to take over the nation by force?

Unsurprisingly, a convenient patsy, and known Communist supporter - Marianus van der Lubbe - was caught near the Reichstag building immediately after the fire started. Those that arrested him - Nazi officials - claimed that Lubbe confessed that the fire was a signal to other communists to start the revolution. Matches were allegedly found on van der Lubbe and those who arrested him claimed that he smelt of petrol.

Hmmm, how convenient.

Hitler asked Hindenburg to grant him emergency powers in view of the 'communist takeover'. Using the constitution, Hindenburg agreed to pass the Law for the Protection of the People and the State.  In the months and years thereafter, Hitler steadily introduced law after law, which gradually turned Germany into a Dictatorship.

Exactly the same process commenced on September 11, 2001 in the USA, and concluded with the inclusion of law HR6166 into the American Constitution on the Sept 28, 2006.

A good friend, Peter from Australia, has provided the following summary of HR6166:

  • Revokes habeas corpus (click for an explanation)
  • Ends enforcement of the Geneva Conventions
  • Legalizes torture
  • Gives the President the power to imprison anyone, without need for explanation, once the President declares the imprisoned person to be an "enemy"
  • Ends the right to a speedy trial, allowing imprisonment without criminal charges for long periods of time - potentially for a lifetime
  • Sets up show trials that allow conviction to happen before an investigation into the alleged criminal activity has even begun
  • Allows the government to use secret evidence to convict defendants, which not even the defendants' lawyers can see
  • Legalizes the use of testimony that was obtained through torture or other means of coercion - much as occurred at the Salem Witch Trials to force people to testify that their neighbors were witches
  • Keeps the processes of trials, the results of the trials, and even the existence of the trials, secret from the American public
  • Ends the enforcement of the 5th Amendment protection against self-incrimination
  • Allows defendants and their lawyers to be prevented from cross examining witnesses, while placing no such restriction on the prosecution
  • Gives anyone suspected of war crimes, including President Bush himself, immunity from prosecution.

Further Research Sources

The actual US bill signed in by President Bush can be found here.

Further background for those wanting to scratch beneath the surface:

Comments from Capitol Hill on the passing of the law - video

8 Republicans That Voted Against the Military Commissions Act

Numerous YouTube Videos Discussing the Law

Constitution Overturned by H.R.6166

Torture Bill States Non-Allegiance To Bush Is Terrorism

An Explanation of H.R. 6166 Authorization of Military Commission

Clearly the time for Martial Law in the US is rapidly approaching.  Remember that the dollar has been plummeting recently, and plans for a currency to replace the US and Canadian dollars and Mexican Peso are well established.  All we need is for another staged terrorist attack and the US will be this age's great dictatorship.

The important question is how prepared are you, <$firstname$>?


The Final ThreeWorldWars Newsletter

This will more than likely be my last newsletter.

You may have noticed the infrequent (and sometimes less than useful) updates over the past 7 months.  This has been a direct result of my father's accident in Thailand, which has affected myself and my extended family severely.

Regrettably I've been forced to auction ThreeWorldWars to the highest bidder - in an attempt to recover some of the medical bills we've been lumbered with.  This is not a decision taken lightly, as this site has been my passion for almost 4 years - I've invested many hours researching and building it.  Believe me it will be hard to give up, but sometimes life throws a curved ball when you least expect it.

I already have a very keen buyer lined up, but I am delaying the sale because I'm not convinced of their motives for wanting the site.  Nor am I convinced they will continue the search for truth.  We'll see what happens - an announcement will follow soon.

If you wish to see the current bid price, and possibly prevent the auction from going ahead, see

That's all for this time, and quite possibly for all time, <$firstname$>. 

As always,

Live Free and Keep Thinking Freedom!

All the best,



Included below is a list of Internet references used in this email. 

The online link to this email can be found here: - What is Habeas Corpus.  Very simply, the name of a legal action or writ by means of which detainees can seek relief from unlawful imprisonment. - Bill of H.R.6166  - Comments from Capitol Hill on the passing of H.R.6166 - Video - 8 Republicans That Deserve A Progressive Thank You For Voting Against the Military Commissions Act - Constitution Overturned az=view_all&address=364x2243302 - H.R. 6166 Authorization of Military Commission - Brain Entrainment and OptiMINDzation


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