OCT 19, 2006

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Matt says: "hey dude, i've sent you lot an emaiul before but you got to realise you are
conning people with your bullshit when you try and sell them stuff. you are
just as bad as the villians you are going  on about.  i am on a similar
wavelength to you politically but you guys are not through the looking
glass, you are still part of the system."

[Ed: I do occasionally send recommendations for products which assist in providing a fulfilled life.  Matt's email was in response to my endorsement of the book Genuine Freedom.  My recommendations are for those who understand that time is money, and thus wish to leverage the time investment others have made to provide solutions to the rest of us.  These individuals understand the value of not reinventing the wheel.  Matt is clearly not one of them, and will continue struggling through life trying to make sense of it all on his own.]

Larry F says: "Resistance against any evil, is not futile, whether it be local, state, or federal evil. Any evil system of government must be resisted, because GOD demands it!"

[Ed: Whenever claiming a command from God, it helps to quote specific verses to make sure we are not misinterpreting something. 

My take is that we are to resist evil in our own lives (as individuals), not resist governments.  I believe The Bible commands us to submit to government - Rom 13:1; Titus 3:1; I Pet. 2:13. 

I still maintain that protest marches, letters to Congress and placard waving simply aggravate the problem, because of the Immutable Law of Attraction (We attract into our experience that with which we are in vibrational resonance).  Instead of being anti-war (which actually promotes war because the masses focus on the issue of war), rather focus on pro-peace.]

Mark S says: "if your so positive about a 3rd world wor why dont you spend your life trying to prevent it other than trying to educate people how to sail through it easyly.
and then you say your too busy to reply so put in a nice word about my site and i might answer you quicker.  what are you busy with? writing conspiracy theorys to excite your life? you seriously need to grow up and get a life."

[Ed: So many people who write to me have a 'holier than thou' attitude.  It's a symptom of the messed up world we live in.  For my reasons as to why I don't dedicate my time to stopping WW3, see Why I Don't Resist.]

Eric S says: "Nobody I talk to seems to care. Even people who suspect it have a "live and let live" attitude. Only one generation after a catastrophy, people fall back into lethergy. Mankind as a whole are doomed to go through what you have predicted, because they really don't care. The elite don't have to worry about us knowing what is going on, because we can't and won't do anything about it." 

[Ed: I agree that mankind as a whole are doomed. However, for the individuals who want to do something about preparing themselves, there is plenty that CAN be done.  See How to Prepare.]











ThreeWorldWars Newsletter



WW3 Approaches

Dear <$firstname$>,

Four items of interest for you today:


Radio Show September 29th

In an interview with Bruce Collins of The Big Finale, we chatted about the coming WW3 and specifically what mindset one needs to ensure you're ready for whatever happens.  You can download the hour-long chat here. (Right click and click 'Save As'.


World War 3 Elements

I am often asked "How will we know World War 3 has begun?" or something along those lines.  This is simply a brief refresher on what I believe to be the prerequisite elements for WW3 to officially be declared the next World War. (I notice incidentally that Bush has been using the term recently.  Of course, he was spouting irresponsible garbage about 9/11, but interesting that he used the term World War 3.)

There are three important elements of WW3.  Until all of them are in play, we cannot call the current disparate skirmishes a true World War, using my definition based on the coverage of WW1 and WW2:

A World War is a military conflict spanning more than 2 continents, in which at least 20 major countries participate in an attack against a common enemy.

The obvious missing ingredient in the current skirmishes underway is "a common enemy".  According to Pike's apparent letter predicting three World Wars, WW1's enemy was the Russian Czar's; WW2's enemy was Nazism; and WW3's enemy will be both the Arabic World and political Zionism.  Of course for any political leader to announce this now would be suicide, so a more nebulous term has been created: The War on Terrorism.

But back to WW3.  Here are the elements required:

  • Act 1 - The Middle East.  Widespread conflict to bring the entire region into the flames of war, possibly triggered by Iran or militants in Pakistan using North Korean supplied nuclear arms.  The first Scene in this Act is the US Invasion of Iraq on March 20, 2003.
  • Act 2 - Israel at War -- Against her Arab neighbors, possibly Palestine.  A Palestinian State will be established, so that all Israelis will be fully separated from Palestinians (listen out for mention of a 7-year treaty to be confirmed by a World Leader - probably Bush), only for Israel to viciously attack Palestine shortly thereafter.
  • Act 3 - Far East -- "Hair-raising nuclear confrontation that threatens mankind's existence" - Peter Lemesurier, author of The Armageddon Script, p. 223, written in 1981.  Includes China invading Taiwan and a nuclear eruption on the Korean Peninsula.
  • Act 4 - Erosion of Confidence in 'The System' so severe citizens will be panicked into giving up liberties and Constitutional form of government.  The plan calls for the dissolution of the US Constitution, triggered by a significant enough 'terrorist' attack.  The ultimate intent is to introduce a global government and one-world religion.
  • Act 5 - The collapse of the US, and other Western economies and morals.
  • Act 6 - Significant population reduction using natural and man-made disasters.

In recent weeks there has been an escalation in activities in the Middle East and the Far East, indicating that, once again, elements for a planned WW3 are falling into place.

Christopher Hedges recently wrote:

"The aircraft carrier Eisenhower, accompanied by the guided-missile cruiser USS Anzio, guided-missile destroyer USS Ramage, guided-missile destroyer USS Mason and the fast-attack submarine USS Newport News, is, as I write, making its way to the Straits of Hormuz off Iran.  The ships will be in place to strike Iran by the end of the month.  It may be a bluff.  It may be a feint.  It may be a simple show of American power.  But I doubt it."  Read more...

This report and many others, seem to confirm that we will see a war with Iran within the next few weeks.  Interestingly, many commentators seem to link an Iran war with the end of the Bush administration, meaning this will be Bush's last invasion before being replaced.  Rest assured that a Middle East invasion has zero to do with the incumbent President - they will be invaded irrespective of who occupies the White House.  This must be accomplished to achieve the grander plan of a One World Government.

In a further development, A Korean-Japanese scholar who is considered North Korean leader Kim Jong-il’s unofficial spokesman said:

"If the Bush administration makes more provocations, both New York City and Tokyo will be blazed."  Read more...

The same report concludes that "Kim is not trustworthy, and his claims should be ignored", but more and more the feeling in North Korea is that any further pressure on them will simply result in a nuclear attack against their would-be oppressors.  They have nothing to lose.

With these two developments on the Middle East and far East fronts, it is clear that the drum rolls for WW3 are becoming louder.


An Insider's Look at North Korea 

Of the literally hundreds of emails I receive every week, one grabbed my attention this week.  I do not know the author, nor his viewpoint, but in his lengthy post he had a number of valid points regarding North Korea.  He said:

"Either way, war is inevitable in the Korean peninsula and Kim Jong Il managed to get himself into a win-win situation. Even if North Korea is completely destroyed in a war with the USA, South Korea and Japan, it is still a win-win situation for the North Korean regime of that time.

And why is that? Because their definition of victory is different than ours. They wouldn't mind losing their country if they could destroy the USA and the rest of the world.

North Korea is a war-minded nation, built and maintained for war and with a war economy. A boxer training for a fight won't rest until he gets into the ring. He wants to make use of his training in real combat. He doesn't believe he will lose the fight and he will put all his might, training and hard work of several months into that single fight.

The same happens with North Korea but the difference is that their preparations for war didn't take months. It took decades!

The goal of North Korea is not economic prosperity or real social justice. The only single goal of that nation is to go to war against the USA, South Korea and Japan.

To those who don't believe this I tell them that for someone to understand the enemy's goals, one must think like the enemy and put himself in his position. People in North Korea, with absolutely no knowledge of what really happens in the rest of the world, are eager and desperate to go to war. The day North Korea goes to war is the happiest day in their lives: the day that their great leader will conquer his enemies."

The author has struck on very important Eastern concepts which Western leaders tend to forget:

  • Planning is typically done over generations, not weeks or months ahead;
  • Since their value system is totally different to the West's we will often not understand their motivation for doing things.

Naturally our Western leaders will not take any account of this when considering actions against North Korea.  Read more...


Brain Entrainment

Over the past few weeks I've been seriously investigating a technique called Brain Entrainment, which basically improves mental focus, assists in boosting creativity AND solves all sleeping problems.  It's a fascinating topic.

How does it work? Well, "Entrainment" is a principle in physics,
where two cycles synchronize naturally with each other in order to work more efficiently. Entrainment is applied to chemistry, astronomy, electrical systems and much more - but can also be applied to the brain. When the brain is provided with a stimulus, through the ears, eyes or other senses, it emits an electrical charge in response. This is called a Cortical Evoked Response. These electrical responses travel throughout the brain to become what an individual sees and hears. When the brain is given a consistent, repeating stimulus, such as drum beats or flashes of light, the brain responds by synchronizing, or entraining, its electric cycles to the external rhythm. This is commonly called the Frequency Following Response (or FFR), and it can be used to effectively alter
the brainwave pattern of the audience.

That's a little of the science behind Brain Entrainment, and I'm pleased to report that it really works!  My mental clarity has improved, my ability to focus is far better than it's ever been, and I'm sleeping deeply and peacefully at night.

You can download a free tool which (somewhat) achieves the benefits I'm talking of here.  But, as with everything in life, you get what you pay for, and you cannot beat the quality you'll receive from OptiMINDzation.  It's highly recommended.  Read more about it by clicking the image to the left or here.  After reading the extensive information they have, if you have any questions about the product, feel free to ask me anything you may want to know about it by contacting me here.  I'd be happy to help.


That's all for this time, <$firstname$>.  Have a fantastic weekend.

If you wish to comment on anything in this newsletter, please do contact me here.

As always,

Live Free and Keep Thinking Freedom!

All the best,

PS. Feel free to forward this email to your friends who may be concerned with what they see happening in the world.  Even better, Tell Your Friends about the ThreeWorldWars news service. It will help ensure that everyone in your circle is aware of the planned World War 3!



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