SEP 20, 2006

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Leonardo says: "Its a shame that a person like you become an immigration criticism. There is a big issue on that,  than even a warning comment can't stop.  By the way I'm Mexican and I'm sure that some day we will get back what was stolen long time ago." (In response to Goodbye America).

[Ed: Try not to take my writings so personally.  If you were able to step back from the thick of things, ignore the influences exerted on you and realize that what is happening in North America is happening all over the Western World, you might understand that I am not attacking any one individual or culture.  Instead I am pointing out global trends.]

Howard says: "I enjoy your e-mails. Very informative. And I, like so many others, feel the anxiety about what is happening to our country. We are definately headed for unprecedented revolutionary changes.......Just wanted you to know you are being read and you are spreading the light. Carry on with your munificent gift."

[Ed: Much appreciated - I do the best I can with very limited resources.]

Danny says: "Wow you are one of the few people I have heard that doesn't sell fear. Also, you actually get the fact there is more going on than meets the eye. I am 48 years old and have met very few people worth reading on these matters. Keep up the work."

Matthew says: "You have over stepped the mark. You don't really have a clue what's going on.  Yes it's a horrid situation but it doesn't mean the end of the west.  I would prefer the end of Islam, I've studied it and it's frightening."  (In response to Goodbye America).

[Ed: You've missed my point. I'm not calling for the end of the West instead of the end of Islam.  I'm simply pointing out that the outcome (meaning the end of BOTH systems) is inevitable.]


[Ed: Ho hum...]

Jim says: "Take me off your emailing list. You are so full of sh*t, I can't stand to see anymore of your rediculous emails.  I feel sorry for you, and anyone who shares your views.  Stop trying to brainwash people into your crazy beliefs."

[Ed: It always intrigues me why people actually take the time to rant (without being constructive).  If you disagree and no longer wish to receive my 'shit', there is a link at the bottom of every email which will immediately stop any future emails being sent.  Clicking on it saves you and me valuable time.]

Das Vampire says: "Hello, some very sharp thinking going on on your end, you must be exhausted.
Thank you for the info. I'm agreeing with ya,  from what I gathered."

[Ed: Why can't there be more people on this earth like Das?  Thank you.]




ThreeWorldWars Newsletter



Lessons to Learn From Thailand's Coup


Three items of interest for you today:

Thailand's Coup

In case you're not already aware, the military in Thailand staged a coup on Tuesday night (Bangkok time), ousting caretaker Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra.  Traditional spin can be found in your favorite news sources and I have included a few links below under References.  My commentary will take a slightly different angle.

A coup d'état (pronounced /ku de'ta/), or simply a coup, is the sudden overthrow of a government through unconstitutional means by a part of the state establishment, that mostly replaces just the top power figures. It is also an example of political engineering. It may or may not be violent in nature. It is different from a revolution, which is staged by a larger group and radically changes the political system. The term is French for "a (sudden) blow (or strike) to a state" (literally, coup, hit, and État, state, always written with a capital É in this meaning).

Thailand's political history is littered with coups, and this is the 18th coup since 1945 - perhaps it's because the Thais understand the farce of democratic elections. 

The event is nowhere near as dramatic as represented by our usual news sources.  I have spoken by telephone to 3 people in Bangkok, who confirm that many businesses are operating normally, despite the declaration of martial law and a bank holiday.  Some in rural and tourist areas are not even aware of developments.

For those of us not directly affected by the coup, the best thing we can do is sit up and take note of what actions are taken, so that we're prepared if the same thing happens in our country.  And this may not be as far-fetched as it sounds.  As we move closer and closer to the breaking point of all Western systems, military coups will become commonplace: either as a catalyst for change, or as a result of something in the system breaking (perhaps a stock market crash?).

We must always keep in mind that events in otherwise remote areas are often permitted or engineered so that valuable lessons can be learned by leaders of greater nations.  (Do you find it ironic, as I do, that the PM was visiting the UN and the Council on Foreign Relations when the coup occurred?  Hmmm..)

Find it hard to believe that Western nations watch and learn from Third World Countries?  Ponder for a moment the desperate situation in Zimbabwe.  This human tragedy has continued unchecked for over 12 years, with little international commentary, meaningful aid or intervention.  Nevertheless, many valuable lessons have been learnt by Western leaders about property confiscation and government tyranny.  But I digress.

Here are the results of the Thai coup, which could easily affect you if the same were to happen in your country:

  • Local TV stations are controlled to broadcast news of the coup.  In Thailand, images of the King and patriotic songs and messages were broadcast;
  • TV stations unsympathetic to the cause are shut down.  In Thailand, foreign stations broadcast via cable like BBC and CNN were blacked out, making it almost impossible to receive independent news reports;
  • State of Emergency and Martial Law is declared.  In Bangkok, tanks and soldiers were deployed in city streets to protect the King's residence and Government House;
  • Banks closed, allowing only access to ATM's;
  • Stock prices tumble as country's credit rating is downgraded;
  • Borders closed and all overland travel denied;
  • Gatherings of more than 5 people prohibited;
  • Although no official curfew has been announced, most Thais in Bangkok are remaining indoors after dark.

It doesn't take much imagination to realize the impact actions such as these will have on the man in the street, as the value of his home crashes, his money remains inaccessible and travel becomes impossible.  Look how quickly it happened in Thailand - the same is coming very soon for the US and other Western nations - doubt it not.


Cultural Agility

In my last email I introduced the term Cultural Agility, with a promise to describe what I meant.

If you Google Cultural Agility, you will find few meaningful references to the term, because it's not a widely used phrase.  It's mentioned on IBM's website, where they talk about the ability to:

"...respond with flexibility and speed to any customer demand, market opportunity or external threat."

I define Cultural Agility as:

The ability to respond effortlessly to rapid environmental and societal changes.  The ability to lead a life with utter indifference to external circumstances.

In an age when rapid environmental and societal changes are becoming the norm instead of the exception, I predict that Cultural Agility is set to become the next big thing to be taught by Life Coaching experts who are ahead of the masses.

Perhaps a few examples.

  • Widely-traveled independent travelers have highly developed Cultural Agility because they are at ease in extremely diverse cultures and settings; whereas business travelers who only stay in 5-star Western-style hotels have no Cultural Agility;
  • Expatriates living away from home who tend to dine with locals or in local eateries are usually Culturally Agile; those who only mix with their nationality and insist on maintaining standards accustomed to "back home" are not Culturally Agile;  (An excellent example of expats living in Thailand who are not Culturally Agile can be found on this forum, where the panic, pointless posts and useless scaremongering regarding the coup gives a clear idea of how the average person will react when the same happens in the US.  And remember, these are all expats who have been living in Thailand for many years!)
  • Those who believe only their country, their leader and their political system are correct and that all radical Islamic Fundamentalists should be destroyed, are not Culturally Agile; those who understand that every system is broken, including their own, and are looking for a viable solution, are Culturally Agile, since they embrace change for the better.

I think you get the idea.

Why is it important to develop your own Culturally Agility

Simply because we are living during a unique phase in humanity's development.  For the first time in history we have a way to overcome our ignorance, at precisely the same time that we have created the means to make this ignorance genocidal on a global scale.  This dichotomy will cause rapid changes in everything we have taken for granted:

  • political systems,
  • economic systems,
  • relationships,
  • health care systems,
  • religion,
  • business, and the like. 

Preparing for these changes is almost impossible since we do not know what changes are coming our way.  Storing long-life food, while useful in the short-term, won't help if we're trapped by our own fear.  Having gold stored safely won't help if there's civil unrest in our neighborhood and international airports have been closed.

Cultural Agility is the ability to morph, disappear or meld into the background as the situation dictates.  It's the art of becoming a chameleon, a spy, an escape artist, a leader, all at the same time.  It's a skill we need to develop, and I'll be talking much more about this in the weeks to come.

If you have any further ideas on Cultural Agility, please do share them by clicking here.


Genuine Freedom 

I recently recommended by email an excellent new book called Genuine Freedom by Matt Engelman. 

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That's all for this time.  If you wish to comment on anything in this newsletter, please do contact me here.

As always,

Live Free and Keep Thinking!

All the best,

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Included below is a list of Internet references used in this email. - "Thai army chief's statement in full" - from BBC -  Running Commentary from CNN - "Actions Taken During Coup" - "Expats in Thailand Discuss Unfolding Coup"



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