SEP 02, 2005

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Katrina and Weather Manipulation

The Great Debt

The Gazan Fiasco

Russia and China in First Joint War Games

Disengagement is One Big Lie

Pentagon Devising Scenarios for Martial Law in US


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Katrina, Mounting Debt & The Prison Experiment

Dear <$firstname$>,

I've been laid low for the past 10 days with a debilitating pinched nerve in my lower back.  As a result, this newsletter will be brief.

I've also been heavily involved in the Freedom Technology Email Seminar, which has enjoyed phenomenal success: just over 1,000 people interested in Fulfilled Living have signed up in just 5 weeks.  That's almost unheard of for a site that isn't yet visible in any of the major Internet Search Engines.  Clearly there is a distinct hunger for TRUTH.

If you're wondering how to preserve your sanity in an increasingly crazy world, join those who are sick of the lies so prevalent in our society by reading all about this unique course at

Katrina - the U.S. Equivalent of the SE Asian Tsunami?

On January 7 this year I published a series of articles asking awkward questions about the SE Asian Tsunami that killed more than 300,000 people on December 26, 2004.  By now, it's widely accepted that the quake was triggered by enhanced HAARP activity.  (HAARP uses electro-magnetic pulses to trigger earthquakes, severe weather patterns, and other 'population reduction catastrophes').

Exactly the same seems true of Hurricane Katrina that struck New Orleans a few days ago.

If Katrina is engineered, the obvious question is "WHY?"

There appear to be three possible reasons:

  1. Oil, which now costs more than twice what it did before the Iraq War.  Katrina's path has resulted in maximum damage to the energy and transportation infrastructure, which will renew debate on energy-conservation proposals in Washington.  We will have to wait and see what the outcome of these debates will be, but they will not bode well for the US consumer. Because of Katrina, the Bush administration has decided to open the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) in an effort to mitigate the economic impacts of oil-supply disruptions (and possibly to reduce the price of oil, although this action will do little to mitigate the inevitable oil increases).
  2. Distraction.  There are many reasons Bush might require a distraction.  Just two of these are the even further faltering economy and emerging reports of his bribery to win the 2001 elections.
  3. Martial Law.  By now all the required laws and bylaws are in place for the speedy implementation of a full Police State within the US, requiring only the right set of circumstances to impose nationwide Martial Law.  New Orleans is now under ex post facto martial law, and this could very well be a localized test for the coming US-wide implementation of Martial Law.

You can find further Weather Manipulation and Katrina articles online here.

Homeowners MUST Sell Before It's Too Late

Sadly, very few home owners will take heed of this warning, because life is just too comfortable right now.  There are two major reasons for selling NOW, rather than waiting even a few months.

  1. US lawmakers have expanded the law of 'eminent domain' beyond all known boundaries via the Kelo Supreme Court decision in July.  Without going into a full legal explanation, this essentially means that a mortgaged home can be taken from you at any moment.  (Do your own research by googling "eminent domain kelo").
  2. Greenspan recently warned that the US is heading for a house price crash.  You may remember Greenspan's infamous 1996 "irrational exuberance" speech.  This is his way of warning what's coming to those who care to listen and take heed.

If you're not already aware of the precarious US debt burden, you need to read this article.  Start your search on eminent domain here.

So what should you do?

  • Sell your expensive home and real estate in the cities immediately, before prices plummet in the not-too-distant future.
  • Keep 20% in cash in hand, preferably spread across a number of currencies. (Can be stored in a vault, but preferably not with a bank - you may not have access to it when martial law is declared).
  • Use 20% to purchase non-numismatic (i.e. no collectors value - just the value of the metal) gold and/or silver coins (not shares). 
  • Take another 20% and purchase food and other supplies that you will need to survive for a period of 6 months or more.
  • With the remainder, rent a home in a rural community at least 100 miles from a major city, ideally with a large basement or underground shelter. 

These suggestions go for non-US homeowners too.  When the dollar crumbles, all other currencies will follow suit, since the US$ is currently the world's reserve (fiat) currency.

Sound ludicrous?  Think your friends will laugh at you?  They laughed at Noah and his family too, until the raindrops kept falling on their heads...

Since I've mentioned Noah, remember that the rainbow was sent as a sign that the world will never again be destroyed by flood.  This still leaves many other options available.  Like nuclear war, perhaps?

The Sadistic Nature of Man

The Stanford Prison Experiment is a chilling study of what happens to ordinary people placed in positions of power.

A group of mentally and physically healthy men were put in control of a similar group of other men.  The experiment had to be stopped after only six days because the men placed in control became sadistic, and started abusing their positions of power.

If this was the result within only six days, what is the result on others in positions of power who have been there for 2, 5, 10 years or more.  Examples are presidents, prime ministers, governors and judges.  Little wonder we see barbaric acts condoned and instigated by men like Blair, Bush, Powell, Sharon, et al.  The sadistic nature of men in power on full display for the rest of us.

The Future of the Internet

In recent weeks I've been asked many questions about the future of the Internet and whether it will be shut down.

I don't believe it will ever be shut down or even regulated (at least in our time).  radical, I know.  I believe it will purely become (even more) flooded with 'tainted' sites, meaning sites funded either overtly or covertly by the mega-machine.  And since the man in the street finds it increasingly difficult to identify the true nature or cause of such sites, public opinion will still be easily manipulated, because independent sites like ThreeWorldWars will become ever more invisible amongst the rest of the dross. 

In the next newsletter I'll provide tips on how to establish whether a site, or even a writer can be trusted.  Among these criteria is the individual's belief system, or paradigm.

Since I've also been asked many questions about my belief system recently, I've provided far more detail than what was previously available at My Beliefs.  If you're new to ThreeWorldWars and want to know whether I can be trusted, go and see for yourself.

<$firstname$>, that's all until next time!

As always,

Live Free and Keep Thinking!

All the best,

PS. Feel free to forward this email to your friends who may be concerned with what they see happening in the world.  Even better, Tell Your Friends about the ThreeWorldWars news service. It will help ensure this site doesn't become invisible!


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