The Difference Between Zionism and Judaism

It must be stated explicitly that not all Jews are Zionists, and not all Zionists are Jews.  There is a clear distinction, and I have tried to summarize my understanding of the important difference, together with links for further reading.  I am neither a Jew, nor a Zionist, and my interpretation is no doubt faulty, but is offered here purely as background to explain how the rest of the site is influenced by my thinking.

Who is a Jew? A Jew is anyone who has a Jewish mother or who converted to Judaism in conformity with Halacha, Jewish religious law. This definition alone excludes racism. Judaism does not seek converts, but those who do convert are accepted on a basis of equality.

Is there a Jewish nation?  The Jewish nation was born on Mount Sinai when the Jews by their response, "let us do and let us hear," adopted the Torah given to them by G-d for all future generations. "This day you become a people," though valid still today, was spoken thousands of years ago.  The Jewish nation exists only because of the eternal bond between G-d and the Jewish people, confirmed at Mount Sinai for all future generations.

The Jewish nation is different from all other nations as it does not depend for its existence on geographical boundaries, on secular sovereignty or on an army or air force. The Jewish people are ordained to live in peace with the nations of the world and it therefore has no part in the political and military quarrels of the Zionist state with its neighbors.

What is Zionism?  One of the basic aims of Zionism is aliyah, the immigration to the Zionist state of Jews from all countries.  The geographic location chosen for this immigration is Israel. Nevertheless, during the past few years hundreds of thousands of Israelis have out-gathered themselves from the Zionist paradise, and American Jews have "voted with their feet" and have chosen not to be in-gathered. These Jews recognize that the Zionist state is in fact contrary to their individual freedoms.

A former president of the World Zionist Organization has stated explicitly that a Zionist owes unqualified loyalty to the Zionist state and that, in the case of a conflict, the first loyalty of a Zionist must be to the Zionist state. According to Jewish law, however, a Jew owes allegiance and loyalty to the country of which he is a citizen, and, of course, no faithful Jews owes any loyalty or allegiance to the Zionist state.

It is my personal belief, which I cannot back up with fully substantiated fact, that the Zionist conspiracy, of which very few, if any Jews are a part, has made possible events and developments that were unthinkable even ten years ago.  People refuse to notice the Zionist hands on virtually ever power lever in the US federal government. Or at the helm of virtually every media organization that exists, and throughout the executive and editorial ranks.  Problem is, most of us seem not to know it.

It takes a lot of courage to be opposed to Zionism today. It also took a lot of courage during the Second World War to be anti-Fascist in Italy or anti-Nazi in Germany.  The difficulty is in drawing a clear distinction between anti-Zionist and anti-Judaism.

I am unapologetically anti-Zionist.  I am not Jewish.  I am not anti-Jewish.

This article was received on September 26, 2006, from Gary Jacobucci:

Americans, in general, have no more understanding of Israel than they do of the players involved and the objectives of the globalists. Israel is not the friend of the United States nor anyone else; it is the creation of the Rothschilds. The Rothschilds funded the early European settlers in Israel, manipulated events in Germany that led to the horrific treatment of Jewish people and others, and then used that as the excuse to reach their long-term goal - a Rothschild-Illuminati stronghold in Palestine using the Jewish population as fodder to be used and abused as necessary. They called their plan 'Zionism'. This term is often used as a synonym for Jewish people when it is actually a political movement devised and promoted through the House of Rothschild and opposed by many Jews. Zionism is not Judaism.

Evelyn Rothschild's grandson, who abandoned the family to be a Mormon, said of the Rothschilds: "They created Israel as their personal toy. It makes them richer and gives them more control". It also gives them the 5th largest nuclear arsenal in the world, provided and funded by US tax dollars.

Washington is dominated by supporters of Israel through the Project for the New American Century, the American Enterprise Institute, the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA) and the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) - one of the top lobby groups in Washington.

Add to all this the Zionist control through ownership and personnel of much of the mainstream media and you have a network that gives the Arabic peoples no chance whatsoever of justice and understanding and the public no chance of being told the truth.

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