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2004 in Review: A World at War


A Summary of World War Events in 2004

While there are many newsworthy events of 2004, reviewed below are only those relevant to the Planned World War 3. 

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2004 in Review

Baghdad Truck Bomb
January 18
: The new year sees no respite from the violence in Iraq. The year's first attack sees about 25 people killed and 130 injured when a pick-up truck explodes outside the US-led coalition's fortified compound in the capital, Baghdad.

Deadly Iraq Attack
February 11
: A massive car bomb kills about 50 people at a police station south of the Iraqi capital Baghdad, as civilians line up to apply for jobs. The attack, which wounds at least 75 other people, is one of the deadliest strikes on Iraqis working with US occupation forces. A day later another car bomb attack in Baghdad kills nearly 40 people.

Iranian Elections
February 24
: Conservatives in Iran win parliamentary elections sparking a fresh round of political in fighting after the controversial polls saw a record low voter turnout. The elections were also the subject of tough international criticism.

Moroccan Quake
February 25
: A powerful earthquake kills about 560 people in northern Morocco, toppling mud-brick homes and burying residents in their sleep under tons of rubble.

Iraq Holy Day Bombings
March 3
: Simultaneous explosions in Baghdad and the holy city of Karbala in Iraq claim up to 170 lives as millions of Shiite Muslims marked Ashura, one of their holiest days. The Iraqi Governing Council blames a Jordanian who Washington says is working for Al Qaeda and trying to fuel chaos in Iraq. Later that month, insurgents kill at least 29 people and wound dozens when a powerful car bomb devastates three buildings near a central Baghdad hotel.

Spain Terrorist Attack
March 11
: More than 200 people are killed and around 600 injured in a series of blasts which rip through Madrid railway stations, exactly 911 days after September 11, 2001.  Days later the Socialists win the national election, an outcome attributed to the party's policy of bringing the troops home from Iraq.  For the truth behind these attacks see the account of Joe Vialls and my analysis of the Illuminati signature on this event: Madrid blast.

Putin Election Win
March 15
: Russian President Vladimir Putin sweeps back into the Kremlin after a landslide election win.

Hamas Founder Killed
March 22
: The founder and spiritual leader of Hamas, Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, is killed in an Israeli air strike in the Gaza Strip.

Iraq Turmoil
April 1
: Four US civilian contractors are killed in a brutal ambush in Fallujah. The contractors were killed when gunmen ambushed two four-wheel-drive vehicles, touching off an orgy of violence that saw at least two charred bodies mutilated. Meanwhile, bloody turmoil in Iraq marks the first anniversary of Saddam Hussein's fall with Sunni and Shiite rebels battling US-led forces and holding three Japanese and several other foreign hostages. As the month progresses, photographs surface which show Iraqi prisoners being abused by US soldiers in Iraq's Abu Ghraib prison.

Hamas Leader Killed
April 18
: The leader of the Palestinian militant group Hamas, Abdel-Aziz al-Rantissi, is killed in an Israeli air strike on the Gaza Strip.

N Korean Train Disaster
April 22
: North Korea declares a state of emergency after a blast at a railway station reportedly leaves 3,000 people dead or injured, according to the Yonhap news agency. A few days later the death toll is revised to around 160.  In June North Korea's state security agency determined that the blast was a botched effort to kill North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Il.

American Beheaded in Iraq
: The situation in Iraq dominates the news with a series of bombings. A suicide car bomb kills the head of the US-installed Iraqi Governing Council and at least eight other people outside the US coalition headquarters in Baghdad. The US Army says it killed about 40 people in an attack on suspected foreign fighters in Iraq near the Syrian border, but has disputed reports that the victims were members of a wedding party. American Nicholas Berg is beheaded in Iraq and a US soldier Jeremy Sivits is sentenced in a court martial to the maximum one-year jail term for his role in the abuse and humiliation of Iraqi prisoners. New Iraqi prison abuse photos also surface this month.

Iraqi President Named
June 1
: A tribal leader from northern Iraq, Ghazi Yawar becomes the country's interim (puppet) president. During the month militants behead a South Korean hostage in Iraq after Seoul refuses their demand to withdraw its troops from the country. About 75 people are killed and more than 260 wounded as rebels in the central cities of Baquba, Fallujah and Ramadi as well as Mosul to the north launch dawn assaults on police stations and other official buildings, sparking clashes with US military and Iraqi police. On June 29 Iraq's occupying powers formally transfer power to an interim (US elected and sponsored) Iraqi Government two days earlier than expected, in a bid to head off an expected wave of violence.   In Iraq and Afghanistan, and elsewhere where the CIA have installed client totalitarian regimes, there is resistance that shows no signs of abating. The opposite in fact. And the more repressive the US forces become so the more the people who have lost their sovereign nation join the resistance.  An empty victory indeed.

D-Day Anniversary
June 6
: Tens of thousands of Allied veterans who survived the D-day campaign of World War II are honored in poignant ceremonies 60 years after the battle.  The ceremony also allows Bush the opportunity to meet with many world leaders, immediately after the Bilderberg meetings in Italy from June 3.

Sept 11 Failure
July 23
: A national commission probing the September 11 attacks in the US finds "failures of imagination, policy, capabilities and management" by the United States government and recommends a sweeping overhaul of intelligence services.  The foregone conclusion obviously exonerated Bush and his entire Cabinet of any responsibility in the attacks.  This verdict set the stage for further encroachments upon individuals' liberties and freedoms by setting forth 41 recommendations that would "solve" these imaginary "intelligence failures".  However, for a more accurate perspective on 911, see,,, and

Terrorist Alert Level Raised to Orange (High)
August 1
: Just hours after the Democrat Party nominated John Kerry as President, the Bush Administration turned to its "incumbency advantage" to announce a terrorist alert in New York City, elevating the alert level to Orange. Immediately, the Democrats cried "foul" because such action virtually eliminated any poll "bounce" Kerry might have expected following his nomination.  However, in an embarrassing turn of events, Homeland Security Chief Ridge was forced to quickly admit that the intelligence information upon which he based his terror alert was three years old.

Najaf Offensive
August 12
: US Marines backed by aircraft and tanks launch a major offensive to crush a Shiite militia rebellion in the holy Iraqi city of Najaf.

Olympics Return to Athens
August 13
: The first Olympic Games since the 9/11 attacks returns to their birthplace of Athens.  Because of security concerns, Greece put in place the most expensive Olympic security plan yet, worth more than $1.22 billion.  This included a seven-nation security advisory group, consisting of France, Germany, Israel, Spain, the United States, Britain and Australia to provide intelligence and training, and called on NATO for air and sea patrols.

Two Simultaneous Plane Crashes in Russia
August 25
: 90 people die in two plane crashes in separate parts of Russia, triggering immediate fears of terrorism.

Beslan Terrorist Attack
September 1
: Armed militants attack a school in the southern Russian province of North Ossetia near Chechnya and hold teachers, school children and parents hostage. The siege, in the town of Beslan, ends three days later with more than 300 people killed.  Many refer to this incident as "Russia's 9/11".

On the same day, a suicide bomber kills 10 people in a subway station.  Putin immediately made a fighting speech just as did President Bush, calling for a national mobilization to fight this long-term terror war.

Putin Follows in Bush's Steps
September 8
: Putin announces a new policy of unilateral pre-emptive strikes before an "enemy" can strike Russia, a disturbing parallel to Bush's pre-emptive strike doctrine.  This means Russia is willing to attack another nation on suspicion only, in much the same way the US attacked Iraq.

In the months following the 9/11 attacks, President Bush and Attorney General Ashcroft demanded dictatorial powers, which the Congress meekly gave them in a bill called the "Patriot Act". Much later, Patriot Act II was signed into law, giving the government even more dictatorial powers. Will Putin propose and receive from his parliament, the same type of dictatorial authority?

Hostages Killed
October 9
: The family of Kenneth Bigley, the British engineer taken hostage in Iraq in September confirms he had been killed. His death follows that of two other US hostages - Eugene Armstrong and Jack Hensley.

Australia Votes
October 9
: John Howard wins a fourth term as Prime Minister of Australia and the Liberals return to government with an increased majority in the Parliament and control of the Senate. The Labor Party is left in turmoil with leader Mark Latham facing criticism over his handling of the campaign.  Another engineered election?

Fallujah Offensive
: Insurgents detonate four car bombs and attack police stations in the Iraqi city of Samarra, killing at least 37 people and wounding 62. US forces begin their offensive in Fallujah in a bid to target Saddam Hussein loyalists and militants allied to Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. The US says hundreds of insurgents have been killed in Fallujah as US and Iraqi troops sweep through the besieged Iraqi city. Iraq's interim Government also declares a state of emergency for 60 days to quell violence gripping the country ahead of January elections.

Democracy Destroyed
November 2
: After extremely effective vote rigging using electronic voting systems, the US election is held and Republican President George W Bush is re-elected to govern for a second term, supposedly defeating Democrat candidate Senator John Kerry.  See and for detailed analysis.

Further Vote Rigging - Ukraine
November 24
: Yushchenko accuses authorities of rigging the vote in favor of Yanukovych and announced a campaign of civil disobedience.  Opposition protests in Kiev, Ukraine, stretched into a third day, and the police said that previous crowds numbered 40,000, though independent estimates were as high as 200,000. Kiev's main square was marked by a near-total absence of police officers.....  The Ukrainian upheaval echoes what happened in Georgia, where protests over vote rigging led to the resignation of a Moscow-linked president and a landslide victory of a young, Western-educated and Western-oriented leader.

Palestinian Leader Dies
November 11
: Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat dies aged 75.  Note the Illuminati signature in this death: Nov is the 11th month; 11 was the date.  In addition it was stated by Haaretz that Arafat died at 3.30am which is a 33.  Long time readers will know about the Illumnist signature on events of world import.  Israeli, American and Palestinian governments moved into diplomatic high gear immediately after Arafat was buried, to ensure that Sharon's Unilateral Disengagement Plan would move forward even without Arafat.

Five Election Workers Killed in Baghdad
December 19
: Election workers dragged from their car as they were traveling to work and shot by insurgents, as a chilling reminder of what might happen to other Iraqi's who take part in elections on January 30th.  See photos.

Suicide Bomb Attack on US Base
December 23
: An insurgent from the Ansar al-Sunnah Army successfully infiltrated a secure US military base near Mosul and detonated a suicide bomb, killing at least 22.  Shortly after the attack, a major military contractor, Contrack International, quit a $325m contract, citing prohibitive security costs as the reason.

Massive SE Asian Earthquake & Tsunami's
December 26
: Exactly 1 year after an earthquake kills 30,000 in Iran, an undersea earthquake triggers tsunami waves that kill more than 300,000 across 12 countries, from Thailand to Africa.  See report.  Joe Vialls claims this was the largest single war crime in global history.  See the Vialls Report.

India Questions Whether Asian Tsunami Was Engineered
December 29
"If an earthquake and Tsunami can be created artificially and directed to a specific enemy, it can literally create havoc to the enemy. Weather control, controlling tectonic plate movements, electromagnetic wave simulated weaponry are all on the table of many countries ... Many all around the world are puzzled with the fact that Tsunamis never happen in South Asia. Also is perplexing is the fact that Tsunamis traveled 1000 miles at a speed of 500 miles an hour and smashed the coastal lines of South and South east Asia where Tsunamis do not happen."  See IndiaDaily.

Sharon Seals New Israel Coalition
December 30
Israeli PM Ariel Sharon and opposition leader Shimon Peres agree a compromise deal which paves the way for a new coalition government.  Israel now has the stable, firm-footed government it needs if it is to forge ahead with forced evacuations of Jewish settlements located throughout the areas which are designated to be controlled by the Palestinians.  See BBC Report.

Last Half of 2004 Deadliest Ever for US Troops
December 31
A total of 503 US soldiers killed in the last 6 months of 2004.   'There is no question the growing death toll indicates a growing insurgency', Jorst Hiltermann, Middle East director of the International Crisis Group, said.  See Middle East Online.

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