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2003 in Review: A World at War


A Summary of World War Events in 2003

While there are many newsworthy events of 2003, shown below are only those relevant to the Planned World War 3:

  • Columbia shuttle disaster on February 1.

  • War in Iraq.  Invasion on March 20, failure to find Weapons of Mass Destruction.

  • Massive North-eastern blackout on August 14, followed by smaller blackout in London on August 28.

  • Israel-Palestine peace plan unravels.

  • SARS outbreak kills 800 worldwide.

  • Saddam capture on December 13th.

  • Secret signing into law of HR 2417, commonly referred to as Patriot Act II, on December 13th, while the world's attention was focused on the capture of Saddam.

  • Increase of US National Alert Level from yellow (elevated risk) to orange (high risk) over weekend on December 20, at the same time HAARP was turned on.

  • Massive 6.6 earthquake in Iran kills at least 30,000 and destroys city of Bam in SE Iran on December 26.

Coming Soon!  An analysis of each news item to see how it fits in with the grand march to World War 3.

More Traditional News Reviews of 2003 (CNN's top ten stories for 2003) (An excellent, detailed Iraq timeline - highly recommended) (The full 2003 archive, from a British perspective)

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War in Iraq

The push for war before March 2003 was based on Saddam's possession of 26,000 litres of anthrax, 38,000 litres of botulinum toxin, 1,000,000 pounds of sarin gas, mustard gas, and VX nerve gas, along with 30,000 munitions to deliver these agents and uranium from Niger (to be used in nuclear bombs). President Bush also claimed that the al Qaeda terrorists were closely associated with Saddam.

The UK's Tony Blair's office created the frightening scenario that Saddam had missiles armed with WMD that could be fired in only 45 minutes.

On March 20, exactly 555 days after Sept 11, 2001, the US invades Baghdad.  42 days later, on May 01, President Bush lands on the aircraft carrier Abraham Lincoln, at 3:33pm, to declare the major combat phase in the Iraqi War over.

However, the rest of 2003 is spent in ongoing skirmishes; loss of 600 Allied lives, often under mysterious circumstances, and the evacuation of more than 14,000 Allied troops.

In early January 2004, the Bush administration quietly withdraws from Iraq a 400-member military team whose job it was to scour the country for military equipment.

Comparisons abound between Iraq and Vietnam:

  • In Vietnam, the US trained a large South Vietnamese Army and police force, just as in Iraq.  It became common knowledge that these forces were put in place purely to cover the US retreat, and it appears the same plan is underway in Iraq.

  • In Vietnam, the US installed an unpopular government comprised of local officials who would cooperate with America, just as is happening in Iraq.  Assassinations of local officials was a continuous problem, just as in Iraq.

  • While the US was widely disliked by the Vietnamese, the Iraqi people hate the US more than most can imagine.  This hatred is fuelled by Muslim militarism , an element not prevalent in Vietnam.


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Patriot Act II

It is one of the oldest political ploys in the world. Old it may be, but it keeps right on working. The ploy goes like this. An (apparently) immense and dangerous crisis blows up outside the nation. Politicians galore scream about a great danger and then promise to protect the public. An army marches and an armada sails. There follows a stunning military advance to strangle the danger and to institute a regime in the newly "pacified" area which will be just as good as the one back home.

The general public, now scared out of its wits, follows each twist and turn with spellbound fascination. And while the public is fixated on the external dramatics, the leader quietly pulls a fast one. In this case, with the public fixated on the capture of Saddam, President Bush was quietly signing into law the most dictatorial powers act in American history on December 13th.  Too often, our leaders cause us to look in the exact opposite direction from where they are taking really serious action. While people everywhere were celebrating the capture of Saddam, virtually no one was noticing that Americans had just lost their liberties and Constitutionally protected rights.  As of the signing into law of HR 2417, commonly referred to as Patriot Act II, Bush has the power of Hitler, Stalin, and Mao Tse-Tung.

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Today is World War 3 on March 20, 2003 and the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.