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Year in Review


Each Year From 2003 Reviewed

Here we record the steady march towards the planned World War Three, using local, national and international news events.

2005 - published December 16, 2005: Worsening Iraq, Bird Flu, Man-made Hurricanes, Forced Gaza Withdrawal, Escalating North Korean Tension, Escalating China-Taiwan Tension, Euthanasia, Record US Debt, Pope Dies and Replaced, Record Oil Prices, Police State Implemented in US, EU Constitution Rejected, Islamic Revolution Declared, London & Egypt Bombings, Increasing Calls for Bush Impeachment.

2004 - published December 29, 2004: Iranian Elections, Moroccan Quake, Madrid Terror Attack, Hamas Founder Killed, North Korean Train Disaster, Beheadings in Iraq, Iraqi President Named, GW Bush Reelected, Yasser Arafat dies, Massive SE Asian Earthquake & Tsunami's

2003 - published December 28, 2003: Columbia shuttle disaster; War in Iraq -  Invasion, failure to find Weapons of Mass Destruction; Massive North-eastern blackout, followed by smaller blackout in London; Israel-Palestine peace plan unravels; SARS outbreak kills 800 worldwide; Saddam capture; Secret signing into law of HR 2417, commonly referred to as Patriot Act II, while the world's attention was focused on the capture of Saddam; Increase of US National Alert Level from yellow (elevated risk) to orange (high risk), at the same time HAARP was turned on; Massive 6.6 earthquake in Iran kills at least 30,000 and destroys city of Bam in SE Iran.





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Today is World War 3 on March 20, 2003 and the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.