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Ensure incriminating evidence on your hard drive is permanently eliminated - here's how...

Evidence Eliminator Reviewed


An Independent Review of 'Evidence Eliminator' - Software to Keep Your Tracks Clean

Privacy on the Internet can all but disappear when surfing the web, if you are not careful. There is much information that accumulates on your computer including your surfing habits, what web sites you have visited, how often you visit those sites, what files you have downloaded, and what applications you have used.

'Evidence Eliminator' from UK based Robin Hood Software is without a doubt the most complete privacy protection software available if you're concerned about anyone snooping around your computer's hard disk.  Sure there are cheaper products available, but when you may be at risk of being illegally imprisoned, surely it's worth investing in the best?


Ease of Use:  9/10.  Once Evidence Eliminator's many configurations are set, files can easily be permanently deleted with a single click and full deletions can be set to run regularly.

Ease of Installation and Setup: 6/10.  Download and installation are a breeze.  However, Evidence Eliminator is not as easy to configure as other competitors products.  This to me is one of it's main strengths: because there are so many configurations you control every aspect of what Evidence Eliminator does and doesn't do.   If you are a non-techie, make sure you understand the options you are setting before you perform any of the wash/cleaning functions. Definitely read the help document to understand all of the terminology. The documentation is outstanding. You will learn about the internal workings of your computer and what information is stored on your computer after surfing the Internet or running applications.

Effectiveness: 10/10.  One word of caution, if you are not careful, you could accidentally delete all of the folders you have created in Outlook Express. By default (which I don't like) it will delete all non-standard folders in Outlook Express. There is a nice safety check for beginners using the Evidence Eliminator application that allows you to be notified before a large number of files are deleted. This prevents you from accidentally deleting entire folders or even your entire hard-drive. Evidence Eliminator is the only product that claims to have magnetic resonance to evade the detection of files from an electron microscope, which are used by law enforcement agencies when conducting thorough investigations.

Feature Set: 10/10.  Evidence Eliminator has by far the largest variety of options and features of all the products compared.

Help/Documentation: 10/10.  Clear, concise and detailed.  Make sure you read it carefully before running the software for the first time, otherwise you may delete files you didn't mean to!

Support:  9/10. Prompt, efficient support offered by submitting a question directly from their site.

Value for Money: 8/10.  The software is undeniably expensive at $150, putting it out of the reach of most people who are not serious about their online privacy.  However, it's well worth the investment, considering the extent of deletion and protection offered.

Analysis:  If you understand the times we're living in and how easy it is for 'law enforcement' agencies to find incriminating evidence on your computer, and if you're serious about protecting yourself and keeping out of harms way, this is a must-have program, which has the added benefit of dramatically speeding up your computer after a thorough cleaning. 

I highly recommend purchasing Evidence Eliminator.  I've used this fantastic software to make sure the politically incorrect material I research for this site will never land me in hot water.  Ideal for use with Ultimate Anonymity.










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