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Summary Of 2007, Last Year Of ‘Peace’.

Tuesday, December 11th, 2007

The year of 2007 is drawing to a close, its been a ‘productive’ year to say the least on a global scale. All of us here recognize the fact that the future is inevitable, so for the ones who are watching and waiting in the world, I used the word ‘productive’.

Tensions have grown globally about several issues:


  • Still persueing nuclear technologies despite severe outcries from the Western world and European nations.
  • Accused of assisting extremists organizations with military training and equipment.
  • Constant bickering back and forth which seems more fit for the schoolyard then in international politics.


  • Restarted airforce bomber plane patrol routes not used since the cold war.
  • Has flaunted military strength on several occassions, from naval to airforce to missles.
  • Appearing to be alienating itself from other world powers and forming stronger communist allies, along with stronger international influence.



  • Trying to look like the ‘good guys’ and their stratedgy starting to fall apart with all of the “homeland security” and lack of personal freedoms.
  • Harsh words on foreign relations are causing more and more negative impact on global appreciation of USA methods.

Middle East

  • From Lebanon, Syria, Iran, ‘Palestine’ come more pressure against Israel as it continues to press for dominance (peace) in the area.
  • Israeli PM and leader of Hamas meet with Bush for ‘ground breaking peace talks’ which will help ‘stabilize’ the crisis.
  • Pakistan is coming closer to dictatorship and military rule, they still have a bomb. Talk of next months elections being boycotted by the two opposition parties.


  • Many parts of Africa with, and without Muslim influence in them are going through civil conflicts. I haven’t done much study within Africa itself so I’m not overly aware of all the implications here.

I could add many more things to the lists up above, but due to limited amount of time to write blogs I have to keep it short.

The one point I want to nail home in this post is that 2007 is over. 2008 is about to begin. I’ve been saying to my friends and a few close collegues that 2008 is going to be one of the roughest years on record, and more than likely the outset of WW3. Is this a prediction? Will I be nailed to a tree if I am wrong? Probably, but I am just relaying a gut feeling to all of your ears, so what if I am wrong?

2008 is going to bring us a new world leaders as well. Both within the USA and Russia. What are their new policies going to be? Which countries are going to have more UN ‘Peacekeeping’ forces pushed into their borders? How many.. are going to die? The two saddest things about war, are the inevitable innocents who will die, and the corrupt bastards who innitiate these capitalist wars for reasons the local populace could care nothing about.

Watch closely what is going to happen in the upcoming 365 days, as it could shape the rest of your life. All I can suggest, is to study chemical warfare preventative measures. YOU MUST SURVIVE! Determine what weapons may, and can, be used against you, and find ways to survive. If you don’t study these topics, you may not have time to regret it later. The time… is now.

Kevin Scott.