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Illegal Immigrants Want More While Veterans Get Nothing

Friday, September 21st, 2007

It certainly seems that my entry about Parkland Hospital giving free care to illegal immigrants having babies was quite controversial. I have received several comments about Parkland, both for and against the situation, so I feel the need to share some recent reader commentary and respond.

Here is an exact quote from a reader about Parkland providing illegal immigrants free health care, “They should pay for our medical care,we work hard to provide the US with our cheaper labor,we should not have to pay any taxes too.Also free foodstamps and federal houses.We give boost to the US economy,The taxpayers should be happy we come here.Americans are lazy…”

First of all, one of the benefits of becoming a citizen and learning the language is being able to communicate and write clearly, giving the immigrant greater job opportunities without needing handouts. Secondly, this commentary should certainly raise the concern of citizens who support illegals because they are clearly trying to get any many benefits as possible without paying for them. After all, this reader indicates he should not have to pay taxes but is entitled to free housing, food and medical care – who is paying for all this if he refuses to pay taxes? I certainly don’t want to and apparently all the “lazy” Americans contributing to the tax system are paying for his free ride. Finally, although illegals may be getting freebies now, it’s for a limited time only until the government is done with you – then see how you are treated! You will begin to understand the purpose of this blog more fully and support it, which is why education and citizenship are key to your future success. Remember, nothing in life is free.

Another reader writes, “UhHmm!!If You Spend all Your Time Hanging around Emergency Rooms,What Do You do for A Living?? Hurry Back To Your Cave Before winter Comes!! I just thought of something,unless your Great GreatGreat Grandfather Was Osceola;Quanah Parker;Blackhawk or Geronimo;technically;your’e here illegally yourself!!” Since I have already written about the unfairness of taking land and culture from the Indians and Gypsies, I am puzzled by this comment. Coupled with the insulting tone with no facts to back up the opinion and it is clear to me why America is in a serious quandary today.

On the other side of the spectrum, I feel for Sheley, who writes, “This past weekend my husband, who just returned from Afghanistan and was in combat, went to a job fair for Sears. He gave them the resume and they gave him a ‘survey’ to do and it asked him if he had been in a physical altercation in the last 5 years. He went and asked the woman who gave it to him about this question because he JUST got home from war and she told him to be honest and put yes, so he did. After he handed the survey back the SAME woman came over to him and told him that he failed the TEST and was disqualified. He asked what test? She said that “survey” was actually a test and because he had been in combat he was not eligible to work at Sears! Sears claims to be a support of the troops and veterans. They have a whole page for recruiting newly separated veterans such as my husband, yet the pushed him out the door because he was in a war, defending her right to discriminate!!! I plan to contact the sears store that this happened at as well as the Corporate Headquarters and possibly legal counsel!”

My husband, a disabled Vietnam veteran, was heartbroken to hear this. He has been buying from Sears since he got home from Vietnam and will never make another purchase there again. If every veteran boycotts Sears, we will certainly make a clear statement. Further, if illegal immigrants want to help out they are welcome to go to war and suffer the same consequences as citizens. It is sad to think that citizens who protect our safety and freedom cannot get jobs or adequate medical care while illegal immigrants get employment and free medical care and are still demanding more. Why do we have immigration laws at all?

Finally, I will wrap up this blog with another reader comment from OIF Vet, “Greedy American corporations no longer need Americans to work for them. The work is farmed out to India, China or ‘farmed in’ to our resident illegal aliens. Americans, especially baby boomer Americans are obsolete. How do you get rid of them before they are eligible to collect the Social Security, pensions, and 401K’s they have contributed into? Corporate-Government sponsored Genocide! That is why the America of 2007 is the way it is.”

There is your future, illegal immigrants who refuse to listen to what is really going on. The corporations and government will need you until you get expensive – then wait and see what is in store for you. It is only in banding together as citizens that we can regain our rights and the freedom we are all seeking. After all, corporate-government genocide is worldwide and harmony begins at home. Mamasaid there’d be days like this…