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The Bank of America Fails to Live Up to its Name

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2007

Recently my husband discussed a news program he watched when he was unable to sleep one night about the Bank of America issuing credit cards to illegal aliens without identification. I was alarmed and within a day or so, one of my friends who knows my political perspectives sent on additional information about this unbelievable situation.

I have written about Parkland Memorial Hospital giving illegal immigrants free medical care – medical care that tax-paying veterans and homeless citizens (many single mothers with children or disabled veterans, not addicts or criminals) of this country do not have the same easy, free access to. I have also discussed the fact that illegal immigrants are exactly what their name implies – illegal. Frankly, there is no excuse for it because they have the opportunity to become legitimate citizens but many would prefer that we learn THEIR language and fly THEIR flag. Why are we allowing this and paying for it?

Back to Bank of America, the largest retail banking chain in the United States and ironically named “Bank of America”, and their ridiculous program for illegals. The Bank of America was quietly giving credit cards to customers who did not have a social security number or means of identification since last year. In 2006, this pilot program was silently tested at five Southern California branches and expanded to 51 branches in Los Angeles county with the potential to go national this year.

This unbelievable Bank of America program is available to customers who lack a social security number and credit history but have kept an overdraft-free checking account with the bank for three months or more. Bank of America asserts the program is not geared for illegal immigrants but for United States adults who do not have a social security number (the majority are illegal immigrants). The bank further defends its actions by stating the program complies with all U.S. banking laws and anti-terrorism laws. Additional statements made say that the program will help immigrants put down roots more easily and have access to tax benefits to which they are otherwise not entitled.

Why should we encourage these illegals to put down roots when they are ILLEGAL? If they want roots, become a legal citizen. Why do laws even apply to people who are not citizens and why do we have a responsibility to protect these border crashers who refuse to go through the legal process to be a citizen and pay taxes? Further, why should be give tax advantages to people who don’t even have a social security number and are not paying into or even respecting the system? It seems that laws are absolutely meaningless when illegals demand rights and get rights that are superior to the citizens of this country. 

I have friends who cannot get a credit card because of disabilities that caused them to be unemployed and are waiting several months for a government determination about their case, unable to adequately support themselves. I also have friends who have been the victim of identify theft and cannot reestablish their credit, despite the fact that someone else’s actions compromised it. While these important issues experienced by United States citizens every day are put on the back burner and people are told to wait months and years for a resolution, we are scuffling to accommodate and pay for illegal immigrants. Let them wait a few months or years until they can attain citizenship.

Of course, recipients of the Bank of America credit cards will argue that a upfront fee of $99 is required and the card carries a 21.24 percent interest rate. However, in three to six months the card holders receive their security deposit back if they keep their account in good standing. I know citizens who have to get secured credit cards with a $149 fee they will never see again. Once again, these illegal immigrants are getting superior services to United States citizens who have a social security number and pay taxes.

Unfortunately, the Bank of America is not alone. Wells Fargo began offering home mortgages in Orange County and Los Angeles to illegal immigrants who resided in the country for two years or longer. The customers are identified by a individual taxpayer identification number (ITIN) issued by the Internal Revenue Service instead of a Social Security number. An ITIN is also used to obtain credit through the Bank of America program.

According to Russ Knocke, a spokesman for the Department of Homeland Security, “At face value the program seems to be problematic. It seems to be lending itself to possibilities of perpetrating identify theft or creating more risk for money laundering.”

My sentiments exactly – after all, illegals have gotten away with stealing their right to live here and now we are inviting identify theft and money laundering by giving away credit cards. Rather than worrying and wasting money overseas, we have a battle we should be fighting right here in our own country to make illegals become citizens or leave. Slowly and quietly, illegals are taking over and the government is allowing and encouraging it. Mamasaid there’d be days like these…

Hopeless Future?

Tuesday, August 14th, 2007

I promised I would return to write a small article anyway, so just to keep my promise, here’s some dirt.

I’m on the other side of the continent from where I started my journey, my ability to keep a close track on the media and world events has drastically fallen apart. Everyday is a struggle living day by day to survive under these humble conditions I live by. At first this drove me crazy as I was always wondering if something was happening I needed to be aware of to help me put some facts together, but that has passed. I live much more free now that I have zero media influence in my life. I mean if one was to think about it, all this garbage they throw at us daily, from pedeophiles to murders and other countries falling apart, they want us to get wrapped up into the politics behind it.

This is going to be a short post as I only have 30 minutes of available internet time and every second is precious at the moment. So to my final point, I’ve come to realize that the only way to fight the world today is to not get involved in any of it, and live life for yourself until that is no longer possible because they try to take it away. Then is the time to stand up for your rights. There is so much going on behind the scenes right now, and everything we see and discuss ourselves is merely a distraction from what they are actually conceiving. Nations are to busy fighting each other internally within their own cities and municipal lines to show any real cares for other places. We are slowly being divided up amongst ourselves. To the point where in any real desperate situation we will fall apart on our own lack of ability to be human beings and cooperate with each other. Five years left until 2012, I wonder how much worse the world is going to get in that amount of time… I wonder how many more bodies will hit the ground in pools of blood. But most of all, I wonder about my own faith in humanity to prevail over what is coming our way, time will tell, best of luck.





Sorry for any typo’s, I didn’t have time to spell check this.

False Promises to Veterans and a Possible Draft

Monday, August 13th, 2007

Recently a reader, Dan, offered information about another situation where veterans are being treated unfairly by being promised what no one intends to actually deliver (thank you for sharing, Dan). Obviously lofty promises are made to the men and women who join the military – after all, if the government told them that they were really going to give you the shaft for getting shot at, how many people would voluntarily join?The bottom line of the sad story shared by Dan is that the University of Illinois made a promise last spring to veterans and military members who wanted to earn an MBA – they would give 110 full scholarships to the people who qualified. Each scholarship is worth about $74,000, with 70 percent paid by the state and the rest by the university. However, it seems that this was not quite what happened.

Although some scholarships were issued, like other veterans programs that have been completely hype, it appears to be more of a publicity move than a helping hand for military members. Less than half the scholarships were actually awarded, although the University enjoyed a great deal of publicity from the offer. In fact, the Defense Secretary at the time, Donald Rumsfeld, stated, ““What a wonderful demonstration of support for those folks who have stepped up and volunteered to help protect the American people.” If only it had only worked out that way…

The man responsible for developing the program, Robert Van Der Hooning, enjoyed an okay at that time from the university’s board of trustees for a promotion and raise from $156,000 to $172,000 annually, according to board documents. This was a short-lived situation, however, as Van Der Hooning began to realize, “They reverse-engineered the time limits to get 35, 40 of these guys out of the program.”

Van Der Hooning actually created the program and was promoted last year to assistant dean and then lost his job because of what he feels is retaliation for complaining about the changes to the scholarship process. Van Der Hooning filed a legal complaint because his contract ended last month and he wants his job back and unspecified damages. He claims that school officials told him to use military scholarships to build attendance and revenue in the Chicago MBA program and then he was told to cut back. Van Der Hooning states, “You feel so good about it right? You look at these guys and you just see a life changed by what they’ve gone through in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

Associate Chancellor Robin Kalery refused to address most of the allegations and stays the school never intended to award all scholarships right away or limit them to the executive MBA program. Illinois Rep. Rahm Emanuel and Lt. Gov. Pat Quinn publicly supported the program and then put pressure on the University to expand its pool. After hearing from an Army captain to was accepted then turned away, Emanuel said, “ It is my expectation that the admissions policy remains consistent with the program I endorsed — and that the university is using my name to support.” Two days later the college decided to honor conditional admissions and 41 applicants were given scholarships and enrolled in Chicago while 8 were enrolled in Campaign-Urbana programs. The number in Chicago dropped to 35 later when some student declined attendance. The two reps intend to watch the university closely and Eric Schuller, senior policy advisor for Quinn, indicated, “They promised 110 spots. We’re kind of disappointed that they didn’t do it all in the first year. What we’re expecting is that they be done as quickly as possible, meaning the next coming year.”

Meanwhile back at the university Kaler says they will keep offering scholarships until it reaches 110, but the plans for the future are not certain and there is no date set to hear Van Der Hooning’s complaint.

The university, Kaler said, will continue offering the scholarships until it reaches 110, but future plans are uncertain. No date has been set to hear Van Der Hooning’s complaint. To add insult to injury, Van Der Hooning informs the public that the university abruptly scaled back the plan after some officials worried privately about the cost and diluting the master’s of business administration program with too many “jarheads.”

From the experiences of my husband and his friends who served in Vietnam, to my friends from high school who served in the Gulf War to this situation in Illinois today experienced by veterans of Iraq, this type of ignorant discrimination against veterans lives on. These fine men and women serve our country with love and freedom in their hearts and return to be abused by the very system they tried to protect – is there a greater insult to the people that serve all of us? From poor and unpaid wages to inadequate medical care to neglected families, the veterans have suffered immeasurably then get unfairly judged by people who are basically clueless in their little 12 by 12 offices, only wanting to protect their cushy salaries and positions at the expense of others – such as veterans and their families. My husband and his buddies often refer to these administration folks who are allegedly acting on behalf of veterans as an “employment agency” for folks who want to sit around and get paid for doing relatively little other than creating false hype.

With this in mind, it is even more alarming to note that George Bush’s new war advisor, Army Lt. Gen. Douglas Lute, feels the draft to Iraq is a good idea, saying, “I think it makes sense to certainly consider it. And I can tell you, this has always been an option on the table. But ultimately this is a policy matter between meeting the demands for the nation’s security by one means or another.” At this point, it is stated that Bush’s position is that a draft is not necessary – but how long will that last? Is Bush really good at making or keeping promises? Lute has been referred to as an “Iraq war czar” – how does this reflect what the people in this country really want? We all want to end the war in Iraq now, never mind a draft. Mamasaid there’d be days like this…