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Immigrants – Become Legal for Equal Standing

Friday, July 27th, 2007

A few weeks ago I blogged about Parkland in Texas, a hospital who seems to specialize in delivering babies for parents who are not American citizens. No questions are asked and non-citizens who are not paying taxes are given complete care and treatment at no cost. The point of my article was to explore who is actually paying for this (taxpayers who are not privy to equivalent benefits, even in their most serious time of need) and raise awareness about how the money we are contributing to the system is being used. While taxpaying citizens do not have access to adequate medical care, single mothers send their children to bed hungry and veterans remain homeless, we wage overpriced wars in other countries and cater to people who illegally enter our borders.I received a comment about the blog that stated, “All I would like to say is that no one has no right to call someone else an ‘illegal immigrant’ or call a group of people ‘illegals’. If you think it is not fair how American citizens are not receive all these things the ‘illegals’ are receiving, then try writing articles on how the USA should focus on that, and not some war in the middle of nowhere.”

Actually, that was my point – to raise awareness about where our ever-increasing taxes are being spent without our consent and that our country has other priorities to address first. If a country collects money from people, their first obligation it to those people. When work and we pay into the system, we expect to have a minimally acceptable standard of living that includes basic housing, food and medical care. An increasing number of people who are taxpaying citizens cannot make that happen and do not get adequate assistance. When a country is experiencing these conditions, you don’t mind everyone else’s business and engage in a war to profit the people in power internationally. It is also not a time to start taking care of people who illegally entered your borders and never paid into the system.

I pondered the term “illegal immigrant” and wondered why, in a country that still enjoys freedom of speech, a person would not have a right to use these words. Illegal immigrants are exactly what the name implies – people to travel to another country and begin to reside there illegally. I then considered other possible terms for the behavior. Would squatter or border crasher be more appealing to these folks, who also want us to immediately start flying their flag and speaking their language to accommodate them further?

Don’t get me wrong, I believe in the concept of America, freedom, democracy and the opportunity for people to come here to try to improve their lives. Let’s consider the two alternate terms I came up with for illegal immigrants. Squatters are people who stay in a house or apartment without having a proper legal agreement with the owner of the property and without paying rent. Any landlord knows that a squatter can cost thousands of dollars before you can actually get them to leave. People have lost their savings and their homes because of squatters. When someone comes to this country without the benefit of legalities, they are parking themselves here at the expense of everyone else. Before you know it, we have spent thousands of dollars on a person who decided the grass was greener on the other side and they were going to enjoy it no matter what – even if they did not have the right or the money.

However, even the law eventually addresses squatters who are forced to move on.

I then thought about the term border crashers, which is a variation on a party crasher. Let’s think about this concept for a moment. A wealthy mogul is throwing a benefit party with pricey tickets. You live a couple of miles away and the party looks rockin’ when you pass by so you decide to join it. You wander around eating from the buffet, sipping drinks and even swim in the heated kidney-shaped pool until someone notices you are a stranger. Do you think they will let you stay at the party? Most likely you will be removed and/or arrested. At the very least, you will be required to fulfill the same requirements as everyone else – have permission from the host and pay for your ticket. This makes sense, doesn’t it? It is not your home and you certainly don’t have the right to start hanging out there because you see a party going on.

The same concept applies to – yes, I am continuing to use the term – illegal immigrants. I understand the desire to make a better life for your children and improve your standard of living. Go through the process of becoming a legal citizen and learn about the country you live in. Speak the native language and assimilate into the culture by accepting the flag of the country and its rules. Ultimately, this will be beneficial to both the immigrants and the citizens of this country. Immigrants have been used and exploited by wealthy people in this country for too long. Rich folks who could afford to pay full salaries to citizens choose to pay substandard wages to immigrants who are desperate to find a better way. Now because this exploitation of immigrants has come to the forefront, feeble attempts are being made to legitimize illegal behavior so the wealthy people can keep cheap labor. In fact, pardoning immigrants is intended to make them feel even more obligated to the people who are actually taking advantage of their situation.

When immigrants decides to become legal rather than illegal, they are taking the right action on behalf of themselves and their families. Gain the power of learning the language, furthering your education and have the reassurance of being legal. An immigrant who becomes a legal citizen is on solid ground and in a position of power, rather than subservience. Further, taxpaying citizens and legal immigrant should be banding together for a better way of life for all citizens of America, since less ten percent of the population monopolizes the majority of wealth in this country. Rather than letting politicians pit us against each other, we should unite and fight for equal standing for everyone – not just the people with power and money.

Censuring Bush for Assaulting the Constitution

Monday, July 23rd, 2007

I had taken a little break to clear my mind and rebuild my strength from the demands of everyday living. After a brief sabbatical, I now return to everyday life and blogging with enthusiasm. My recent review of the news has inspired me to discuss several important issues over the next few days.I feel the need to start with a bit of Bush bashing because I have been away from it for so long and frankly, there is so much of it to be done. The latest news I read upon returning to the “real” world (a world filled with false media, half truths and bold-faced lies so far removed from actual peace and prosperity) was the proposition of Sen. Russ Feingold. Apparently Feingold would like Congress to censure Bush for his assault against the Constitution and his management (or mis-management) of the war in Iraq.

Unfortunately, the leader of Feingold’s party shows little interest in this idea, largely because everyone is under the control of a dictator and fears speaking up or breaking away from the regime. In 2006, Feingold attempted to censure Bush for the warrantless spying program and believe it or not, there were only three co-sponsors. Does everyone approve of having Big Brother spy on us without our knowledge while they spend out money and lie to us – and we have no spy resources to double check their dishonesty? Of course the media is supposed to perform that function but when they are being supported by the politicians and there is money to be had, that turns into a biased resource. Frankly, Big Brother watching us when they want sounds unfair to me and I certainly don’t approve of warrantless spying. It seems to me that people are becoming absolutely numb not to support this idea – after all, if there is a fear of terrorism, spying would still be allowed.

Anyway, Feingold is a war critic and states he will be offering two censure resolutions as a formal way to condemn Bush, which sounds like a first-rate plan to me. He would like Bush reprimanded for taking our country into a war without adequate preparation of the military while giving misleading statements to the public. Feingold would like good ol’ boys like Dick Cheney and certain other seemingly untouchable administrative officials to be reprimanded, too.

Feingold also wants to censure Bush for the assault against the rules of the law with regard to warrantless surveillance programs and seeks to reprimand Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and others in bed with Bush and his boys. He states, “This is an opportunity for people to say, let’s at least reflect that something terrible has happened here. This administration has weakened America in a way that is frightful.” It is truly scary to think of how Bush has caused the decline of this country while padding the pockets of his rich buddies. Families and military members are suffering, hungry and without health care while the rich get richer.

Trey Bohn, the White House spokesman made the statement, “We realize that Senator Feingold does not care much for the president’s policies.” Frankly, neither do most of America but that does not seem to matter when a dictator is in office. Bohn said that Bush wants to work with Democrats like Feingold to support troops and secure health care for families and that, “Perhaps after calls for censure and more investigations, Congress may turn to such things.” America sincerely doubts it at this point and it seems that Bush can simply do what he wants at the expense of many. Our country, once financially secure, is in a severe deficit that is having a huge impact on the majority of Americans.

Harry Reid, the Senate Majority Leader, admitted that Feingold showed the frustration of the nation but still refused to go along with him. Reid did say that, “We have a lot of work to do. The president already has the mark of the American people – he’s the worst president we ever had. I don’t think we need a censure resolution in Senate to prove that.” I’m not sure it is as much about proof as it is culpability – Bush does all the damage and gets away with it without even a slap on the hand. The American public, their children and their grandchildren are left to pay for his frivolous, egotistic spending to fulfill the destiny of his forefathers at the expense of many. Being called the worst president by the public pales in comparison – especially since Bush doesn’t seem to care what we think.

The top Republican in the Senate, Mitch McConnell, said, “I think it’s safe to say that Russ Feingold is not a fan of George Bush. I think that’s the best way to sum it up.” I disagree with the statement because none of us are supposed to be “fans” of George Bush – this is not a Hollywood performance – or is it? Perhaps, in an odd way, it does sum up what is really going on in our country today.

Independence Day – A Time to Fight for True Freedom

Wednesday, July 4th, 2007

Because today is Independence Day, I have become more contemplative than ever about our current state of freedom in America.Of course we are aware that illegal aliens are enjoying complete freedom in America – free from paying taxes, free medical care without question and freedom to live in a country and obtain benefits from it because they illegally entered it. But how are actual tax-paying citizens in America doing this Fourth of July?

First of all, let’s consider the premise of Independence Day. When Thomas Jefferson penned the Declaration of Independence over two hundred years ago, freedom meant the ability for all the people in the country to be industrious so they could succeed economically. This nation was meant to be the place of independence where such freedom could embrace every American.

Is this the state of the individual American’s finances today? Unfortunately not. More than a quarter of all workers today make less than a living wage – meaning they work, but cannot afford to support themselves on what our country considers to be minimum wage. Wages, health care and education for average families in American are at the lowest level ever.

Consider that the average hourly wage for nonmanagerial employees in America has actually declined since 1973. This group of employee represents about 80 percent of the workforce in the United States and their wages have fallen 5 percent over the past three decades from $17.65 per hour to $16.79. Let’s also consider the productivity of these workers. Since 1973, productivity of workers grew 75 percent while their wages steadily declined. Basically, Americans are working harder and harder to earn less money and boost the GDP for the benefit of the few Americans in charge. They are reaping all the rewards and giving less to people they demand work harder.

Health coverage has also steadily declined and more than 45 million Americans live without any type of health insurance at all. Only 57 percent of jobs offer any type of health insurance today when over 75 percent of jobs provided health insurance back in 1979. Add to this that many insured Americans discover their insurance doesn’t cover basic necessities or certain procedures, throwing them into an unanticipated financial abyss.

Finally, if you think that a college education will advance your child’s ability to earn, consider how much you’ll have to pay for it and whether it is even an attainable goal. Even after making adjustment in consideration of inflation, the cost for a college education has doubled since the 1970′s.

Consider that the minimum wage in other nations falls around $10.50 per hour. It is far less here in American and over 40 million people work for less than $10.50 per hour – how can you support a household on that type of money, even if you work full-time?

While government leaders are worrying about the state of life in Iraq and protecting freedom for illegal aliens, they are hanging their own tax paying citizens out to dry. We need to take our country back and let government leaders know that the current state of affairs is unacceptable. We don’t belong in other countries, sweeping their stoops, when our own situation is clearly a mess.

Obviously government leaders aren’t concerned with the quality of life overseas or for illegal aliens. The hidden agenda involves profiting from war, gaining power through oil and having unlimited cheap labor that doesn’t speak English to carry out their missions without question.  Also, this cheap labor doesn’t need to ask for health insurance because they get medical care with no questions asked for free.  Also, employers don’t have to pay taxes because illegal aliens sure don’t – but they collect the benefits that come from them.

It seems to me that the rapid decline in American finances over the past thirty years is now a total crisis. We cannot get decent health care, earn a feasible living or even send our children for higher education in the current system. Obviously we have nothing to give to people to cross our borders and haven’t gone through legal channels to gain benefits. Why are we giving away finances when our own hard-working citizens are unable to make ends meet?

On Independence Day, let’s seriously think about the intentions of our forefathers and what they fought for. Are we fighting for those ideals? If not, it’s time to get with the program and take what is rightfully yours back. Mamasaid there’d be days like this…