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Illegal Immigrants Find A Parkland

Monday, June 25th, 2007

Now that my friends have become aware of my political stance as a result of reading my blogs on this website, I receive a lot of information in my email. Another tidbit I was sent inspired me to write today’s entry about Parkland Memorial Hospital.Okay, where is Parkland Memorial Hospital and what makes it worth writing about? Parkland Memorial Hospital is located right in the heart of Bush domain and the good ol’ boys network – Dallas, Texas. There are some historical reasons why Parkland has been in the press over the past few decades. First, Parkland appeared in the media when John F. Kennedy died there in 1963 and Lee Harvey Oswald died there shortly afterwards. A few years later, just by alleged coincidence, Jack Ruby died at Parkland – for those who don’t remember, Ruby killed Lee Harvey Oswald.

Are these the only reasons I am writing about Parkland Memorial Hospital and their only claims to notoriety? Well, Parkland also boasts being the second biggest maternity ward in the United States, delivering almost 16,000 babies each year. That breaks down to 44 babies a day, every day.

Sounds enchanting, doesn’t it? Until you find out that 70 percent of the women who gave birth to children at Parkland during the first quarter of 2006 were illegal immigrants. This equals over 11,000 anchor babies born in Dallas alone. In 2004, Parkland spent over 70 million bucks delivering these babies – but have no fear for them, they wound up with a surplus thanks to American citizens’ dollars – Dallas County taxpayers contributed $31.3 million, the feds threw in $9.5 million and Medicaid offered up $34.5 million.

Let’s think about the average patient at Parkland. She is 25 years old, an illegal immigrant and having her second child. Hey, why not – it’s paid for by someone else! The fact of the matter is that illegal immigrants don’t have to show any sort of legitimate identification or proof of income. We don’t know who we are giving money to or even if they really need it, yet we’re footing the bill. Imagine that illegal – key term being illegal – immigrants are actually under the impression they should have more rights! I don’t know any American citizen who would get away with this.

To add to this, Parkland actually has nine prenatal clinics to service these people who are illegal. These prenatal centers offer free prenatal care including birthing classes, child care classes, medication, nutrition and freebies such as bottles, diapers, formula and car seats. Of course, illegal immigrants will assert that these advantages are also available to American citizens. This holds some truth, however, qualifying for these programs is next to impossible. The mountain of paperwork to fill out, the multiple documents that need to be submitted and the bureaucracy take forever and often the effort yields little or no assistance.

In fact, Parkland does offer help to American citizens. They need to prove they earn less than $40,000 per year and that they did not refuse health insurance coverage at their current job. Seems that it’s a lot tougher to get help when you’ve actually paid into the American system.

Add to this that there were 140 patients over the last year who got about $4 million for unreimbursed medical care but they didn’t qualify for the free treatment because they lived outside of Dallas County. These American citizens will be sued – even though they obviously cannot afford it. However, illegal immigrants get all these benefit for free – no questions asked. An illegal immigrant could be working off the books earning a thousand dollars each week and still qualify for free medical care because they have nothing to fill out and nothing to prove. It’s absolutely outrageous.

If this is not enough to get you going, the patients are complaining that the staff does not speak Spanish. Despite the fact there are enough staff members to act as translators, this apparently is not satisfactory to some of the illegal immigrants. Because of this, Parkland is offering incentives to staff members speaking Spanish. Additionally, the Parkland training facility at the University of Texas Southwestern will now include a Spanish language requirement. There is no other school in the United States that demands this type of multicultural, multi-semester requirement.

I realize that a pregnant woman cannot be denied medical attention based on her ability to pay or immigration status. Of course this is a compassionate thought and understandable but these illegals should not receive superior treatment to American citizens! After having one child illegally, why don’t we address the illegality of their residency before we start paying for these illegal immigrants to give birth to more children? When senior citizens and veterans cannot make ends meet or get decent health care and illegal immigrants are being catered to with our money, it’s a problem. Frankly, I am the wife of a disabled veteran who had to work until my ninth month of pregnancy with both my children to ensure I had health insurance coverage for their births. This was despite the fact I was a high risk pregnancy and advised to quit working before my final trimester. This has had a lasting impact on my overall health but there was no other option for an American citizen and wife of a man who served on the front lines for this country. Mamasaid there’d be days like these…

Peaceful Sunday Protests in Delaware

Saturday, June 16th, 2007

Back on December 7, 1787, Delaware was the first states to ratify the United States Constitution. Although small in physical land size, Delaware seems to be big on progression. I recently read about an interesting event that occurs in the first state every week.It seems that every Sunday, at the intersection of Savannah Road and Kings Highway, people show up to support both sides of the war debate about Iraq. This weekly gathering has taken place every Sunday since September, 2004. Everyone stands motionless and silent, many bearing signs, for 45 minutes at this busy intersection in an otherwise quiet shore town of around 3,000 residents. A third group has gathered on the corner since January of this year with signs calling for the impeachment of President Bush.

The only time peace on this corner was broken was on Memorial Day when a peace protester read the names of the soldiers that were killed during the past week. Apparently the inspiration for these determined people who are exercising their rights as Americans was the fact that Delaware suffered a disproportionate number of casualties from the war. Also notable is the fact that this intersection is a mere 35 miles from Dover Air Force Base, the point of arrival for bodies of soldiers who sacrificed their lives in Iraq.

Small towns are bearing a disproportionate number of losses from the war in Iraq, fueling these types of peace protests. Half the soldiers who died in Iraq were from American towns with less than 25,000 residents. The Carsey Institute produced an analysis by Williaim O’Hare that studied demographics of soldiers fighting in Iraq. Delaware suffers the second highest death rate, having 60 deaths per million of military-age people.

The differing opinions in Delaware are all touching and make all of us think about the human condition and unnecessary suffering endured by soldiers, families and countries at large because of the few in power.

A 70 year old man, who is rumored to have been in the Korean War or Vietnam and walks with a limp, stands alone bearing a sign stating, “Their only plan is to cut and run again. It never ever works.” This man, Jeff Broderick, refused to admit if he was a veteran and said, “That’s not important; please don’t ask me again. This is about the message, not the messenger. Death counts do not honor the troops.” Broderick felt the US left Vietnam and Somalia prematurely and that sends a message of being weak. Clearly this person was impacted by war experiences, which have confused his perspective. A death count is necessary to understand the level of casualties suffered, not to dishonor those few soldiers who put their lives on the line for the many.

Patricia Kirby Gibler stands on the other side of the road from Broderick with dozens of other people who are carrying signs that show the current number of Americans dead and Iraqi dead as a result of the war. Ms. Gibler states about Broderick, “I have the utmost respect for him and his persistence. When the war ends, all of us will stop coming here.”

Gibler was inspired to support peace because of a cousin who was severely injured in Vietnam. When the number of Americans killed in Iraq exceeded 1,000, Gibler was moved into action. “It reminded me of Vietnam, but this time I wanted to step forward earlier.”

On the third corner, Dorothy P. Greet, a former clergywoman for the United Church of Christ, holds a sign that reads simply, “Impeach”. Greet stands with 10 other people as an extension of their peace vigil and says, “We used to get a lot of middle fingers as people passed. But now it’s mostly thumbs up.”

My thumbs are up for the folks in Delaware, too. This is what America is all about – the ability to peacefully protest and express your opinion. So far, this right has not yet been robbed from us and we should all exercise our freedom of speech in some way to get closer to the truth and to peace. Every Sunday, between 1 PM and 1:45 PM, these folks in Delaware will make a small difference by their silent vigil. Imagine if we had such vigils all across the nation…

Is Being a Bad American Good?

Monday, June 4th, 2007

Today I’ve decided to add a lighter touch to my traditionally serious blog entries. As regular readers know, I am actively involved in my community and truly enjoy the opportunity to blog about my perspective. My fellow volunteers are aware of this passion and I received a funny, yet accurate, email today that I felt the need to share. This piece was actually written by a famous comic with a unique viewpoint himself. My comments are right after each entry.


By: George Carlin

I am Your Worst Nightmare. I am a BAD American. I am George Carlin. I believe the money I make belongs to me and my family, not some mid level governmental functionary be it Democratic or Republican!

Since we have no control at this point over the decisions made with our money in this current dictatorship governed by puppet political parties, I wholeheartedly agree. I

‘m in touch with my feelings and I like it that way!

We all have a right to our own feelings and no one should tell us what they should be. I think owning a gun doesn’t make you a killer, it makes you a smart American.

We have the right to bear arms and I support that right. Without it, we are even bigger victims that we are already.

I think being a minority does not make you noble or victimized, and does not entitle you to anything.

Let’s think unity, not division.

I believe that if you are selling me a Big Mac, do it in English.

English does happen to be the native language of this country, despite the fact that Bush wants to give away OUR money to ILLEGAL (key term here) aliens. Earn your right to be here like the rest of us had to – remember Ellis Island?

I believe everyone has a right to pray to his or her God when and where they want to.

Isn’t that the premise this country was founded on? If you don’t like it, don’t listen!

My heroes are John Wayne, Babe Ruth, Roy Rogers, and whoever canceled Jerry Springer.

Jerry Springer was a complete exploitation and evidence that Hollywood government officials are inadequate, i.e. Ronald Reagan. I still can’t believe The Terminator is in political power…

I don’t hate the rich. I don’t pity the poor.

If you’ve got it, it’s yours. If you don’t have it, reach out and get yours.

I know wrestling is fake and I don’t waste my time watching or arguing about it.

Imagine if all the energy spent on wrestling debates was directed at Bush and other questionable government leaders – we might actually be making progress.

I’ve never owned a slave, or was a slave, I haven’t burned any witches or been persecuted by the Turks and neither have you! So, shut up already.

Let’s end these historical references, encourage unity and band together against the few that attempt to run our lives rather than fight amongst ourselves. I

I believe if you don’t like the way things are here, go back to where you came from and change your own country! This is AMERICA.

Unbelievable that ILLEGAL aliens who broke the law and never made the legal attempt to become citizens are complaining about money, medical care and equal rights. Feel free to return to where you came from – no problem with us.

I want to know which church is it exactly where the Reverend Jesse Jackson preaches, where he gets his money, and why he is always part of the problem and not the solution. Can I get an AMEN on that one?

Although Jesse Jackson has done some great stuff, there are other times I have also questioned this man’s intentions…

I think the cops have every right to shoot your sorry rear if you’re running from them.. I also think they have the right to pull you over if you’re breaking the law, regardless of what color you are.

If you’re running from the cops, you must have something to hide. Further, I don’t give a darn who you are, how rich you are or what your nationality is…the cops have the right to pull you over and should be encouraged to do their jobs under all circumstances.

And, no, I don’t mind having my face shown on my drivers license. I think it’s good….. And I’m proud that “God” is written on my money.

In today’s society where identity fraud is an alarming everyday occurrence, a photo is necessary on your driver’s license.  I am also proud that “God” is written on my money and those who are ignorant enough to deny a higher power should deal with electronic transactions that are as impersonal as they are. This country was founded on religious freedom – and not just for atheists. When they take God away, they rob us of our freedom.

I think if you are too stupid to know how a ballot works, I don’t want you deciding who should be running the most powerful nation in the world for the next four years.

Imagine having to educate someone on a process as simple as casting a ballot – it’s a sad commentary on the intelligence and awareness level of people in our country. If they can’t work the machine, how do they know about the election?

I dislike those people standing in the intersections trying to sell me stuff or trying to guilt me into making “donations” to their cause.

There are better ways to raise awareness and money than soliciting in the street, illegally in an intersection. With all the resources available for communication today, this is harassment rather than help.  

I believe that it doesn’t take a village to raise a child, it takes two parents.

Both parents need to take responsibility for their children and stop pawning it off on the rest of the world. If you have children, you need to raise them because it’s your job and you chose it.

And what is going on with gas prices… Again?

We all know that the Bush and the good ol’ boys network are making major bucks off conning the world – as if we still believe them.

I believe “illegal” is illegal no matter what the lawyers think. 

Since when was there a loophole around ILLEGAL – it’s out of hand!

I believe the American flag should be the only one allowed in AMERICA!

Why would we fly any other flag in America? Once again, if you want your country’s flag, go back to where they fly it.

If this makes me a BAD American, then yes, I’m a BAD American. If you are a BAD American too, please forward this to everyone you know. We want our country back! We NEED GOD BACK IN OUR COUNTRY!

Yes, I am a bad American and I want God back in our country and our country given back to the hard working people who earned it. Let’s hear it for Bad Americans – thanks George and thanks Teresa!

The World Theater

Friday, June 1st, 2007

Hello ThreeWorldWars readers and subscribers, I write this to you all now as my Donec Alius Diei (Until another day should come). I have recently sold my possessions, packed a bag, and am headed off into the world (again) to further expand my own knowledge and capabilities. this of course is all useless information to you all, I just had to say my farewells to this community as even though inactive as of late, has become part of my family.

On to business.

I have said in the past that we are still setting the stage for WW3 and even still the scene and plot thickens by the day. Russia with its strong opposition to USA foreign policies and “reinstating the arms race”. Either way, this is our current scene in this massive play our “World Leaders” have set for us, and it does not look pretty. Alliances are coming up and falling down in rapid succession, and this will continue behind the scenes for some time to come yet. My parting words to you all are the same as always. Prepare yourself mentally (if your here it is either out of fear, curiosity, or knowledge) for whatever may occur in not only your own region, but abroad. This coming conflict will be large scale, be there no doubt with modern technology playing a factor. Don’t put all of your dependence on the almighty dollar, there will be times when it will be unable to feed you. Learn to live. Learn to fight. Learn to lead. Learn to learn. But above all, learn to love. If we don’t correct the mistakes of our mishappen species this time around, what will become of us and our future? The world we wish to raise children in and for them to raise their children in. No my friends, the time has come for us to put aside our petty differences in life and come to a greater understanding and accept life as a whole.

I am sure many who have read my blogs here over the past few months are very sketchy about taking my words as advice, but that is ok. When the bombs start falling, things will make a lot more sense.

I will be back in the future, maybe a year, or five years from now. I will be in touch with Alex on occasion and maybe return to write more then. Until then, keep your eyes open and best of luck, the world is not always as it seems.

*Throws a backpack over his shoulder, and begins walking towards the highway*