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Censorship Is An Ugly Word Too

Tuesday, April 17th, 2007

Before you jump on the down with Don Imus bandwagon, you might want to stop for a moment and think about what it is that you’re truly fighting for or against.  To be completely and totally clear, I am no Don Imus fan.  The comments that he made were totally racist, sexist, and completely tasteless.  However, and this is a big one, we live in one of the very few countries which “supposedly” allows the freedom of expression and the freedom of speech and what Don Imus said needs to be tolerated if we have any chance of keeping our so-called inherent right to voice our opinions publicly without the fear of censorship or punishment.

As a human being, I am completely and totally disgusted by the racial slurs that were made on this shock-jock’s radio program.  Those, as well as many others, were used in order to do exactly what that type of programming has set out to do…shock and insult.  As a woman, I am deeply hurt by the use of sexist language that degrades and demeans woman of all races and nationalities.  Women as a people are the largest group of individuals around the world and throughout time who have had to endure the constant and continuous subjection of prejudice, abuse, and the lack of many of the basic rights that men have enjoyed since the beginning of time.  As an American and a writer, however, I abhor any and all forms of censorship because when thoughts, ideas, and expressions are purposely prevented from being seen, heard, spoken, or considered, we are drawing a line between acceptable and unacceptable that can never be agreed upon by society as a whole.

The First Amended of the Bill of Rights exists because the forefathers of this country understood what it was like to be suppressed by an overpowering government that didn’t like what they had to say and wouldn’t tolerate what they believed.  So, they drafted a Constitution that would allow all people the basic human rights in choosing their own religion and preventing the prohibition of speech, the press, peaceable assembly, and the petition of government for grievances.  What this all comes down to is that if we are to truly enjoy freedom as the drafters of the Constitution intended, we must allow and tolerate all expressions of speech and thought in order for all of us to truly be free.  What this means is that even if the speech consists of the most vile, disgusting, vicious, and hateful words or ideas imaginable, it must be protected in order for all of us to have the right to say whatever we want as well.  The First Amendment does not protect the freedom of speech only when you have something nice to say.  The First Amendment protects ALL forms of speech, including religious speech, hate speech, and anti-government speech.

The fact that Don Imus has been fired from his job as a result of his own stupidity and lack of judgment is not going to change or solve racism, sexism, or prejudice.  Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have not won a civil rights win here.  What they have done is placed another nail in the coffin of yet another lost right that we as a free people are rapidly losing control of.  Our right to privacy is all but gone as video cameras, recording devices, and the hijacking of our personal information has become so commonplace we barely even notice it anymore.  Our right to petition the government seems laughable as the president continues to disregard the desires of the people as he plunders his way through every country that opposes him.  And our right to free speech is slowly but surely being chipped away at as more and more people are hogtied and muzzled under the guise of bad taste and intolerance.

Those in the media who are supporting this type of censorship need to be very careful about what they are supporting, for they may soon say something that is deemed unacceptable by some unknown watchdog group of the future.  This invisible line of acceptable speech will become fuzzier and fuzzier if we continue to allow the suppression and punishment of any type of speech at all.  You, as a citizen, as well should be wary of supporting such censorship.  The fact that you are able to go to this site and read this article in the first place is a freedom that few people around the world are allowed to enjoy.  People in countries like North Korea, Iran, Cuba, China, Rwanda, and Saudi Arabia do not have the freedoms of expression, speech, or the press that we take so for granted in this country.  Many people are not allowed access to the Internet, have no access to a free press, and are arrested, tortured, or killed if they are caught expressing an opinion that is not deemed “acceptable” by the few who rule those countries.

So, before you blindly jump on the censorship wagon and demand the public execution of individuals based solely on the fact that you don’t agree with what they are saying, you might want to stop and think for a moment what it is that you’re really supporting.  Much like the blacklisting of the 1950s, you might suddenly find yourself the innocent victim of having committed the crime of saying or doing something that others simply don’t agree with.  Freedom can be lost as quickly as it is gained.  While we’ll never agree upon what is acceptable or not acceptable, we should all agree that it is our human right to be able to express ourselves freely without fear of persecution.  As the saying goes, be careful what you wish for, for you may surely get it!

Tales of a Young Marine and the Importance of History

Sunday, April 15th, 2007


As the wife of a Marine who survived the front lines of the Vietnam War, I am always compelled to read the experiences and stories of other Marines who have served our country. I was recently shaken up by the comments of a Marine who served in Iraq for seven months and is going for his second deployment this month. At 21 years old, this young man is already well aware of the lies our government perpetuates because he has experienced them firsthand.

This Marine who has served our country for two years is Philip Martin and his outspoken commentary hits the bull’s eye about the war in Iraq. He states, “When I joined I took an oath. In that oath I swore to protect the Constitution of the United States. I didn’t swear to build democracies in countries on the other side of the world under the guise of ‘national security.’ I didn’t join the military to be part of an Orwellian (“1984″) war machine that is in an obligatory war against whoever the state deems the enemy to be so that the populace can be controlled and riled up in a pro-nationalistic frenzy to support any new and oppressive law that will be the key to destroying the enemy. Example given – the Patriot Act. So aptly named, and totally against all that the constitution stands for.”

Not only does this reiterate all of my husband’s feelings about being a Marine and serving in Vietnam, it supports commentary previously made on this blog about the Patriot Act, laws and controlling the masses through false hype. We aren’t protecting the Constitution of the United States in Iraq; rather, we are killing countless helpless people, destroying the nation’s history and spending money that could be used to actually support the ideals of the United States Constitution. While soldiers and their families fail to get proper financial support and millions of people in the United States are hungry and have no health insurance, we fight a battle overseas simply to fill the pockets of those in international power. We are merely pawns in non-stop chess match between government officials who are more concerned about their personal agendas than serving the people.

Philip Martin goes on to say, in pertinent part, “Taking a 20th century history class will teach us that the most notable countries in the last century that referred to their country in this way were Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia. Hitler used the term fatherland to drum up support, nationalistic support, for his growing war machine. He used the nationalism he created in the minds of the Germans to justify the sacrifice of their livelihood to build the war machine to get back their power from the oppressive restrictions the English and French had put on them at Versailles. This is the same feeling that has been virulently infecting the American psyche in the last hundred years. This is the same feeling that consoles a mother after her son is killed in an attempt to prosecute an aggressor’s war 10,000 miles away. It’s also known as Patriotism these days, but I say, ‘No more.’ No more nationalistic inanity, no more passing it off as patriotism. Patriotism is learning, and educating oneself to understand what their country really stands for.”

With all the misconceptions presented by members of the media who are actually supported by those in political power, it is easy to understand why people get confused. However, common sense needs to take precedence over popular opinion. A review of history will tell you everything you need to know. Consider the secret societies discussed on this site and the fact so many of them have roots in Germany. Hitler’s techniques were carefully planned and orchestrated and people in power continue to use them in a disguised manner today. To coin an old saying, no matter how you slice it, it’s still baloney – we need to clearly recognize that fact.

Politicians don’t want us to explore history because it will inform and educate us so they try to create frenzy in the media to keep us distracted with the present. Did President Bush choose to admit or deny that his ancestors were anti-Muslim or did he keep that fact as quiet as possible? Oddly enough, generations later Bush is destroying Muslim people, lands and history. Just think about all the historical monuments that were carelessly brought down in Iraq after centuries of preservation. Much of historical Babylon and the Roman processional was destroyed by troops from the United States and Poland. These sites were revered and respected by people for centuries, from every background and religion. Has anyone even attempted to travel to Iraq to inventory the destruction of thousands of international historical gems? Have we taken an updated count of all the people killed in this war (which doesn’t even include those harmed, raped and maimed)? How many Iraqi lives have been lost in this attempt to allegedly “liberate” this nation? How many United States soldiers have been disillusioned and disappointed and even killed by the misrepresentations made by our government?

We need to remain informed and communicate openly because knowledge is power. After all, that’s what these secret societies figured out centuries ago and these quiet numbers have been unifying and building in an attempt to control the masses and gain complete power at the expense of the “little people”. MamaSaid there’d be days like this…

Smile – You’re On Candid Camera! UK the most photographed citizen in the world!

Sunday, April 15th, 2007

Living in the UK today comes with many added benefits. The United Kingdom has a culture of freedom of speech, freedom of movement and financial opportunity. There exits an atmosphere of peace and security, largely outside of London.

In many quarters of the UK London is viewed as an enigma, a place within the UK like no others. The people who live in London see it as the great metropolis centre of the earth and anything outside should follow their lead. Many cultures co exist in London like no other area in the UK although there exists a generation of non-communicative cultures. “You could travel right through London on any given day and no one would even say Hi or flash a smile”. To the contrary it’s head down and forward to wherever your destination may be without such as a bye your leave to the fellow next to you.

This is not the case so in other areas and community does exist although it is being eaten up rapidly.

So what are some of the issues facing the UK and their citizens in this era of third world war?

The sense of community is being eroded and the gaps between the have and the have not’ s have been widened by a succession of Governments. Don’t even mention the middle grounders of the Traditional Industrial Age’s  “working class” who struggle constantly to survive and keep afloat a precarious economy.

We have CCTV cameras in every major populated area, every store has video and you even get recorded for a movie rental pass!! If you own a car! You get double trouble as you are recorded constantly on all of the major routes and even some lesser ones. Police cars can track you from 2 miles in the distance and tell who is the driver. Speed cameras flash you and can even tell what colour your hair is.
A health service that is failing and, when you have paid all your National Insurance and income tax dues for 50 years, you are still put on a waiting list for a life saving operation! What amount would that be in pounds over the time. £200,000.

2 parents go out to work with no benefits to help support them when things get tough. Tax, Tax and more, Tax. Now there even is Green Tax, which has nothing to do with saving the planet.

And finally an economy based in debt and borrowing. You can get mortgages at 3 times your annual salary and credit debt through the roof, but don’t stop there you can borrow more. Come on down “the price is right.

There are plans for a National ID card. This will hit crime hard and also let the government monitor terrorists and non-desirables? My view is this ID card shall monitor the already monitored citizens who have their photo taken at least 3 times on average a day and those un desirables and criminal fraternity, well they are just going to create a system to work around it, the way they have countered all systems before.

When you wake up today you should ask yourself this question. How are you going to be prepared if you are constantly stuck on the escalator that has been shown to you by the Government?…………Take the stairs. It may be a bit harder effort, though it will pay dividends!

The Mayans and Their Doomsday Calendar

Wednesday, April 11th, 2007

As you may already know, according to the Mayan calendar, the world is scheduled to end at precisely 11:11 GMT on December 21, 2012.  Beyond that though, what exactly do you know about the Mayans, their famous calendar, and all of this apocalypse talk?

The Mayan’s were an ancient civilization that developed in the Yucatan (Mexico) around 2600 B.C.  During these early days of the Mayan civilization, they began developing what would ultimately become highly accurate methods of mathematics, astronomy, calendars, farming, and writing.  During the Mayan Classic period (300-900 A.D.), the Mayan’s were at their height of civilization.  They built enormous pyramids, developed sophisticated astronomical charts, invented the concept of the zero in mathematics, created words for such large numbers that today we don’t even have names for, developed a highly complicated alphabet, wrote detailed histories or their culture, and perfected the calendar to a precision that our own Gregorian calendar lacks.  Sometime between 800 and 900 A.D., the great civilization that was the Mayan people suddenly disappeared, seemingly without a trace.  Their cities were abandoned and all development ceased.  No one is sure if they were destroyed, dispersed, or just disappeared.  Unfortunately, most of the written records that the Mayan’s kept were destroyed in 1562 with the invasion of the Spanish, so any explanation for their disappearance that may have existed at one time was burned to ashes.  While some so-called Mayans still exist today, their highly developed civilization mysteriously and suddenly stopped moving forward as great mathematicians, builders, writers, and artists after 900 A.D.

Many people believe that the Mayans were so advanced that they developed the ability to travel through space or through time and decided to finally up and leave this planet or time period of their own volition due to other cultures continually trying to invade their own.  Pacal the Great ruled the Mayan civilization for much of the later part of 600 A.D. and commissioned many of the great classical works of architecture and art of the time.  Today, he is most famous for the image that was found on his tomb that is often referred to as the Maya Astronaut.  In the tomb carving, Pacal is seen in what many interpret as an ancient spaceship or time machine.  He is sitting it something that could be interpreted as a cockpit, his hands are turning instruments, his foot appears to be on a pedal, a tube is inserted into his nose as if he is receiving oxygen, and wisps of smoke or exhaust appear to be shooting from the bottom of the ship.

The Mayan people were obsessed with time, dates, and predicting the cycles of the seasons, planets, and the sun because they wanted to accurately be able to predict the development of their crops in order to survive.  Because of this, they perfected the accuracy of time to the point that they were only off by one day every 6000 years, which is exceedingly more accurate than our own Gregorian calendar.  The main calendar used by the Mayans was called the Tzolkin.  This calendar consisted of 260 days which used two different cyclic systems of 13 numbered days and 20 named days which corresponds to the 26,000 year cycle of the Pleiades constellation, the 260 day cycle of the human gestation period, and the 13 moons that exist in a solar year.  This calendar was able to predict individual day to day cycles as well as long ranging cycles far into the future.  This is where we get the predicted end date for all of time which ends on or around (depending on who you ask) the 21st of December 2012.  This is said to be the end of a 5,125 year galactic cycle where the earth, the sun, the galaxy, or the universe itself will either be destroy or will enter a new age of enlightenment, depending on whether you’re a pessimist or an optimist.  This is because the Mayan calendar’s start date was August 3,114 B.C. which was written as in Mayan.  The December 2012 date will once again return to the date, indicating that a new cycle will begin again.

I will explain more of the predictions and understandings of the Mayan calendar in an upcoming post, so stay tuned while we still have time to prepare for the end!

When a Superpower corners the Market

Wednesday, April 4th, 2007

Whether you believe we are in the early stages of a third world war or are blindly walking through life’s rich tapestry, you cannot help but notice the influence of American civilisation and culture across the globe. For many decades America’s influence upon the average “Joe Public” has been rising with a startling pace. For it’s part the United States of America has been hailed as a beacon of democracy and human values since the union of states.

Before the USA we had the Great British Empire and before them countless other superpowers who have shaped the world as we know it. In becoming a superpower the United States of America has had to face countless tests of strength, integrity, compassion and values, not to mention the odd world war. The 2nd World War in particular, where America proclaimed itself to the world as a superpower without equal, and the use of atomic power made the world stand in awe of it’s power. Out of the ashes of the 2nd World War though, rose the U.S.S.R. and with them a superpower to equal or in some terms negate the power of the United States.

During this period of around 50 years the world seemed at peace in a global sense. Many despots still were abroad and many people lost their lives in countless acts of aggression, though never in the scale of World War. People slept relatively comfortably in their beds in USA, USSR, Europe and much of the world.

Since the demise of the Soviet Union in the early 1990’s though, the United States of America has had a kind of global monopoly on all things. As the world’s only superpower they have the most influence and everyone seems to wish a seat at their table and align themselves for profit.

Is this wrong? What if the USA are the world’s guardians of freedom of speech and common values spreading democracy across the globe? 

You just have to look at some of the changes in the world since 1990 and ask yourself if you can sleep comfortably in your bed? 

What we need is balance! A balance of power or superpower if you will! The trouble is the USA has had a taste of global domination and, are not ready to share. We have rising powers again such as Russia and China who, given some time will become superpowers and be able to influence on a global scale. 

Look at the facts and you will see what is unfolding. A superpower trying to corner the Market, not willing to share, looking at survival of the fittest, not the best for all. I leave you with some food for thought and who knows how things will play. We only have to hope for balance to be achieved through peace and harmony, not death and destruction.  

USA is cornering the Market on global resources for fossil fuel

USA is cornering the Market on weapons of mass destruction

USA is cornering the Market on space age technology and warfare

Let’s hope they don’t get all 3!

Mysterious Hexagon Shape Discovered on Saturn

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2007

Okay, have you seen that weird hexagon thing on Saturn that was released last week?  It has got to be one of the strangest things we’ve seen on another planet since the famous Face on Mars.  A giant, nearly perfect hexagon formation has been spotted at the ringed planet’s northern pole.  The entire object is rotating with the winds at the pole in a circular pattern and measures nearly 15,000 miles across.  Four entire Earth’s could fit inside the shape!  Perhaps the strangest thing about it is that this isn’t the first time it has been seen.  The Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 spacecrafts that were launched in 1977 both captured pictures of the hexagonal shape in their visits to Saturn in 1980 and 1981 respectively.  While the images were thought odd at that time, they certainly didn’t think it was anything that would last more than a quarter of a century later, but it has.  The Cassini-Huygens spacecraft captured the most recent photographs and video of this bizarre rotating shape when it passed over Saturn’s northern pole in October 2006.

So, what exactly is this thing?  How is it possible that a perfectly formed hexagon (a six-side object) could just be swirling around the pole of a planet without any sort of structural change in nearly 25 years?  Well, don’t ask the scientists, because they don’t know either.  According to NASA atmosphere expert Kevin Baines, “we’ve never seen anything like this on any other planet,” and Saturn is “perhaps the last place you’d expect to see such a six-sided geometric figure, yet there it is.”  Well, if they don’t know what it is, who the heck does?  Is it an alien civilization?  Is it a machine or a building?  Is it a message from beyond?  Is it a crop circle?  Is it the answer to world peace?  Inquiring minds want to know!

Remember how there was a giant monolith found on the moon in the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey?  The U.S./British governments secretly covered up the discovery from the other so-called partner governments, particularly Russia, and lied about how there was some sort of disease outbreak.  Then they launched a secret manned mission to investigate the alien messages that were being sent to the monolith from Jupiter.  Well, I wouldn’t be surprised if something similar to that fictional tale would occur in real life if some alien intelligence was really discovered on a nearby planet.  Wouldn’t you?  While I’m sure we’ll be fed some sort of “natural phenomenon” explanation in the next few months or years, how will we really know what our government is doing if it is some sort of message from the outer reaches of the solar system?  Should we just trust them?  I don’t think so.  And why haven’t we heard about this object the first time it was seen in the 80s?  I sure don’t recall it being talked about it before.  You’d think that would be on every conspiracy site out there along with all the other UFO reports.

Consider the recent release of the previously secret French UFO files.  Why exactly are these records kept secret from the public in the first place?  Last I checked, my tax dollars paid for the resources that gather and investigate these sorts of unknown phenomenon.  Why are our UFO files kept secret?  Sure, there’s the Freedom of Information Act that supposedly allows anyone to request these reports, but they usually come marked out in black ink or unavailable when you do request them.  If there’s nothing to hide, why are they going so out of their way to make it look like they’re hiding something?  Just like everything else they’re seemingly hiding from us!  All I’m saying is that something like this, while it could have a perfectly logical explanation, will probably end up being buried under a pile of bureaucratic nonsense just like all the other things the government seems to want to hide from the public for “our own good.”  Keep an eye on this story and see if it ever sees the light of day again because it’s just too weird to ignore!

Looking at the World Through Rosie Colored Glasses

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2007


When receiving a message, sometimes we have to put aside our personal feelings about the messenger to realize the relevancy of the actual message. I recently had to remind myself to do this when I heard about Rosie O’Donnell’s comments about the Iranian seizure of British soldiers. Despite the fact that Rosie is not my favorite media figure, we need to take notice of her ability to be forthright about reality in the face of adversity.

Clearly Rosie has not gained popularity with her peers for some of her frank political commentary. However, could that be because of the ring of truth it has? O’Donnell is reported to have said, “But interesting with the British sailors, there were 15 British sailors and Marines who apparently went into Iranian waters and they were seized by the Iranians. And I have one thing to say: Gulf of Tonkin, Google it. Okay.” The Gulf of Tonkin happened in 1964 and is considered to have launched the Vietnam War. President Johnson’s administration was accused of provoking one incident and making up another as an excuse to start the Vietnam War. Of course with regard to the current incident, Britain, the U.S., France and Iran state that the sailors weren’t in Iranian waters.

Two thoughts immediately come to mind. When I heard about the fifteen British soldiers, my first reaction was to think it was a plan between the United States and Britain to substantiate commencing war with Iran. Further, I considered the Gulf of Tonkin and how Vietnam veterans such as my husband are still not receiving the proper care and treatment four decades later. Soldiers who served in Iraq and their families are still suffering and in need of care and compensation. Obviously another war it not in the best interests of the everyday people in any country – it is only to fulfill the agendas and fill the pockets of those holding international power.

Rosie has made other unpopular statements which have not been circulated as frequently as her jokes about Trump, perhaps to distract the easily-distracted public. However, Rosie has also implied that the World Trade Center was purposefully demolished to get rid of government investigation records about

corporate fraud. From the way the building came down, it is extremely questionable that it was brought down by a plane. Add to that the rumors that 9/11 occurred during a “military exercise” and Rosie is on the money again.

Another incredibly unpopular opinion held by O’Donnell was the government treatment of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. She reported that the government didn’t allow him an attorney, there were no reported and thus no accountability for coercion. Rosie said Khalid’s confession was elicited through torture and treating him like an animal and that he confessed only after having a hood on his head, being beaten to death. She felt it was the government’s way of getting someone, since they never actually got Bin Laden. Another honest statement from a comedian because where is Bin Laden? Safely tucked away like other world powers will be when the crap really hits the fan?

More public figures, celebrities and everyday folks like you and I should stand up and speak our opinions, which is the first step toward greater realization and possible solutions. O’Donnell ultimately feels that Americans should not fear terrorists and that faith or fear is the choice, stating, “You can walk through life believing in the goodness of the world, or walk through life afraid of anyone who thinks different than you and trying to convert them into your way of thinking.”

Fear and not faith is what will save all of us, despite the evil and wrongdoing going on all around us. No matter what your basic beliefs are, if you have faith and see the good it is the beginning of improving your life and the world around you. To continually perpetuate negativity and lies is to become like the faithless power mongers you dislike and distrust.