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Apathy – The Greatest Threat to Western Civilization

Thursday, March 29th, 2007

The year is 2007 and as we gently glide into our 21st Century something seems to be nagging our collective sub consciousness. Something is hidden or somewhat occluded from conscious day to day thought. It exists more of a feeling than thought, not quite tangible enough even to power some kind of collective thinking. It exists, however many times we try to ignore it, always at a distance.


Can we describe this feeling as a calling within the deep sub conscious, that not all is right in the universe, not all is in balance? Can we even describe this feeling at all? Well if you are feeling it you are indeed one of the few! 


The 21st century heralds the dawning of a New Age where spirituality melds with science, religion and technology to enlighten, guide and develop the human race into co existence, peace balance and harmony.


What exits today however could not be further removed from the dawning of a New Age. We stand on the edge of a darkness in our time where it’s a dog eat dog world. One in which an eye for an eye is accepted, where keeping up with the Jones’s is worldview and the haves have more and the have not’s have less.


Global positioning satellites can plot our every course and take a caption of our humdrum day. Communication is at a level unprecedented in history.24hr news all day every day into the heart of every household. Death, misery and depression broadcasted in real time and the luminous in society are prime time. Cascading images flow into our minds at a seconds glance with an imprint that lasts considerably longer. We can talk and share across a wireless sea, where space and time has new meaning. Reality and science fiction have more synergy than before where one can even begin to shape the other.


Many statements above have a generalisation to them and can be viewed through any spectrum of thought. What runs constant however is the feeling, whether you feel it or not, it is there! Even if you choose to ignore it! It will always be there like that sixth sense, that knowing without thought!


Our choice is to engage in the feeling and power this to thoughts or not. In engaging this feeling and empowering our thinking we become aware and awareness is the key. Many excellent statements exist today in our buzzword society and one which is relevant here. “Think globally, act locally”


Collectively this is where Western Civilisation fails. Many of us are conditioned to think locally and, that global picture, well that’s for someone else to think about. We go about our daily lives, many of us in a conscious vacuum, oblivious to information that may well have consequence to our existence. We wake, we interact, we sleep and the cycle begins again. Some of us don’t even have the interactions at any level.


For want of any better way of delivery! Western civilisation has an ailment. A kind of virus that has effect on our conscious and sub conscious mind. This apathy is within us preventing us from feeling. Preventing our thinking and limiting our power for collective thoughts and change.


We have the capacity for change! All we need is the will. To obtain the will we must have the feeling and to have the feeling we must be aware!


Awaken yourself from your apathy!

Censorship – Get Them While They’re Young

Tuesday, March 27th, 2007

Censorship is a way to keep the public from knowing the truth. Although we all like to believe in freedom of speech, the reality is that administration and compliant media determine the “facts” given to the people.Sadly enough, I recently read about a high school in Wilton, Connecticut that decided to create an original play about the war in Iraq, which was ultimately canceled and prohibited. The high school is located in a well-off town that frequently features state-of-the-art performances in its $10 million auditorium. The principal, who is also a former student of the school, Timothy H. Canty, said he was worried that the play would hurt families in the community who had lost a loved one or had someone serving and felt there was not enough classroom and rehearsal time to ensure the play would provide “a legitimate instructional experience for our students.”

Students say otherwise, citing that the principal said the material was too inflammatory and only someone who had served in a war could actually understand it. A junior whose brother was serving in Iraq was said to have complained about the play and even after the script was changed in consideration of this fact, the principal refused to let the show go on. Further, when this junior’s mom was contacted for comments, she had no idea about the play or her daughter’s involvement in it.

A father of one of the students felt it was outrageous and said, “Here these kids are really trying to make a meaningful effort to educate, to illuminate their fellow students, and the administration, of all people, it shutting them down.”

One of the students was more aware of the power administration has and how they want relevant issues hushed up, saying, “Our school is all about censorship. People don’t talk about the things that matter.”

Social conditioning is one way to get people to stop talking about what matters, especially when it is drummed into our youth.

Apparently the script contained things that reflected poorly on the Bush administration, such as how long it took for certain countries to get bullet proof vests. Critical references about former defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld were considered unacceptable, as well as a line from Cpl. Sean Huze, saying of soldiers, “Your purpose is to kill.” Is everyone employed by the administration required to defend it, whether right or wrong? Is silencing, rather than encouraging, the youth part of a greater plan?

A Wilton graduate, Pvt. Nicholas Madaras, died last year and the town intends to honor him by naming a soccer field for him. In a letter to a local newpaper, Madaras wrote, “…I miss being in high school. High school is really the foundation of the rest of your life, whether teenagers want to believe it or not.”

When that foundation is checkered with censorship and inaccuracies, how can there be hope for the future? Though the principal claims he didn’t discourage the students from continuing to do work independently on the play, the teacher, Ms. Dickinson, says otherwise. She claims he told her “we may not do the play outside of the four rooms of the classroom.” She adds she can’t have anything to do with it because she has to “stand behind her building principal.” Apparently the security of her job would be in question without blind loyalty to his dictates, whether reasonable or not.

A student mother seemed to sum it up best. “The sad thing was a missed opportunity for growth…” Her son was in the play and considering his age she said, “if we ended up in a further state of war, wouldn’t they be the ones drafted or who choose to go to war? Why wouldn’t you let them know what this is about?” Perhaps because knowledge is power and that is exactly what the administration wants to monopolize for their own benefit. MamaSaid there’d be days like this…

The Secret Order of the Illuminati

Monday, March 26th, 2007

The Illuminati, some say, is the ultimate secret society.  It is more powerful and secretive than even the Freemasons.  Formed on May 1, 1776 in Bavaria by Professor Adam Weishaupt, the Order of the Illuminati was a secret society within a secret society.  Weishaupt was a German Freemason and his group of Illuminati would meet secretly inside the Masonic lodges in Germany.  The Illuminati ended up going deep underground when it was deemed illegal to be a member of the group because they were allegedly plotting to overthrow the Pope and the ruling Kings of Europe. 

Secretly meeting all the while, it has been rumored that the Illuminati have been responsible for such world events as the French Revolution, the American Revolution, and even the formation of Communism itself.  While Weishaupt is credited with forming the Illuminati, some claim he just restarted a tradition that has been traced back to the Knights Templar and even perhaps Atlantis.  Because the Illuminati are so secret, there is no clear cut answer to what they do, who they are, or what kind of power they really have.  Thus, the mystique of the Illuminati continues to this day.

The main focus of Weishaupt and his secret society within a secret society was to explore the idea of Enlightenment, or freedom from religious doctrines and government rule.  As an Atheist, he felt that religious superstition and political corruptness made it impossible for society to truly be able to see things as they really are and investigate the world around them with a truly objective sense of clarity.

Weishaupt borrowed Masonic methods and practices and added them to his own Illuminati beliefs and rituals.  Searching out likeminded members who wanted to turn the world away from religions and governments and towards that of enlightenment, nature, philosophy, and free thinking, the Illuminati went deep underground and formed a hierarchy of members that spread through Europe and then to America.  Members were often thought to dabble in the occult or even worship the devil, but the basic beliefs of the Illuminati have always been based in Atheistic principles.

This idea that the world should have no religious or political leaders is the foundation for the beliefs that this group is continuously running the world in the hopes of eventually creating a New World Order which will unite all nations and people.  While secret societies in Bavaria were officially banned by the government in 1784, and the Illuminati was supposedly disbanded, many people believe that the Illuminati still exists today and includes the most powerful people in all the world’s governments.  The founding fathers of the United States were thought to be controlled by the Illuminati.  While many members were Freemasons, some were supposedly secretly taking orders from secret Illuminati members.  The All Seeing Eye on the back of the dollar bill is rumored to pay homage to the all seeing, all knowing, all controlling Illuminati members as they secretly watch and control America.

No one really knows if the Illuminati really exists today, buy many theorize that they are still actively controlling the world from the most secretive posts from around the world.  It is thought that the British Royal Family and many Presidents of the United States have bloodline connections to the controlling Illuminati members and that the plans and workings of the New World Order are very much alive and well and thriving deep underground, yet right under our very noses.

Two Minutes To Midnight? Pt.3; Preparation

Thursday, March 22nd, 2007

I chose the term Two Minutes To midnight for a reason - it signifies the amount of time we have left to prepare for whatever the future will hold for us in our parts of the world. Two minutes, two days, two years? Either way I would pass the assumption that our time for preparation is coming to a close and soon the time for action of preparation will commence. I’d like to pass on some knowledge now of my own preparations for the coming years ahead, for which some will disagree and use their own measures. I simply offer this for those who need inspiration, and others who would welcome the advice.

Preparation comes in steps. One does not suddenly realize a plan of action. Here are five common steps to undertake when beginning preparations - Measurement, assessment, calculation, comparison, readiness.
The idea gives way to measurements. Measurements give rise to assessments of a situation. Assessments give rise to calculations and plans. Calculations allow one to compare what the idea will bring forth in benefit upon the outcome. Calculations give rise to readiness; preparation.

The best way to be prepared is to be adaptable, to be able to fathom the unfathomable before it ever takes place. Sun Tzu once said, “The greatest warriors in history won battles when it was still easy to do so”. He was referring to being ahead of your situation/opponent in thought and preparation so before they can lay their plans down, you are five steps ahead of them and victory comes with ease. In order to be adaptable one must be quick of wit, have experience in situations that are ever changing, and not afraid to face unknown odds.

Now that some philosophy behind preparation has been conducted, lets examine a few possibilities. I’d guess personally that learning self-defense would be a high priority.  You should be able to protect yourself, loved ones, and those close to you. I would implore anyone to take up martial arts, divulge into as many styles as possible, and use the measurement of your body to assess what you are capable of from each. Calculate your capabilities to those of others. Be ready for anything and nothing all at once.

Have you given any thought to possible bunkers within local cities should you and others need to take refuge? What are defensible positions you could take up? What routes are there of attack on yours? Do you get the most daylight from your position? Who would have the high ground and most easily passable ground? Who would you band together with and salvage what may be left if bombs drop to keep order within your community? Disorder will only bring mayhem and one must use strong discipline to keep order, yet give strong rewards to keep from rebellion. Compassion without compassion for disorder and disobedience.

I have heard many talk of beginning to store massive quantities of food for the future to sit back on top of and let things pass them by until the world returns to normal. Would you not want to play a part in reshaping the world you would step back into when this is over? Hiding is the worst thing that can be done in my opinion. Hoarding your food for yourself and a few others is also a bad idea. It may run out. It may be taken by others. You may die defending your own food when simple compassion and sharing would bring others to your cause. Regardless of how bad things get, there will always be food available. We will be able to grow vegetables, hunt, and gather supplies. When times get desperate, we adapt by being prepared mentally to do so. Rough times occur. We grow stronger. We learn to live longer.

I suppose many now are beginning to see how militant I am inside and are wondering just how sane I may be. I assure you, I am quite rational, which is why I have begun such preparations within my own area. I know of deep basements with tunnels that connect to sewers, allowing me and others to move freely and have strongly defensive positions and some guerilla tactics I could implore to help keep me and others safe.

How prepared are you?

The Bush Legacy of Prejudice and Misunderstanding

Tuesday, March 20th, 2007

 Prejudice and misunderstanding are unfortunately perpetuated through the generations. I recently was alarmed to find out that the Reverend George Bush (1796 – 1859) was a cousin to President Bush’s grandfather. Apparently, Bush has suppressed this little-known fact. However, a propaganda official from the Office of Countermisinformation confirmed this family relationship almost two years ago.

The relevancy of this fact is the perspective Reverend Bush took about Islam. In 1837, Rev. Bush wrote a book entitled, The Life of Mohammed: Founder of the Religion of Islam, and the Empire of Saracens in which he referred to Mohammed as an impostor. Rev. Bush stated in the book that Mohammed’s, “whole history makes it evident that fanaticism, ambition and lust were his master passions…An enthusiast by nature, he became a hypocrite by policy; and as the violence of his corrupt propensities increased, he scrupled not to gratify them at the expense of truth, justice, friendship and humanity.”

First of all, that sounds quite a bit like the current Bush administration and the way the father and son presidential team conducted themselves. Isn’t Bush driven by ambition and fanaticism, a hypocrite by policy? Further, it is clear that the Bush family has not approved of Islam for quite a long time. Currently Franklin Graham is a family friend to the Bushes. Graham controls the infamous Billy Graham Evangelical Association that has an income of over a million dollars annually – most of it tax exempt. Although most American oppose Bush and the war, Graham’s follows enthusiastically support Bush and the wars. To add to this, Franklin Graham stated, “The God if Islam is not the same God of the Christian or Judeo-Christian faith. It is a different God, and I believe a very evil and a very wicked religion.”

What happened to the biblical concept of not judging each other? Further, what about the concept that there is one God for everyone? Clearly Bush, Graham and other neoconservative egotists are truly caught up in their own power, thinking they can actually speak for God and define his terms.

It’s not just television evangelists who make these ignorant, blanket statements. His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI quoted Emperor Manuel II Paleologus when he said, “Show me just what Mohammed brought that was new, and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached.”

Ironically enough, researchers at Johns Hopkins University estimated that over 650,000 Iraqis died during the first three years of the war in Iraq and we have lost count since then. This does not include the people who were injured, raped, shot at, burned or otherwise harmed. These figures also don’t include all the religious artifacts and historic monuments, preserved for thousand of years, that were carelessly destroyed.  It does not account for the people left homeless and without family.  I have discussed the sadness of how many American soldiers were compromised in this war – now I want to bring to light all the Iraqis who have also been senselessly killed or hurt while Bush claims to be helping them.

Add to all of this a rumor that Bush bought property in Paraguay, a nation that refuses to extradite war criminals. With generations of planning, it seems as if the Bushes have themselves covered at the expense of everyone else in the world. How many other leading religious figures, politicians and world leaders are in bed with the Bushes and protected from scrutiny? We need to really keep our eyes open to see what is real. MamaSaid there’d be days like this…

Skull and Bones Society

Sunday, March 18th, 2007

The very secretive Skull & Bones society was formed in 1832 by two Yale students, William Huntington Russell and Alphonso Taft, for the very elite members of Yale and society itself.  Russell’s family had somewhat of a notorious background as they were one of the richest Opium drug dealers of the world at the time.  It is thought that while Russell studied in Germany from 1831 to 1832, that he became involved in the outlawed German “Illuminati” group and formed the Skull & Bones society in America as an underground chapter of that secret group.  Cofounder Taft, was the father of President William Taft and eventually served as the United States Secretary of War as well as the United States Attorney General.

Each year just 15 Yale University seniors are chosen to join this very elite secret group by the graduating class of members.  The society only initiated men into the group until 1992 when women were allowed to join under pressure from the university.  While the 15 new members are never officially announced to the public, Yale University does keep a record of student membership.  Members of the group over the years have included Presidents’ William Taft, George H. W. Bush, George W. Bush, as well as Senator John Kerry.  Many of the country’s richest and most powerful families have members who belong to the Skull & Bones society, including the Whitneys (banking), Rockefellers (oil), Harrimans (railroads), Paynes (oil), Davisons (finance), and Pillsburys (flour).

One of the most notorious claims about the Skull & Bones is that they had a major hand in financing Hitler during WWII.  Due to their alleged connections to the German Illuminati group, many people believe that there were very deep connections between the members of the Skull & Bones society and members of the Nazi party.  The New York office of the Union Banking Corporation was said to really be the American branch of German Steel Trust.  This is because the President and Director of Union Banking Corp. were members of the Skull & Bones at the time, as well as several rich and powerful members connected to German financing groups, including two known Nazi party members, H.J. Kouwenhoven and Johann Groninger.

Of course, as with all secret societies, there is an initiation process which potential members must perform ridiculous and humiliating tasks in order to become members.  For the Skull & Bones, this has been said to include lying inside a coffin while masturbating and recounting their sexual encounters while the other members watch.  Along with being granted membership, it is rumored that upon completing this bizarre task that the new member receives $15,000 for being so candid.

There is a lot of mythology and hidden meaning to many of the Skull & Bones activities, as there are with most secret societies.  Members are thought to take nicknames based in Roman mythology, as well as a carrying on of names attached to former family members of the group, since most of the members are descendents of the original and earlier families.  In fact, many Bush family members have been Bonesmen, including Prescott Bush, George W. Bush’s grandfather, who is said to have stolen Geronimo’s skull for the group’s use during many of their most secret ceremonies.

The number 322 is the most important number to the Skull & Bones and is a part of their official symbol.  It is officially said to represent the Roman goddess of eloquence who took her place in the pantheon in 322 B.C.  However, others believe that the number is a combination of the year of its inception 1832, as well as a reference to it being the second chapter of the German Illuminati group, therefore being represented as 32-2.

As with all of these very strange and mysterious groups, they are said to have a major hand in controlling the world’s economy and direction.  It certainly is interesting that these groups all seem to have such prestigious and powerful people as their members.  I will continue to uncover more interesting facts about these secretive and bizarre groups.

Woe To Freedoms

Friday, March 16th, 2007

Some would argue we are only as free as we allow ourselves to be. In essence I would agree with that statement. Yet there are forces in place which will deny us our simple freedoms whether we like it or not. Take for instance what is happening in Pakistan currently over the judiciary system. President/General Musharraf relieved the Top Judge of the Supreme Court of his position and is currently under trial for abuse of his power. No further statements have been officially released as far as my knowledge goes.

This has led to massive protests from all corners of the judiciary system throughout Pakistan.  Lawyers and top ranking officials have taken to the streets in outrage over this issue. My heart is open to all of these people, willing to stand up for what they believe in, in face of what Musharraf has put in their ways. Barbed wire in the streets, tear gas, thousands of police in the capital. all to keep these people who want to have their say in their freedoms from voicing their opinions. It has even gone as far as a ban on media from covering the issue! I was appalled at such news. Police raided a local news agency and smashed equipment, furniture, windows, all because they were broadcasting information about the riots.

Correct me if I am wrong, but are not news groups (whom I will admit I have a hard time trusting for information as it is) there to show us what is happening in our world? Why would they be banned from showing such activities within their own country? People can go for a walk and see this all going on, why should the media not be allowed to cover it?

Woe to freedoms…

What about in your own country? What has the government in place that labels you as an outcast of society simple because you do not coincide with their ideals they set forth for us? If you are a thinking individual and you do not think for them, we are against them. Why? Is it because there is no room for improvement within the system they have in place? Can not we, as individuals and people with dreams, aspirations, hopes and wishes, want a better life and speak openly against such things? Who are they to choose what is best for us? These ‘elected’ officials, with ‘opposition parties’ and left and right wings of society. How often do they get together “Hey George, how funny is it they elected you over me? Can you believe they bought half of that crap you said? Anyway, lets stick to the plan, first….”.

I suppose this is more of a rant than anything, it is just very disheartening to see such things going on in our world. For as long as there are those who conspire against us all… woe to our freedoms.

Forgotten Veterans and Yellow Ribbons

Monday, March 12th, 2007

I am so moved by a comment regarding my recent blog about discrimination against veterans that I feel the need to discuss it further. As I had written, my husband is a Vietnam veteran and I have first hand experience with the pain and neglect veterans suffer. In fact, my dad, my late father-in-law and my uncle have all served this government in the military and have little to show for it. Is it no wonder I discourage my son from serving in the military and insist he take advantage of one of the few benefits left for family members of veterans – tuition reimbursement?

CSM Daniel L. Diaz, retired U.S. Army, wrote, “I personally have been denied work due to the nature of my military service as well as my rank at time of retirement. In short, even my fellow veterans discriminate against me because I am younger and higher in rank than when they served and retired. I think Vietnam Veterans were the most neglected for certain, but Korea is a close second.”

What a sad commentary from a man who attained rank and served our country and I completely support his statements about Vietnam and Korean veterans. My former boss served in the Marines during Korea and went on to become a husband, father, attorney and upstanding member of the community, but one day it all just fell apart for him. Obviously a victim of undiagnosed post traumatic stress disorder (only formally recognized over a decade after the return of Vietnam veterans), he lost his marriage, his home and his business with no support or empathy from his fellow lawyers or veterans. They clearly could not understand him and weren’t about to try – much like our government and society – and he now rents a room and walks for his newspaper every day, trying to make ends meet on social security. My point is that the lack of support and compassion is bound to take its toll on a veteran – whether sooner or later.

Diaz also stated that, “The veteran of today is educated, skilled, and articulate. We are not merely drones and robots. We have many, if not better, skills than the average 22 year old college graduate who knows nothing about working on a team or under stress. In any case, veterans always get remembered when they die, but are easily forgotten once the novelty of any war wears off and the people go back to their lives, take down their flags, and put away their little yellow magnets that used to be on almost every car.”

Despite the fact that veterans are educated, trained, have field experience and know how to work on a team, they still are the victims of discrimination and stereotypical thinking. Furthermore, I also wonder where all the little yellow magnets went. Does the American public get bored that easily and forget what is really going on in the world? The war still continues, but those who return today don’t get to see the support of those little yellow ribbons, which I still display. A yellow ribbon is not a fad, but a sign that you appreciate those who are serving this country in a war and await their safe return.

Regardless of public disinterest versus public opposition, the war continues to the beat of Bush’s drum. CENTCOM reported that there are currently 140,000 members of the military deployed to Iraq. As of February 24, 2007, 3,151 military personnel were killed in Iraq and an additional 23,550 were wounded in action. To add to this, two kidnapped soldiers, Matt Maupin and Ahmed Qusai al-Taayie, remain missing. So where did those yellow ribbons go, people?

To summarize, Diaz commented, “In short, veterans are just expendable tools that people relate to in video games, movies, and sometimes in concert with some public relations event. We do not matter enough, yet we are always going to be here, behind the scenes. We are all heroes, but only some of us ever get to go on Oprah, just like Jessica Lynch and her heroic tales. I am just sick and tired that any veteran would ever be forgotten. The next time someone wants to play Ghost Recon or Splinter Cell they need to stop, put down that latte, and remember that people actually do this for real and the scars we carry are not as easily deleted as a saved video game…”

This is the statement that moved me to tears. My husband feels the same way – like a forgotten hero, mocked by the media, video games and the ignorance of public opinion and haunted by the scars of war. It is horrible enough that our government is hanging these folks out to dry, but why do the rest of us have to? If these soldiers did not volunteer to serve our country, there could be a draft and what if your child was forced to serve? We need to respect and revere the members of the military rather than mirror the careless neglect of our government officials. Perhaps if we stand up with these soldiers, progress will be made in the areas of taking proper care of them and ending wars we don’t agree with so that they can come home. We cannot remain in denial, putting away our yellow ribbons, while the men who served our country feel like expendable tools. Our veterans are true heroes who should never be forgotten. Thank you, CSM Diaz!

What is Bilderberg?

Monday, March 12th, 2007

On the surface, Bilderberg is a yearly meeting with high-powered, international leaders in the areas of politics and finance.  They supposedly discuss such issues as oil prices, nuclear arms, global warming, and the various wars and political upheavals that afflict the planet at any given time.  I say “supposedly discuss” because no one is actually told what goes on at these super secret, highly guarded, and mysterious annual meetings.  But why?  These issues seem like the types of things that all people should know about, right?  Well, it doesn’t really matter what the people think, this exclusive group doesn’t really care what you think about these things and they’re not going to bother telling you!

The Bilderberg group started in Holland in 1954 and is named after the Hotel Bilderberg where the first meeting was held.  The location changes each year and world leaders and others make the trip annually, though they’d rather you didn’t know that.  The group went to great lengths to deny that it actually existed until very recently, due simply to the fact that cameras are everywhere now and it’s hard even for world leaders to evade them.  So, they do now acknowledge the existence of the Bilderberg group, but they’re not happy about it.  At the 2006 meeting in Canada, Hilary Clinton was spotted in the area at the time of the meeting, but no one in her camp would neither deny nor confirm her attendance.  What’s with all this secrecy anyway?  What do they have to hide?

Sure, maybe it is just a stodgy meeting with old guys in suits discussing dry topics like world finance, pollution, and industry trends, but then why perpetuate this secret image?  It only makes people more suspicious anyway!  Reporters are not welcome inside, confidential minutes are kept, yet names are not noted, meeting locations are kept secret (until the press unearths it), and membership is denied by its own members.  They don’t even have a website!  Even my 10 year old niece has a website, but this important group of the world’s leaders does not?  What’s really going on here?

If you listen to conspiracy theorists and others, you might believe that this group of powerful men and women is controlling the world behind its mysterious closed doors.  Many people believe that Bilderberg is responsible for the Oklahoma City bombing, both World Trade Center attacks, the invasion of Iraq, the downfall of Slobodan Milosevic, as well as rising oil prices!  The 2006 meeting was rumored to have discussed whether or not Iran would be invaded next.

If you listen to the Bilderberg group, you might think that’s all a bunch of bullhonkery!  Their response to the criticism is that the group simply gets together for a good old fashioned pow-wow to talk about world issues, not control them.  Perhaps, but then why not publish these discussions after the fact?  What don’t they want us to know?  Is it like Fight Club…the first rule in Bilderberg is that there is no Bilderberg?  What are they trying to hide?  And if they’re not trying to hide something, what’s with all the smoke and mirrors?  I can certainly understand their explanation that by not publishing their discussions will allow their members the freedom to speak honestly, but why not just say that’s what they’re doing?  Why continue to operate behind the shadows?  Does the old saying, honesty is the best policy, not apply to the upper echelons of power and privilege?  I guess not.

Discrimination Against Veterans

Saturday, March 10th, 2007

 As wars march on to the beat of those that never go to fight them, the veterans of those wars continue to suffer and be neglected. What if the first to go to war were the children of political officials as opposed to poor young people looking for a better life and a way to secure their future? Somehow if that were the law, I doubt there would be so many unnecessary political struggles.

I have discussed the neglect veterans experience when they return home from war and their inability to get adequate financial support of medical care. There is also a more subtle disadvantage to being a veteran who returns home from war – discrimination.

Yes, discrimination, that terrible concept that divides people, breeds dissension and ultimately causes wars. Sen. Steve Hobbs, a veteran himself, introduced a bill to Washington in January to extend anti-discrimination laws to people with military status and veterans. Hobbs pushed the bill because of his own experiences after serving in Iraq and Kosovo, as well as the experiences of his fellow veterans. The Senator even recalls being asked questions at job interviews, such as if he suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder or if it would bother him to work with folks opposed to the war going on in Iraq. According to Hobbs, “I want to make sure that doesn’t happen again.”

The bill failed last year, possibly because it had “run out of time”. I do wonder how much time they think distressed, neglected veterans and their families have – some are still suffering the ramifications of the war in Vietnam. After all, consider myths created by movies such as The Deer Hunter, that wrongfully depict Vietnam veterans as crazed madmen, further perpetuating negative stereotypes. After all, wasn’t it bad enough these veterans returned home and got spit on, stoned, rejected and criticized as soon as they got back on American turf just for serving our country? They followed orders from those in power (voted in by the people who berated the soldiers, rather than those who sent them) and were condemned for it. How can we now question why young men would attempt to evade a draft? What do they have to gain? Disrespect from their country, injury without compensation and a political arena that fails to provide them with adequate support on any level? However, failure to serve in the military is obviously not the answer either.

Although it has been decades since Vietnam and these veterans still suffer discrimination today, many members of the Senate were actually surprised to learn how prevalent discrimination was from the statements of Hobbs. I do wonder where they have been, since there are countless accounts of what happened to the men who served in Vietnam – men like my husband.

Sen. Derek Kilmer spoke to a soldier who was turned down for a job because of his service and said, “The more people I spoke with, the more I heard this story is not at all uncommon.” Rep. Chris Strow adds about the proposed bill, “It is a protection that is important. There are individuals who have disdain for people who choose to serve.”

My husband recalls a time after Vietnam when post traumatic disorder in veterans were not even diagnosed yet and there was no help or recognition of the problem. He remembers a friend who found it so difficult to get work because of his service on the front lines that he used a fake name and social security number to get employment. This really hits the veteran hard because the reason many of these people join is to get an education or learn a skill and gain better employment opportunities.

Kilmer’s statement about passing this potential bill reflects my feelings about the issue. “It’s just the right thing to do. If you’re willing to serve your country, you shouldn’t have to suffer financially for that.”