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The War, PTSD and Veterans Left to Die

Monday, February 26th, 2007

 I recently read a disturbing article about a young American man named Jonathan who served in the war in Iraq and returned suffering with PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder). I am always lured by these headlines because I am the loving wife of a Vietnam veteran who suffers with PTSD, Agent Orange exposure and neglect at the hands of the VA (Veterans Affairs) every day. It makes my heart ache to think this tragedy continues to repeat itself for more young men and their families.

Jonathan, a veteran with two Purple Hearts, was finally ready on January 11 to get the help he desperately needed since his return from Iraq. He packed his US Marine duffel bag with neatly folded clothes and a picture of his baby daughter and drove 75 miles to the VA Hospital in St. Cloud, Minnesota. To add personal commentary, VA medical centers are often many miles away from a veterans’ home (usually in a modest neighborhood where they can afford to survive) and it is encumbering to get there. Transportation is precariously available, with many weeks’ notice often required. Often this is unrealistic because the veteran requires immediate attention, as was Jonathan’s case.

Jonathan got to the VA hospital, haunted with the thoughts of his mental wounds that caused depression, violent outbursts and an uncontrollable desire to kill himself that made him drown in alcohol and prescribed anti-anxiety drugs. He was accompanied by his dad, a Vietnam War Veteran, and his stepmom as he told the intake counselor he was suicidal and wanted to be admitted to a psychiatric ward. According to his stepmother, they responded that the clinician who prescreened such cases was not available and he should go back home and wait for a call the following day. My husband has gotten this kind of treatment when he was clearly mentally and physically suffering on numerous occasions. He has been absolutely, understandably enraged when blown off in this manner.

A clinical social worker called Jonathan the next day and informed him he was 26th on a waiting list for one of 12 beds at the PTSD ward in the hospital, despite the fact he told the worker he had suicidal thoughts and other symptoms. On January 16, only four short days later, Jonathan hung himself from a beam in the basement with a household extension cord. Jonathan was from a family with a tradition of military service and his dad said, “My feeling is no veteran should be turned away, and definitely not a veteran who is openly saying he needs help and that he feels like taking his life.” My husband and other veterans we know have been turned away, canceled without notice, shuffled and ignored on countless occasions. Despite the fact this country failed to take care of veterans from previous wars, a war continues that creates more veterans the country is already failing to properly care for.

Jonathan wrote on May 13, 2004, the day after two of his close friends were killed, “My heart is filled with sadness. And I ask God why…I pray so much and ask God to keep me out of harm’s way and get me back in one piece.”

The sad fact is that there are 1.5 millions veterans already of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. One in five of these veterans are coming back with PTSD. A report by an Army panel of experts revealed that one in three veterans from the war in Iraq are seeking mental health services. Veterans advocates report that the systems is unprepared and lacks the funds the handle this onslaught of veterans and veterans fear being left out in the cold by the government they serve – such as Jonathan. Our country continues to protest continuing this war, but Bush and the good old boys relentlessly go on at the expense of so many lives. Democracy is actually nonexistent and obviously power, control and profit are the driving forces that keep this war going.

Just Five Minutes A Day

Saturday, February 24th, 2007

Did you think about the war today at all?  Did you think about the thousands of troops who are out there right now with sand in their shoes, their food, their hair, and in their lungs?  Did you think about the 18 year old men and women who can’t even drink or gamble in this country and probably never even voted before they were shipped off to fight a war that nobody even really understands?  Maybe I’m wrong, but you probably spent more time thinking about what to eat for dinner tonight.

Sure, you’re probably saying right now, feeling the blood boil in your veins at the mere suggestion that you aren’t thinking of such important things.  Of course you’ve thought about the war today, how could you not?  It’s on the front of every newspaper, the cover of every magazine, the homepage of every news site, the topic of discussion on every cable news shows, right?  Well, let’s take a look…on right now a story about a Baghdad car bomb that killed 39 people today is ranked 5th on the list of Top Stories below one about the Oscars.  On’s Most Viewed stories list the #9 story is about Obama ridiculing Cheney for Iraq comments, well below the #2 story about a Jaguar killing a zookeeper at the Denver Zoo.  On, the top story is about how the British terror threat is at its worse since 9/11.  Well, no big surprises over there on Fox!  On their Most Read list, there is a story about Israel asking for Iraqi airspace in preparation for an Iranian strike, but that’s seven stories below the one about the very first Wendy’s Restaurant closing in Columbus, Ohio.  Oh, those poor minimum wage earning kids, well they can always join the military!

On the news channels right now, Headline News is covering the Anna Nicole Smith debacle, CNN is featuring a special on the importance of rap music in the world, C-SPAN is discussing the importance of the movie business to the U.S. economy with former president Daddy Bush and Will Smith (I don’t even want to get into the ridiculousness of all that), and CNBC is discussing the New Orleans disaster.  Well, at least CNBC is talking about something of importance.  To be fair, I am randomly checking these sites and channels as I write this.  Perhaps they spent the entire day focusing on Iraq and I just missed it, but it seems that every time I turn on the news these days it’s about some blonde celebrity dying or going to rehab or losing her panties or something ridiculous like that, but it’s rarely about the war anymore!

Now, don’t take offense, I’m no better than anyone else.  I have been riveted by the whole Anna Nicole Smith nonsense all week, mildly amused by the Britney Spears minute-by-minute breakdown coverage, and watched more than my fair share of reality TV shows.  My point, however, is that maybe we should be spending more than five minutes each day perusing the headlines (and probably not even reading or watching the entire stories) for Iraq updates.  Since the war in Iraq began, nearly FOUR years ago, 3154 American Military deaths have occurred, 23,677 American troops have been wounded, 800 civilian contractors have died, and approximately 60,000 civilian Iraqis have been killed.  Shouldn’t we be paying more attention to what’s going on over there rather than focusing on fluff and distraction?

I’m not trying to make you feel bad, because I’m just as guilty as anyone, but I guess I’m trying to remind myself and others that there is a WAR GOING ON and AMERICAN KIDS are being KILLED!  I know we all know this and it’s somewhere in the back of our minds throughout the day, but do you really even realize what these kids are being sent to do?  I work at a college where we give these 18 and 19 year old kids their GED exams and the vast majority of them these days are doing so in order to join the military to fight for whatever it is we’re really fighting for over there.  Each time I tell these kids they’ve passed their GED and are now free to go off to war, I feel a little guilty.  As they thank me profusely and smile excitedly and tell me how they can finally ship off in a couple of weeks, I sometimes feel my heart sink thinking about what they’re about to face.  Will they end up another number added to the faceless, growing lists of casualties above?  Will I even remember their faces next week?  Will I barely even think about the sacrifices they’re going to make for more than five minutes per day?  What about you?

The End of Freedom

Friday, February 23rd, 2007

Ayn Rand wrote this book years ago. She clearly saw the path America was taking. She stated that soon no man would be able to live without breaking some law. That bureaucrats would interfere in all parts of your lives.  In the “Art of War,” written back in the beginning of the AD, Sun Tzu stated that when you capture a new providence, make sure you keep the bureaucrats alive.  Why? Because a bureaucrat’s main job is to protect their job, not the good of the state.


The Ominous Parallels: The End of Freedom in America
by Ayn Rand, Leonard Peikoff

About this title: A controversial work by a disciple of the philosopher and novelist Ayn Rand. Peikoff maintains that Americans have been seduced by collectivist ideas concerning politics and culture, and that American society in consequence is heading towards a future society that will resemble Nazi Germany in its glorification of the group over the individual.

Remember in the movie “Red Dawn,” the Mayor that worked with the invaders against Americans? This is the same thinking the bureaucrats will sell their soul to stay in power. Don’t get me wrong, there are some very good and much needed bureaucrats. We would have chaos without police, roads would be impossible to drive without road crews, fire Department save houses and family, etc.  But allow us to look at the mindset. There is a very good movie out called “Point of Origin.” It is based on the true story of Ca. Arson Investigator. This guy was truly amazing at finding how the fires started. For years, he was looked at the best Arson Investigator in the field. He worked like an FBI Profiler thinking like the Arsonist. The truth is that he was the arsonist. Budgets were getting cut and the fire department was no exception, so to justify their existence, they needed more fires. People died in some of his fires and he is now serving prison time. But you see the mindset.


In several Eastern states the DNR (Department of Natural Resource) has been giving God like powers over private property.  Most people think this is great to stop big business from raping the land.  The truth is this bureaucrats go after the little guy. There was one notable case in Upper Peninsula of Michigan. A millionaire bought a section of land and put in for a permit to make ponds. Right on the permit it stated if you do not hear back from the agency in writing within 60 days, the permit is approved. 80 days later, after not hearing back, he installed his ponds. What happened next was truly unbelievable. The DNR, which should stand for Damn Near Russia, swooped in on private property and ordered him to destroy his ponds and return his land back to the way it was before he installed the ponds. This guy decided to fight it. Hiring lawyers, he fought the bureaucrats to the very end losing and appealing all the way to Lansing. The end result, he died of heart attack from all the stress, the lawyers ended up with the land, and the ponds were destroyed.


These bureaucrats should be brought up on manslaughter charges. The state loves protecting the bureaucrats and to hell with the people. A very good site to learn what is really going on is . Most Americans live in the city and have little understanding of what is really going on in the world. They catch 30-second sound bits and act like they know it all. I am sure the average American can tell you that Anna Nicole Smith may have been poisoned but could not tell you the first thing about the pervasive loss of private property rights.


The Endangered Species Act (ESA) is a favorite tool of these power hungry bureaucrats. Over and over, they use this excuse to steal Americans of their private property rights.


It’s the Eleventh Hour -
Time to Get Busy

By Devvy Kidd
Reprinted with permission

“The global theory of free trade is siphoning off America’s wealth and bringing her economy to the level of others. The theory is displacing American workers who otherwise would be employed.”

- Senator George Malone, 1958

First plank of the communist manifesto: abolition of all private property. Eminent domain is sweeping this country like a deadly forest fire, and it will continue to escalate as plans for the complete and total destruction of our sovereign nation move ahead. Bush’s proposed North American Union (NAU) and the so-called Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP), are the final nails in the coffin of America’s sovereignty. The globalists in Congress, and the White House over the past several decades, have been slowly, step by step, deconstructing our sovereign republic in anticipation of eliminating these United States of America, and merging them into one region of a world governmental body. My job as a writer is to inform you and hopefully help you learn what is going in our great nation. When you hear anybody say I care about the environment, ask if they care about property rights. We have an incredibly powerful tool called the Internet to research what your Congressman and Senator are up to. If they hear nothing from you, your silent voice is considered acceptance. Don’t go quietly into the night let your voice be heard.

My job as a writer is to inform you and hopefully help you learn what is going in our great nation. When you hear anybody say I care about the environment, ask if they care about property rights. We have an incredibly powerful tool called the Internet to research what your Congressman and Senator are up to. If they hear nothing from you, your silent voice is considered acceptance. Don’t go quietly into the night let your voice be heard.Until next time, sight in your rifle, never stop learning, and keep your powder dry.




Bohemian Rhapsody

Thursday, February 22nd, 2007

 In my most recent blog entry, I cleared up the confusion about the real meaning of “Bohemian”. Although inaccurately used to describe wayward artists and powerful, white men who participate in a ritualistic group, it is actually a nationality of people from western Czechoslovakia. I am aware of this fact because of my own Bohemian ancestry.

Many Bohemian Jews and gypsies were victimized, oppressed and killed by Nazis during the Holocaust. In fact, a head count taken after World War II revealed that there were less than one hundred Bohemians left in Czechoslovakia. However, because so many Bohemians were “gypsies” running from oppression, the census was deemed to be inaccurate.

Despite the fact that few Bohemians existed and the nation was dissolved in 1949, we do still exist and are aware of the insults being misdirected at our nationality. Racial slurs against other groups are pursued, prosecuted and acknowledged, but this group is forgotten other than to make nasty jokes or comparisons. Our country perpetuates wars such as the current one, alleging they are spreading the concept of democracy and encouraging individual human rights. Clearly this is a thinly disguised smoke screen because if a battle does not involve profit from oil and political power, government officials don’t seem to care.

After all, a pig farm still exists over the former graves of Bohemians killed (many helpless children) during the Holocaust. Despite international laws that require such sites be respected and memorialized, the pig farm continues to conduct business over the bodies of those sacrificed because of prejudice. Appeals have even been made to the U.N. to give dignity to the grave sites and families of these people to no avail. To add insult to injury, inaccurate allegations have been made that these people died because of typhus and not oppression, despite witnesses to the events and evidence that they occurred. Just consider the fact that the Diary of Ann Frank was actually written by a Bohemian Jew.

A writer named Paul Polansky was integral in having the memorial built that does exist in Lety. He gave a speech back in 1995 at the Holocaust Museum on Washington, DC that outlined the experience of these Bohemian and Romany victims. He brought witnesses and the truth to light many times and published a book in 1999 called Living Through it Twice: Poems of the Romany Holocaust. He offers actual accounts of severe racism against the darker-skinned Romany population, with racial attacks by skinheads amounting to over 1,200 as of 1998. Despite his efforts and publicity in the American press, the pig farm and racial slurs continue to go on.

In fact, they are being perpetuated by our own government officials, who refer to their elite little group of political policy-makers as the Bohemian Grove. Beware of the comparison because the white aristocracy actually wiped out the nation of Bohemia and continues to relentlessly persecute those who remain, denying them equal rights and education. Is this an inside joke about what their intentions are toward the masses right here in America? Don’t be too surprised. Consider that the majority of wealth is held by less than five percent of the population, most of whom probably have a connection at Bohemian Grove. Scary, isn’t it?

To end my Bohemian blog, I will give you two quotes to think about. The first is from Paul Polansky’s speech:

“The communists made us give up our nomadic ways in the 1950s but democracy has released a racism in this country that has taken away our livelihoods, our culture, our souls. On top of all this, you walk around the big cities and you see signs written on the walls: ‘Gypsies to the gas chambers,’ ‘Gypsy go back to India,’ ‘Gypsy out,’ ‘Death for Gypsies,’ ‘Gypsy parasites go back to Asia,’ ‘Czech Republic for Czechs not for Gypsies,’ ‘Czech Republic White, F— Off Gypsies.’ Was the holocaust any worst for us? Today is a living holocaust. I truly believe another Lety is descending upon us.
“I also fear that what is happening to the Romany in the Czech Republic will happen in other European countries if they see that the Czech policy is successful. If it is allowed to be successful, then other European countries will copy it. Italy, Belgium, German, Spain are all watching to see what happens in the Czech Republic. They hope the white Czechs win so that they can begin the same program. I have relatives in these countries. They hear talk about the same things being carried out there.”Perhaps it is not just in Europe we need to fear this happening, after finding out about Bohemian Brove. I would like to end with the words of Reverend Al Sharpton in his book “Al On America”, written in 2003:“Presidential politics has become too narrow. It has become an exclusive club for white males, of a certain income, of a certain age…People are living in fear and we have to break that cycle and offer them more than words.”Where do the rest of us fit in?

Symbols or Coincidence of the NWO?

Tuesday, February 20th, 2007

Okay, I admit it, I’m quickly becoming totally obsessed with secret societies, satanic symbolism, and this whole idea that a handful of people are controlling everything that happens on this lonely little blue planet of ours.  Now, let me first say that I am a scientific person with a healthy dose of skepticism, but am open to the possibilities that the world and the universe at large is a very complex and mysterious place that we will most likely never truly understand.  So, just for the sake of argument, I’d like to present to you for your consideration (cue Rod Serling) a collection of interesting items I found on the Internet that relates to the secret symbols of the Freemasons, Skull & Bones, the New World Order, and the other bizarre testosterone-laden men’s clubs that seem to tie them all together with frightening detail.  I am not saying that these things are true, but I’m offering them to you for further investigation.  (As requested by a reader, I will include links to support the claims below.)

Let’s start with the dollar bill.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, the “All Seeing Eye” on the back of the dollar bill has deep meaning to the Freemasons and provides many symbolic clues pointing towards a strange connection between that particular secret society, Satan, and the New World Order.  First, the Latin term at the bottom of the pyramid “Novus Ordo Seclorum” translates to mean “New Order of The Ages” or New World Order.  Next, the letters MASON can be connected to form a perfect hexagram within the seal of the pyramid.  Not to be confused with the Star of David, the hexagram enclosed in a circle is a symbol often used in witchcraft. At the base of the pyramid are the Roman Numerals “MDCCLXXVI” which translates to mean 1776 (obviously this is America’s birth year), but if you place the numbers around the pyramid, you will find the “666” symbol appears.  Finally, the All Seeing Eye that is placed at the top of the pyramid is thought to represent Satan’s eye as he looks down upon his minions.

Next, we can look at the right side of the back of the dollar bill to the Great Seal of America.  There are 13 leaves, 13 stripes, and 13 arrows on the symbol of the eagle which allegedly represents the revolt of Lucifer.  There are also 13 stars in the symbol above the eagle’s head which also form the shape of the hexagram.  (Yes, I know, I can all hear you saying that all that represents is the original 13 states, but I’m just offering up these alternative interpretations.)  There are also 33 feathers on each of the eagle’s wings which happens to be the most sacred number of the Freemasons.

Another interesting thing I found in my research was the plethora of photographs showing various world leaders giving the “devils” hand sign, which is also a secret symbol of many of the secret societies mentioned above.  This hand sign, popular at rock concerts, shows the pinky and pointer finger standing up with the thumb folded in.  At first, as I’m sure you’ll agree, I felt that these pictures could easily have been doctored, but I’ll leave that for you to decide.  The rabbit’s hole goes deeper and deeper still!

The Real Bohemians

Monday, February 19th, 2007


I went online yesterday to enter my most recent blog entry, but I decided to put it on hold because I was so moved about what I read about Bohemian Grove. Although I like to feel I am well-informed, I was unaware that this disturbing group even existed until yesterday. As a person of Bohemian ancestry, I thought I was aware of all the ways our heritage had been exploited to describe groups that are completely unlike it.

The actual meaning of the term “Bohemian” is an inhabitant or native of the former province of western Czechoslovakia, often referred to as “gypsies”. Bohemia was a waterfront area of Czechoslovakia, originally bordered by Austria, Bavaria, Saxony and Lusatia. However, the nationality was all but forgotten in the mid 1800′s when the word “bohemian” was was used by French authors such as Honore de Balzac and George Sand to describe a the carefree artists of the day, comparing them with gypsies. The Dictionnaire de l’Academie Francaise of 1932 described the new meaning to be, “One who lives a vagabond, unregimented life without assured resources, who does not worry about tomorrow.” Henry Murger’s book Scenes de la Vie de Boheme made the term popular and Murger tried to distance himself and these new bohemians from the natives that actually deserved the term by stating, “The Bohemians of whom it is a question in this book have no connection with the Bohemians whom melodramatists have rendered synonymous with robbers and assassins. Neither are they recruited from among the dancing-bear leaders, sword swallowers, gilt watch-guard venders, street lottery keepers, and a thousand other vague and mysterious professionals whose main business is to have no business at all, and who are always ready to turn their hands to anything except good.”

Amidst the continued racial slurs and inaccuracies about Bohemians and gypsies, it is interesting to note that Anne Frank, made famous for her diary entries made while hiding from Nazi oppression, was actually a Bohemian Jew. Another famous Bohemian is Good King Wenceslas, who was a real, charitable king and patron saint of the Czech republic – not just the subject of a Christmas carol. Further, in 1355, Charles I, Luxembourg king of Bohemia, became Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV. In 1348, he founded the University of Prague and increased the importance of Prague, which remains a principal center of artistic and intellectual activity in central Europe today.

Inaccuracies about this nationality are perpetuated today with the continued use of the word “bohemian” to describe groups such as the Bohemian Grove. By birth I am a Bohemian, proud of my heritage and have no other name to call myself. The United States makes media representations that it supports equality and discourages racial epithets. What would you call this inaccurate use of my nationality? I sincerely doubt that anyone of Bohemian heritage belongs to this group that consists of white males with overtones of Nazism.

After all, the Bohemians were killed in vast numbers during the Holocaust, though Bohemia was alleged to be a protectorate of Germany. Just a decade ago the President of the Czech Republic dedicated a memorial at Lety which was actually located a few meters away from a Czech pig farm. The pig farm was allowed to remain in business, although it covers the actual death camp site and many of the graves, despite the fact that all former WWII death camps are to be preserved as national memorials. Just last week, a Prague newspaper reported that this farm has still not been shut down, even though appeals have been made to the UN and many of those imprisoned and killed at Lety were children.

So what is Bohemia today? Bohemia was broken down into smaller districts in 1949 and no longer exists. What has happened to the people, the nation and what is the possible connection to the Bohemian Grove? I will write more about this in my next blog.

The Secrets of Bohemian Grove

Sunday, February 18th, 2007

What is Bohemian Grove?  Well, imagine a boys camp in the middle of the woods where they wear devilish costumes, perform strange puberty building rituals, have secret meetings, and pee on the trees whenever they feel like it, but instead of boys it’s a gathering of the most powerful and influential men in the United States and the world.  That’s right, Bohemian Grove is a yearly two-week camp in the redwood forests of northern California that attracts some very elite and surprising characters for some male bonding, bizarre rituals, and serious discussions that determine the direction the entire world might take next.  In short, it’s a boy’s camp for World Domination!

In July of each year, the powerful elite “camp” in luxurious accommodations in the middle of the redwood forest in Monte Rio, California.  This private, male-only club has been in existence for almost 150 years and boasts members from the upper echelons of American, and some foreign, society.  Every single Republican president since 1923, a few Democratic presidents, and many presidential cabinet members have all been members of the Bohemian Club.  Big corporate CEO’s, including leaders of the Federal Reserve, major financial institutions, military contractors, utilities, and the national media have representatives in the highest levels of the organization.  There are even a few entertainment celebrities that belong to the group.  Big name members, such as George Bush, Sr., George W. Bush, Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon, Jimmy Carter, Henry Kissinger, Antonin Scalia, Walter Cronkite, William F. Buckley, Dick Cheney, and Donald Rumsfeld have all been attendees or members of the Bohemian Grove summer camp.

So, what exactly goes on at these “camps” for the rich and powerful?  Well, as any clandestine group knows, you have to have fun costumes, strange rituals, and homosexual undertones to be successful year after year, and that’s exactly what Bohemian Grove offers its members.  These “Bohos” get together every year for some Lakeside Talks by guest member speakers and talk about things like…

“Military Secrets of the Ocean, Atmosphere, & UFOs” (2001) – Richard Muller

“Africa: Are We Wasting Our Time?” (1999) – John Spencer

“Church, State, and the Constitution!” (1997) – Antonin Scalia

“Defining a New World Order” (1991) – Elliot Richardson

“Rearming America” (1981) – Casper Weinberger

Then there’s the bizarre rituals of the “Cremation of Care” ceremony that has its members dress up in red robes and hoods around a giant Owl statue that is voiced by none other than Walter Cronkite.  A mock sacrifice it played out as members float across a lake in a boat with an effigy that is thrown into a fire at the foot of the giant Owl, meant to represent the casting out of the cares of the outside world by the members of the Bohemian Club.  It is a ceremony that symbolizes the secrecy of the meeting and that everyone is free to do “whatever” they like during the two weeks without fear of it getting out into the rest of the world.

Members are told at the opening ceremony that men are divided between their reality and their fantasies and that they need to escape the real world in order to bond with other men.  This is apparently taken a bit too literally as it is greatly reported that homosexual activities are rampant at the camp, even among those who publicly denounce homosexuality.  Prostitutes are readily available for the members to indulge in at the outskirts of the Grove.  Women are not allowed at the camp, so there is a designated area for these women (and male) prostitutes to gather outside the central meeting area.  Because of the tight-lipped nature of the organization, members feel that they can say or do anything they like and it will never get out to their families, friends, or the public at large.

Other Shakespearean-type plays and musicals are put on during the High Jinx and Low Jinx presentations where men dress up as the female characters for the sheer entertainment of the drunken, carousing Bohos.  In addition, the act of peeing on trees and the apparent comparison of ones manly parts is a common occurrence.  Boys will be boys after all!

How do we know all of this actually goes on anyway?  Well, several members of the press have managed sneak into the festivities as undercover members of servants.  Philip Weiss (Spy Magazine) infiltrated the group in 1989 and wrote a scathing review of the activities inside the camp; Dirk Mathison (People Magazine) also managed to get inside in 1991, but his piece never made it to print due to members of People Magazine’s Time Warner management team being members of the Bohemian Club; and Alex Jones (radio host, filmmaker, and journalist) successfully filmed the rituals inside in 2000 and again in 2005 and turned his findings into two documentaries, Dark Secrets: Inside Bohemian Grove and The Order of Death.

Aside from all the hootenanny goings-on that occur, there are also some important negotiations and meetings taking place between these powerful members.  While networking is officially looed down upon, these men are clearly there to change policies and world events as they see fit.  It is rumored that The Manhattan Project was discussed and enacted at a Bohemian Grove camp in 1942, you know that little thing called the atomic bomb!  These men are in charge of the economy, the judicial system, and the military.  Do you really want a bunch of guys with tomahawks and face paint running around with their dicks hanging out deciding which direction the world should go in next?  I think not, so do what you can to educate yourself about these “not-so-secret” societies and meetings and prepare yourself for a long, hard fight ahead.  Powerful men become even more powerful when they join together.  Do we really even have a fighting chance to beat them???

George Galloway Tells How It Is

Saturday, February 17th, 2007

This has to be one of the most well documented debates I have ever seen! Galloway sets the scene of reality, putting modern media, and its propaganda to shame. Modern knowledge of conflict in the Arab World is geared towards one side as they try to blind the masses into believing one side of the coin only exists. Galloway sends that coin spinning into the air letting the truth be told out of its rotation from one side to the other. I have never seen a man or woman prove their point and win a debate so well as I have now witnessed with George Galloway. During some random searching online I came across this.
—-George Galloway Debates Arab Conflict—-

The ease in which he simply stamps out anything she says is remarkable, and convincing. He throws constant truths at us berating our senses with facts and backs them up. His “Cannot you see the obvious?!” direct attitude suits him very well. But let us not sit here throwing constant praise at him, I will leave it at well done.

The conflict he debates and his arguments towards how the media tries to dilute the information available to us, shows the reality of the world we live in. He states several different times that we are shown only recent activity, and it is all a one sided coin. I mean sure, it is war, both sides of the battles are in the right and the wrong. This has been going on there for a long time now, the people who live there have a long memory.

He also points out to us other issues, some of which made me begin to laugh with disbelief at how easily he shuts this news anchor down. Like the issue with Israel being supplied arms such as long range missiles, guns and aircraft, and supposedly nuclear warheads. Yet Iran and other countries supply their neighbors with self defense and we are supposed to gasp in horror?! How one sided are you looking at this issue from?!

One thing is for sure though, watching this gives you a sense, that this whole issue can only be resolved through conflict now. It has gone on for too long and shall only resolve itself once they fight it out. What does Israel act as? One big instigator from all aspects. There is a blood feud at work here that is older than us and our fathers.

Why will America do anything against Iran and cause further world negative publicity? They have Israel to do that for them. This Iran nuclear issue (conflict, crisis, in media) is a quite likely turning point. And as I had mentioned previously in past posts, our senses are already being dulled towards a possible war with Iran. Which is looking more inevitable on a daily basis.

Just think about the layout of the Arab World and you will see why Iran is so ready for conflict.

America has already surrounded their borders, and are pushing them around like school yard bullies. If I was Iran I’d be beefing up my military as well, and essentially not trusting a word these Imperialist Backstabbers would preach.

One thing is for certain, if you poke at a sleeping lion long enough, it will bite back. How many more pokes will it take?

The News You Can Trust?

Wednesday, February 14th, 2007

Having done some research for a previous post about China, I found a very interesting website that monitors enemies of the free press around the world.  Reporters Without Borders For Press Freedom ( complies a worldwide list of countries who are unfriendly to members of and the dissemination of the free press.  This Worldwide Press Freedom Index ranks countries using a questionnaire that is sent out to other freedom organizations, international correspondents, journalists, researchers, and activists around the world.  The 50 questions deal with how much freedom journalists receive in each country and how supportive these countries are to ensuring this freedom.  The index bases its rankings on press freedoms rather than human rights freedoms.

Looking at the list of 168 countries is very interesting and somewhat surprising in many ways.  At the top of the list, those countries that provide the greatest freedoms to the press include Finland, Iceland, Ireland, and the Netherlands (all tied for first).  No real surprises there.  The United States, however, ranks 53 along with Botswana, Croatia, and Tonga.  For a country that purports to have the greatest freedoms of rights, expression, and press in the world, that’s not such a great ranking U.S.A.!  Tied with Tonga?  Does anyone even know where Tonga is?  The bottom of the list, those that provide the worst conditions for free press include Saudi Arabia, Iran, China, Burma, Cuba, Eritrea, Turkmenistan, and North Korea.  Again, no big surprises there.

The types of things that cause a country to move up or down the index each year include if any journalists were murdered, imprisoned, attacked, deported, went missing, were kidnapped, or fled on their own.  As for the general availability of free press to its citizens, violations such as censorship, state controlled media monopolies, controlled access to journalistic training, unavailability of the Internet, and the forced closing of various news agencies were all considered in ranking each country.

I think this type of monitoring of media availability of countries around the world is one of the most important things to be concerned with when it comes to understanding how the world works and who’s really in charge of it all.  People are only as informed as their governments allow them to be.  While North Koreans continue to believe that the entire world is out to get them, how can we blame them for hating the West since that’s all they hear about from the day they are born through government run television, radio, and newspapers?  Who’s to say what we hear in the United States is what is really going on in the world?  All you need to do is spend time watching CNN International or Al Jazeera International to see a completely different viewpoint on the same topics cover on regular CNN.  Even watching MSNBC versus Fox News can give you varied facts and skewed spins on the exact same stories.  It’s enough to make your head spin and never watch another news report again!  I imagine Winston Smith working away in the Records Department of the Ministry of Truth whispering into his speakwrite the newest “truths” Big Brother wants us to know.  It truly is a frightening parallel!

I encourage you to visit the Reporters Without Borders website ( and find out for yourself who the many enemies of the free press really are.  With education we gain power and strength, but just remember and be weary of where you’re getting that information from!

Conditioning The Masses For Conflict

Wednesday, February 14th, 2007

It is sad truly, but I think the steps are being taken now to bring on a war with Iran in a war on terror that will never end. All the aggression and tainted media surrounding the topic is already being used against us. Slowly, but now progressively, they are dampening its impact upon us. If one was to watch closely you will see many signs pointing towards this event. Mainly in the conditioning of the masses to accept this is going to happen whether we like it or not.

First they portray the words outright in many related articles to the events they want us to see. “War with Iran” will be repeated in any article many times. Just to implement those words into our current train of thoughts.

Second, they begin to make it look out of our power to do anything about it. Assembly meetings with Governor Generals, Heads of State, Parliamentary Officials. All these people who wield ‘power’ in this world. They are the ones who ‘control’ the issues and ‘decide’ upon how to go about making decisions.

Third… we get our citizens of whatever far left and right groups to either be appalled, or enthused over the implications of such an idea. Make them all bicker amongst themselves and then the real people watching over the plays start making their moves.

We are being conditioned, and our movements of left and right within, are already sowed and wrought with anger. How much longer until a bomb drops? A secret ops mission gone wrong sparks one side to declare war? Just as we’ve all seen with 9/11, the government organizations who work behind the scenes have a hand in what is going on around us.

Afghanistan was already used as a military boot camp. Iraq as their live action training grounds. Who will be next? The push has begun for Iran. Strike one, strike two… strike three? Can you think of any Arab country that will stand idly by and watch some Imperialistic army start destroying their neighbors?! Things have really not been looking good on a world scale as of late, the only question left for Arabs now is simple. “Do we stand united and push these infidels out of our lands? Or do we allow them to destroy our culture and way of life?” I think we know what any rational minded group of people would do, and bind together for a common cause in survival.

I’ve pointed out in previous articles that media is used to keep our eyes glued to the television nodding in dumbfound agreement. Flashy images and intense music going from one scene to the next in rapid succession, assailing our senses. With it they put many thoughts and images in our minds. With these, they can help increase or lower impact of their decisions and actions.

I’ve also pointed out before that it is quite probable in the near future a real conflict is going to break out. Iraq was nothing compared to what a real invasion will look like. With all this fancy new gadgets and military budgets, many countries are anxious to try them out.  Alternatively, they may be overly afraid of others and using them with no regard for intelligence at what they are doing. Tensions are really high these days on a world scale. No other country really trusts any other anymore and honestly I cannot blame any of them. How much longer until something intense really happens and knocks the public’s socks off as they stare glued to their televisions?

How much longer until all this hate and propaganda turns into war?