What is Bilderberg?

On the surface, Bilderberg is a yearly meeting with high-powered, international leaders in the areas of politics and finance.  They supposedly discuss such issues as oil prices, nuclear arms, global warming, and the various wars and political upheavals that afflict the planet at any given time.  I say “supposedly discuss” because no one is actually told what goes on at these super secret, highly guarded, and mysterious annual meetings.  But why?  These issues seem like the types of things that all people should know about, right?  Well, it doesn’t really matter what the people think, this exclusive group doesn’t really care what you think about these things and they’re not going to bother telling you!

The Bilderberg group started in Holland in 1954 and is named after the Hotel Bilderberg where the first meeting was held.  The location changes each year and world leaders and others make the trip annually, though they’d rather you didn’t know that.  The group went to great lengths to deny that it actually existed until very recently, due simply to the fact that cameras are everywhere now and it’s hard even for world leaders to evade them.  So, they do now acknowledge the existence of the Bilderberg group, but they’re not happy about it.  At the 2006 meeting in Canada, Hilary Clinton was spotted in the area at the time of the meeting, but no one in her camp would neither deny nor confirm her attendance.  What’s with all this secrecy anyway?  What do they have to hide?

Sure, maybe it is just a stodgy meeting with old guys in suits discussing dry topics like world finance, pollution, and industry trends, but then why perpetuate this secret image?  It only makes people more suspicious anyway!  Reporters are not welcome inside, confidential minutes are kept, yet names are not noted, meeting locations are kept secret (until the press unearths it), and membership is denied by its own members.  They don’t even have a website!  Even my 10 year old niece has a website, but this important group of the world’s leaders does not?  What’s really going on here?

If you listen to conspiracy theorists and others, you might believe that this group of powerful men and women is controlling the world behind its mysterious closed doors.  Many people believe that Bilderberg is responsible for the Oklahoma City bombing, both World Trade Center attacks, the invasion of Iraq, the downfall of Slobodan Milosevic, as well as rising oil prices!  The 2006 meeting was rumored to have discussed whether or not Iran would be invaded next.

If you listen to the Bilderberg group, you might think that’s all a bunch of bullhonkery!  Their response to the criticism is that the group simply gets together for a good old fashioned pow-wow to talk about world issues, not control them.  Perhaps, but then why not publish these discussions after the fact?  What don’t they want us to know?  Is it like Fight Club…the first rule in Bilderberg is that there is no Bilderberg?  What are they trying to hide?  And if they’re not trying to hide something, what’s with all the smoke and mirrors?  I can certainly understand their explanation that by not publishing their discussions will allow their members the freedom to speak honestly, but why not just say that’s what they’re doing?  Why continue to operate behind the shadows?  Does the old saying, honesty is the best policy, not apply to the upper echelons of power and privilege?  I guess not.

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4 Responses to “What is Bilderberg?”

  1. Jim Eagle Feather says:

    Once upon a time it was a valid LOW LEVEL multi-organ NWO get-together. Since all the limelight it is now little more than a decoy.

  2. George Kender Comney says:

    It is true that the British and Papal forces are locked in
    struggle. But it is also important to realise who their partners are,
    even if the partnership have cracks. The British are aligned with the
    Jewish, Byzantine and Hindu forces. The Papal forces are aligned
    with the Islamic and Confucian forces.

    Cromwell brought back Britain’s Jews and made them loyal to the
    British agenda. America’s Puritans were also aligned with the Jews.
    Disraeli made Israel part of the British agenda. Jefferson and
    Franklin were instructed by a Greek named Paradise how to write the
    Constituion and set up universities loyal to the Greek agenda.
    Byzantines have a politburo called “Archons” to which even Gorbachev
    belongs. The Byzantine forces have control over Russia as well as the
    old Alexandrian hegemonies of Egypt and Syria. This is why Greek
    shippers control Arab and Russian oil. Greek shippers shipped slaves
    to America which were captured by Arabs and their African allies.
    Greek-born British Prince Philip has reverted to Orthodox Christianity
    in his old-age. All the money in India is in Orthodox Christian,
    Zorastrian or Jewish hands. As the USA is moving towards a Papal
    majority, the British hegemony is moving jobs to India, which is more
    likely to be aligned with British interests.

    The Papacy always had good ties to Islam, not just because of
    abortion. The Papacy has always used Islam and Confucianism against
    their enemies. Marco Polo reopened ties to China, which they saw as a
    counterforce to Byzantium and Russia. Even when Muhammad was alive,
    the Papacy wanted to use Islam to destabilize Byzantium. The Pope
    opposed any action against Saddam because Tariq Aziz was a Papal
    Chaldean. Hitler was a Papal altar boy and was aligned with Islam and

  3. Build A Bird says:

    What is this all about ? Is it really as important as it comes off to be? Because to be honest My fellow birds and I don’t understand this! Please Help Thanks.!

  4. follow the money says:

    NWO 1913 illuminati inflation false flag 911 corporate domination global warming cap and trade

    Follow the money…then the power

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