Illuminati and Swine Flu – Kevin Scott

It is simply amazing the proportions that the media has blown the ‘A H1N1 Swine Flu’ into from nothing. First there we ‘suspected cases popping up everywhere’, while the ‘confirmed deaths’ were on the rise in Mexico. Next thing we had confirmed cases popping up everywhere with the deal toll continuing to rise in Mexico. First death in USA, a couple suspected deaths came along at seemingly the same time-frame. Pandemic level was raised from 3 to 5 within a matter of days.

Fast forward this a week, after hearing 100 times that they are going to create a vaccine for this ‘potentially deadly, pandemic flu’, and suddenly all the confirmed cases start to drop in number, and turns out all those confirmed deaths weren’t from this virus at all. The infection rate is not near as high as we were told it was even in Mexico where it originated.

The above tactic is a direct fear tactic used to gauge public response to a certain event, and also to make them form a unified fear of this virus so they can pass a few more laws on health regulations (this is going to take away some liberties I assure you). This virus has three kinds of DNA docking stations inside of it; pig+bird+human, and was created in a laboratory. The CDC has been doing hybrid tests on Avian Flu H5N1 that we know of since 2004, trying to ‘under controlled circumstances cross this strain with other species to induce the result that would occur in nature and create a vaccine for this virus before it ever actually mutates itself’. Which is itself absurd, how do you create a mutation that hasn’t happened yet in an experiment in a lab? Aren’t mutations a response to environment that cause it to modify in a way beneficent to its survival? What the CDC  is doing, is creating lab virus’s as bio weapons.

Now that everyone is numbed down by this release of the disease and crying for the governments to help them, the vaccine will soon come along (believe me when I say that this vaccine already exists) and is more than likely itself more dangerous than the disease itself. The general population has been guinea pigs to these medical experiments for years now, and this one is one of the last vaccinations they will ever receive. These guys behind the scene are beginning to set into motion their final plans for world take over and massive population decrease and control, you watch the next virus that comes along and whats going to happen. This vaccination everyone is going to get is going to contain the docking station itself for the next pandemic (the real one, not this generated false flag) and two thirds of the worlds population or close to will surely die. By 2012 the Illuminati plan will be fully underway, or sometime THIS SUMMER! We are in the final three and a half years beginning this June 21 2009 and what we have all been waiting for is about to begin. Survival is questionable and many of us are going to die. That is our future and if anyone knows of a way to stop these guys before it is too late I plead with you to do something, because I know I am helpless.

I hope your all ready for the apocolypse, its right around the corner now. The summer of 2009 is going to hold heat waves of 100+ degrees ferenheight, wildfires, maybe a few vacanoes, flooding, fammine, and possibly the real pandemic itself (between now & 2012). There has NEVER been a time like now to free your mind from this prison and stop focusing on such trivial material things in life and focus on whats really going on.To stop being blinded by this shroud of consumption, greed, and lust that has been cast over our eyes. When we defeat our enemy on future battlegrounds and rebuild this world once and for all, we need to toss away these old ideals on society and profits and begin a new life where nobody can lust after anything because we all have all we need. We have a utopia to create so get away from it while you can and start thinking with an open, compassionate heart and mind.

As usual you can take my words as you will, and as usual I truly hope I am wrong about everything I have just said. The next three and a half years will be the telling, I’m watching and waiting.

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17 Responses to “Illuminati and Swine Flu – Kevin Scott”

  1. Good article!1 Keep up the good work!!

    God bless.

  2. Gaz says:

    I certainly agree with how the swine flu “epidemic” is being completely blown out of proportion, (and with the perfect timing, flu season, for a “definite resurgence” they say is happening sounds a little shady) I dont particularly think THIS is the final warning of the apocolypse. Don’t you think you freaked out a little too much at the end there?

  3. Flu Mask says:

    Don’t pretend you don’t know how the media works :)

    Fear –> Readers
    Calm –/–> Readers.

    If you owned a newspaper, which would you utilize?

  4. kris says:

    Well, my wife does not even want to listen to me on this subject. She is a PhD in sociology and should be more oservant than myself, but nothing is making her question the world of the present day and all the signs showing everuwhere. It it making me very sad because i love her and our 6 yrd old son, but I cannot even talk about it to take any steps to even minimally prepare for the possibility of the future events. I feel alone in my world.

  5. Christopher says:

    Sorry, but World War 3 hasn’t started yet. What you’re thinking of is the War on Terrorism. Also the stats for casualties are pretty far off. I’m actually studing the wars and have a pretty good idea what was going on. I think whoever created this web page needs to freshen up on a coruse if you’re going to pursue illustrating with the web.

  6. Tony says:

    We will be involved in a full blow world war (3) by the end of January 2010.

  7. CP Nothnagel says:

    The human eye are blinded to what is happening. I don’t agree with everything that was said, but with what i agree on is that we are going into real tough times. It is not going to get better.War is going to break out in the Middle East it is just a matter of time. Your storey is not to far of. The World is going to be ruled by one or one nation, its going to happen. Most of the worlds presidents have all ready signed up for the one world ruling. The 1st 2 presidents that signed this was G. W Bush and Thabo Mbeki. If you sign this you have to get rid of one 3rd of your countries population. Why do you think South-Africa are not really doing anything about aids?

    It is time to go back to church and get close to God, if you refuse i am so lucky that i am not going to be in your shoes.

  8. ramas says:

    indeed the first phaseof ww 3 has started and expanding like pakistan,we can only guess when the second phase will be triggered

  9. Bob Butler says:

    What was happening is what we call hegelian dialectic. ‘Cause a problem and cause a controlled response, then provide the desired soultion to the created problem. First cause a problem as in this case swine flu ( a man made disease) use media to cause panic and wait for responce. People become afraid and ask for solution ( we need a vaccine), this is the desired response ( more government involvement). Bill Clinton was a master of the hegelian dialectic.
    As we enter the New Year watch for more of this to happen. We are being manipulated by the government, the international bankers, and the pharm. companies. Look who stands to prosper if we have a true pandemic and we are forced to take the vaccine.

  10. Rocky Cassiano says:

    Bird Flu killed more Americans than W W I. Commercial production of swine and fowl are a bigger risk to health than the One World Utopians. But they do create a crisis so they can play the hero. This is their philosophy.

    1. nationalism is bad
    2. world peace maybe achieved through international dependency.
    3. choice is an illusion.
    4. They say they believe in god, but refuse to reveal their god’s name.

    an observation: married men without wedding rings. They were wearing some kind of fraternity ring. Don’t go X-file on me.

    A conspiracy of evil or a coincidence of greed?

  11. john do says:

    If we are forced to take the vaccine or any other bad event happening,
    what I see, is not to stay home with 10 000$ and 5 tons of spaghetti with propane because ‘they’ will find you easely-
    I plan to built an underground area, on the ground of somebody else,
    with organic food and propane.

    As far as possible from any city. in the term for the future 50 years,
    we have no chanves to take – this world is too dangerous-
    chances are I dont have a wife nor kids.

  12. So WAT says:

    I wasn’t in fear until I read your acticle!

    Bottom line, dont take vaccinations.

    If it happens there is nothing we can do so why worry?

    Just live life to its fullest and stop voting in the morons.

  13. So WAT says:

    Who in their right mind and who actually as some common sense believes in Al Gores BS? Global Warming is a hoax, a money maker for the green so called companies…Come on ppl , wake up and smell the poop.

  14. So WAT says:

    Yeah, knock off the ppl who are paying the bills? Does that make sense?
    The elite got to where they are from ppl like us spending monies on thier products and services. Who will pay for gov spending and made up programs if they reduce the population? Will the elite remain the “Elite”
    if there are no ppl to buy their products and services??

    I think they’d try to double and triple the population in hopes of more
    tax money to pay for their Elites status…Doesnt make a bit of sense and anyone who believes in it is foolish….

  15. exactly says:

    Flood the country with third world immigrants/refugees to cause the following:
    1) Increase demand for housing, driving prices up and larger loans – more wage slaves to pay the bills.
    2) Their lack of education and foreign origin means they can be influenced who to vote for, give up rights. More often than not they don’t care who they vote for.
    3) Increased criminal behavior and divisions in the community, divide and conquer. This diminishes national identity.
    Its happening in all the western countries, and all of the western countries are adopting the same new laws at the same times if you have not noticed.

  16. anonimus says:

    just a thought i know its nothing to do with this subject but i cant seem to find one about the 911 or artifitail inteligence so im goin to post it on here .. would it be a daft conclusion to suspect that our government hired the aliens to destroy the twin towers or vise versa just a mad thought thats all

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