Strategic Assements

In the past articles I had mentioned taking measures in your life, mind, and body to prepare yourself for that which may come to pass in our lifetimes. Even if we are all wrong (I’d like to think we are) in the aspect of the idea of a global takeover which is going to involve military force, there is no harm in taking measures of your own against this possibility. it is with this belief that I am going to share with you all a small focus of how to win conflict. Conflict can be an army, conflict can involve wanting something else someone else does, conflict can arise in any situation. Even though this sounds militaristic in fashion, it is more dealing with the philosophy of conflict. After studying “The Art Of War” by Sun Tzu for many years I wish to share my own interpretation, and additions to its philosophy. May this help any who study its contents.
1 Strategic Beginnings
When on the offensive against others, it is best to be like a shadow in the darkness, and when striking it be like the crack of thunder catching them unawares, with no time to recuperate. This usually involves some form of deceitful tactic, in which you show a weakness to others, but only appear to be weak, when in truth your are fully prepared against them.

It is always best to insight others to attack first, that way the form of their strategy can take place and you can be adaptable as needed. To be like the seasons and change according to the charge of battle. Make strong preparations at home with advisers, never let the form of your actions be know to others, as it will betray your position.

Plans should be unfathomable, to the point where you are as many steps ahead of your opponent as possible. Fill yourself with mystery, lay false plans for others to find, wait for them in ambush.

This is how one can strike like lightning, and lay waste quickly to others forces, resulting in quick victory, which is always best. A military operation that continues long in the field will overtime dull your soldiers, your officers minds will become muddled, and your operation will fall apart. Lay plans to make victories as fast as possible.

Make assessments of both yourself and others. Assess several aspects of each others forces. That is to say whose troops are better trained? equipped? willing to do battle? Whose ends justify their means in accordance with The Way? Whose officers are more capable? Who has fewer, or less troops? Who has the most to loose, for surely those with most to loose are more willing to fight to the death.

Make assessments of situations to find measurements of both you and your opponent. Measurements will give rise to comparisons, comparisons will show who has the most strategic advantages. Strategic advantages lead to victories. Generally as a rule those with the most strategic factors on ones side wins. Induce your opponent to take stances by prospects of gain or harm, this is how one can gain advantages.

Strategic assessments are made at home, Strategic advantages are made at home and on the battlefield. Momentum and adaptation are found in the battlefield. Those who master these four things are sure to win in almost every battle.

2 Offense
Once on the offensive, one is looking to seek full momentum of their forces attack capabilities, to let one thing roll quickly into the next, never giving time to see what the next charge of battle will be. Your forces should be like the waves of the ocean, crashing into others, and falling to a safe point to allow the next wave to follow. Even the waves of the ocean will wear away the rocks and stones on the beach.

There is always the unaccountable that is going to happen. nobody can predict the future, so lay as many battle plans as possible. Foresee as many circumstances as you can imagine and categorize them in your own mind. Know the strong points, and weak points, of every battalion and use them accordingly. This is the seed of adaptability, plant it within your mind and grow many fruits of victory.

Advantages are made in the battlegrounds, therefore it is best to make as much use of the land as possible. To know the advantages, look at the disadvantages, everything is always revealed by its opposite.

Terrain is to be assessed in terms of distance, ease or difficulty of travel, safety, and defensible positions. When one has nothing left to defend, why would they stay to attack?

So when striking attack at obscure places and confuse your opponent, then rush for the heart when they least expect it. Cut off the chain of command, and the forces will fall apart of their own accord. One should not aim to slay as many enemies as possible, for those who kill with pleasure have no place in a peaceful world. When victory is found it should not be celebrated, for celebrating death has no place in a peaceful world.

3 Defense
When on the defensive against others, prepare a center point as your holding and station as many troops as you can spare within. Split your forces into squadrons and send them to outposts within a close retreatable distance and reinforce them with your center surplus. Surround your encampment and push for an advantage outwards, whence seized let the force of your troops momentum do the work for you. Open your flood gates and let the dammed off water behind rush out upon your enemies, force them to retreat and hold the ground taken.

To be strong in defense you must induce others to attack what appears to be your weakest point, and surprise them by setting strategic decoys on all sides. Where you are weak, appear strong, where you are strong appear weak, in this you can be in charge of even the opponents forces by predicting their moves. Others are always drawn in by the prospect of gain, and repelled by the prospect of harm.

4 Philosophy
Military action is to the nation what self defense is to an individual; the path of life or death, without knowledge of how to defend yourself or others one may perish sooner than desired.

In general terms, one must be fully aware of himself, and others, to be able to fully utilize their potential. What this essentially means is understanding the habits of specific recognizable forms, and adjusting accordingly. This is done by reading others, controlling your own emotions appropriately, and using intuitive knowledge of the situation to foresee gain and loss before it happens. To foresee harm or unwanted eventualities before they arise.

Inside oneself, one must plant the seed of The Way, and cultivate that seed. The Way is a just path where ill intention to others is never intended, or acted upon. The Way is the harmony of the universe, with it inside oneself others will flock to you, treat them just and The Way will overcome. It was said by the ancients who studied  military philosophy, that The Way was the greatest weapon on the battlefield. For those cultivated in The Way first made themselves invincible, and treated all fairly, by utilizing the Universal Harmony, things would always work out harmoniously. The Way does not adhere to wildness and brashness, does not adhere to selfishness and lust, does not adhere to military or aggressive behavior unless as a last resort. It is said that bad years inevitably follow a great war, and thorns and brambles grow on the battlefields.

When a nation follows The Way, great things will sprout forth. The larger a nation of The Way grows, the more it will inevitably engulf as others will flock to it like herds of antelope to the watering hole.

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  1. john von zurich says:

    very interesting. what a great subject to cover.

  2. Pieter says:

    There is no art off war in the world left. We look at, from excentric mass destruction warfare, to suicide warfare. Both equally dangerous and fatal. However, I doubt that the current warfares as we know it will bring the end destruction. The master with the mass destruction weapon have much to loose should he use it, that makes him using it as a metal threat and bully untill what happens at small scale now, suicide warfare and terrorism. If a man have nothing left to loose, how far will he go? Should things carry on like currently, reccesions, famine, water shortages, more and more will get effected and hell will break loose before a mass destruction attack, things like water poisining, real unstoppable man maid germs etc.

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