2008 Drawing To A Close

Last time I found the free time to share some thought with you all, I was pretty sure we had found the big bang but it looks like I was off (it happens). Still, there is much going on in the world, as we all know. The capitalist structure is being broken down and rebuilt by the bigger banks. Slowly buying up all the other banks going bankrupt. We the little people are starting to feel the grip of capitalism as all the money flows back to the rich. The economy is decaying, and all markets are drastically lower than they should be.

But lets get on with this and talk about it, even though I am sick of hearing about it personally; The US Elections. Four days to go and we will know for certain which man is going to lead the US of A into the new World War Three. I had forcasted that war was imminent this year, which is still possible, but I think it will be put off for a little longer. The war with Georgia and Russia had some good impact on the global community, and almost looked to me like certain world leaders staged this whole thing trying to make the Russians look bad in the eyes of the world. What kind of policy will John McCain or Barrak Obama have on these foreign relations in our future?  Sure they can say whatever they want right now, its all about their actions that count. I hate to say it, because Obama looks like a change, for better or worse who knows, I think McCain is going to be elected.

Those are but just a few of the things happening in the world right now, and to get deep into the facts an entire novel would be required. The only questions that remain deal with what are you going to do when these things happen?

-Find somewhere safe, with a few close people, be defensible, and self reliable. Grow your own food if possible.

-Gather weapons that can be used, precautionary measures only, but if needed…

-Don’t blind yourself by your modern comforts and convenience. Go out there, today, tomorrow, all year or even just a week. But go teach yourself now the hard ways of survival, otherwise they are simply going to hit you harder later when there is nothing to fall back upon.

-Don’t let religious beliefs, or political views warp ANY of your opinions. Your spirituality is what is real, not false prophets. Your heart knows what is right, we are all children of the same universe. Follow your heart and common sense, and may many blessings follow you.

-Learn a martial art, it will help to strengthen your mind and body.

One last thought before I end this. I often wonder how we will all unite under one banner, not as a country or religion, but as a people against our opressors. If the whole illuminati plan for a One World Order starts coming into effect we MUST crush it, or damned us all. I put my faith out there, in all of you, to see clearly and open your eyes into a true world view. Cleanse your mind and body of these daily distractions they throw at you. I put my faith in you because you are all my brothers, sisters, friends and family. You are all my people and I love you all, and if need be, I will die beside you fighting for freedom.

Peace be with you all.

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4 Responses to “2008 Drawing To A Close”

  1. mp says:

    Do you go to church. please reply to this.

  2. Kevin Scott says:

    No MP I do not go to church, I fail to see how that would be relevant? My spirituality is my own as are my beliefs.

    I will be posting more shortly, and more frequently, thank you for the interest and I assure you, even though my words will give us a glimpse of what is happening in the world, all one has to do is watch and wait, the rest is inevitable.

  3. Dr. Moon says:

    As we move farther along in 2009 the future is starting to look much clearer. American’s no longer have to wonder how our new President will govern, we are in big trouble.

    President Obama is a Socialist economically and a Communist governmentally. President Obama has spent more money in eight weeks than all other presidents combined including GW Bush. We’ve had three recessions worse than this one in the past 30 years yet Obama was telling us we were nearing a depression so he could steal $3.1 Trillion dollars from taxpayers and give 90% to groups who helped him get elected. Only $50 Billion dollars actually went towards job creation.

    President Obama plans on making life extremely difficult for Americans. We can look for fuel prices to double due to his cap and trade system for global warming, stopping coal production, and reductions in drilling for oil and natural gas. Because of the enormous amount of money injected into the World Markets inflation will skyrocket in the next two years. At only10% inflation your income loses half its buying power every five years. Inflation has been less than 2% annually since the Reagan Revolution in 1984. Unemployment will skyrocket to 17% in the next two years. Unemployment has averaged 6% in the past 27 years. Interest rates will climb to try to slow inflation at around 12%+ for a 30 year mortgage with good credit. Interest rates have averaged 6% in the past 25 years. The last time our economy got this bad was the last time Democrats controlled both the presidency and Congress, like they do now. All of this could be avoided if Obama would eliminate capital gains taxes, lower income taxes across the board and suspend his crazy ideas for global warming, national healthcare and end income redistribution.

    All of the above is the good news. With Obama’s weakened Intelligence gathering, open borders, reduced military, gun control and cuts in military technology spending we’ll probably have a multiple nuclear terrorist attack on several cities in the US within the next three years and the whole nation will collapse.

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