In my last post I spoke of the ending of the year 2007. I tried to cover most of the important issues in the world stage, and more have arisen still in the mere two months since. Lets take a moment here to evaluate the current situation and what I think is the setting of the final stage before the final planned WW3.

Kosovo is ‘independant’ from Serbia, with the USA and some EU nations actually accepting this illegal move and recognizing the rouge state. Already there has been mass protests and the burning of the US embassy along with the Croatian.

Turkey is becoming more bold in its attacks on Iraqi’s PPK, really shows how well of a job the USA is doing in protecting and securing the country doesn’t it?

Pakistan is going to play a major role in all of this, of that I am sure. Iw ish I could say more but this is a gut feeling and I have no idea what exactly is going to happen. Musharraf does not want to give up his grip on the country that is certain. He recently resigned from his military post as General trying to secure his position. The assassination of Bhutto did not help him in this though, which makes me a believer that he was not involved in her death, as it is not beneficial to him. I welcome any informed input on Pakistan.

Anyway, off to Lebanon and Israel again. Nasrallah is speaking more boldly now about striking Israel and removing the regime, after the damning report on the 2006 war which stated that Israel had actually lost the battle.

What does all this mean though? When woven together into a fabric this chain of events starts to take shape. All we have to wait for now, is the Eu peace keeping forces to arrive in Kosovo, the Serbians will strike (relentlessly) and should receive help from Russia and possibly China. Then USA comes to assist in the struggle… alliances become broken… bombs start dropping.. and nowhere in the world is safe anymore. I said in my last post and I will say again. I hope you all enjoyed 2007, as 2008 is upon us… and things are going to start going downhill VERY fast.

Best of luck to all of you, I leave you with this inspiring poem as my parting.


Economy collapsing; feel the squeeze of capitalism.
As all the money flows back to the rich.
Battle for resources; greedy hands sow the profits
Whilst working man has no benefits.
Time is drawing nigh
We have only one shot.
World collapsing; lets stand up and shout!
No more corruption or greedy oppression
Its time to fight for the human race.
No more materialism and flamboyant conceitedness.

If we don’t wake up soon and stand up for each other

We will certainly fall further into a chained society.

Police units roam the streets, local thugs to the governments.

Military operations in other lands; the governments arm of greed.

Read my words and think what you will,

But you will never stagger me,

Me and my solid will.

Is it wrong to believe… in the need to be free?

I’ll fight for freedom until the very end.

-Author unknown

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  1. Rob in Canada says:

    I totally agree, with Hamas’s strengh now, combined with Hezbollah, now evidently backed by whatever Syria-Iran relationship exists, is approaching a critical level. Over the last 7 years there has been a major arms buildup in the Middle East, and Asia. Russia and China have finally caught up to us and have modernized their militaries greatly. Iran has modernized and upgraded their military as well. I think there will be a false flag event that will spark a major war with Iran, Syria, Hezbollah and Hamas soon that will be the beginning theater of WW 3. A dirty bomb or some major asassination will spark a spill over into Israel. Isreal will then defend it’s sovereinty with Nuclear Weapons and cause a mass exodus of the Arabs away from Isreal, sending them eastward back across the Jordan! I’m sure that the turmoil in South America is no doubt a sign that war in SA is being constructed for the purposes of dirupting the oil, like in Iran. I wonder how they’ll handle the North Koreans, i forsee they will have extemely hard resistance there. I think they’ll bail on Taiwan if they can avoid all out conflict with China. Maybe they’ll swap Taiwan for North Korea or something. But when this final striking blow that we’re all wating for is made, events will surely unfold at breakneck speed across the globe! These are troubling times indeed. It seems crazy, but with how the dollar continues to lose value, and gold rises, and oil rises, and productivity slows, and on and on….it’s now obvious that 9/11 was meant to begin the final destruction of the Great United Republic! Now as the election that threatens Republican (and Cheney’s) hegemony over the government approaches. I think (based on current and recent exercises) that it will be in the form of a crude nuclear detonation in a major US city. This will be their blanck check to nuke Iran and establish an openly fascist/military regime here in North America with the NAU! Well, I hope you bought gold when it was cheap! I wish I had! Farewell!

  2. So WAT says:

    So, starting a company and working your way up is not the American Way? Most corporations were built from the ground up, through blood sweat and tears. There is nothing wrong with capitalism, it is what made America America…We need to keep businessess here and taxes lowered so we can get back to those grass roots build our businesses and get those out of work employed!

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