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ThreeWorldWars.com has scoured the world searching for authors who can provide you with the best commentary and insight available.Â


Zoe Washburne

Armed with a Master’s degree in Professional Writing, a lifelong fascination with media manipulation tactics, a distrust of anything “organized”, and a healthy dose of skepticism, Zoe Washburn’s goal in life is to show people how to get their brainwashed minds dirty again. She believes that the world as it really is can only be discovered through international travel, unwavering individualism, the demise of racism, and the seemingly more difficult task of thinking with your own mind by questioning everything.  Her interest in alternative news comes from years of working in mainstream media and understanding that everything you see and hear is meant to do one thing – paralyze your brain in order to buy more soap.



MamaSaid worked as a paralegal/office manager in New York for over thirteen years and the sectors she handled included education law and municipal contracts.  Many events contributed to her interest in alternative news.  During her employment, she received an insider’s view on developing policies and their rationale.  Additionally, her husband is a fully disabled Vietnam veteran (direct combat – Marines) who was exposed to Agent Orange and suffers everyday as a result.  A dear friend of hers was sent to the Gulf War in the late eighties and returned with many tales of chemical exposure and abuse from our own government.  Finally, she lost several friends to 9/11 and detests the misrepresentations that are being made to the public.  Her personal experiences, along with what has happened to the people around her, provided her with a great desire to find and share the truth and break down lies that have been perpetuated for so long.



“My earliest memories were of passing out Kennedy yard signs from the back of the car.  Late in 1962, we moved to Dallas and if it hadn’t been raining that morning in November, I would have been in Dealey plaza while my Father was sitting in the Trade mart. In 1965 we moved to Montgomery, Alabama, I witnessed the march from Selma to Montgomery.  In 1972, my mother passed away and the family disintegrated.  By age seventeen, I was homeless.
I worked menial day jobs and played music at night, winning honorable mention in the American Song Festival and opening for BJ Thomas at the South Alabama State Fair in a local Star Search competition. A near fatal car accident prompted me to refocus my life. Â
I feel passionately about my beliefs. I have seen life from all levels and tend to see things from a slightly different point of view.   In short, I was born to do write for ThreeWorldWars.com. ”


Kevin Scott

Knowing the truth to be out there, Kevin has dedicated his life to finding truths where others spread lies. His free time is spent researching information via internet and reading, or training in his personal style of martial arts. Feeling free of the bondage of current society and the understanding that someting dramatic is going to occur in our lifetimes, he spends his time in preparation of body and mind, lifestyle and knowledge. It is here at ThreeWorldWars, that Kevin has chosen to share with you his insights on what is happening around us, and how that may affect you. Because one thing is for certain, when this all goes down, we better be prepared to the best of our ability to deal with almost anything.


Scott MacFarlane

Scott MacFarlane joined up with ThreeWorldWars in early 2006 after becoming increasingly aware of the global changes that are playing out in front if our eyes. There are numerous pages on the internet that lead to nowhere fast, in terms of getting accurate unbiased information and, Scott had been like many of  the population, moving from site to site not really feeling connected.   After a period of three to four months and researching the extensive library of information of ThreeWorldWars, Scott was convinced the site would be an excellent medium to communicate thoughts and observations of WW3 and related topics. Scott has a BSC in Parapsychology and is a writer of music and  literature and lives in Scotland UK. During his normal day job he works for a  charity helping young people from challenging  backgrounds.

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