Illuminati and Swine Flu – Kevin Scott

May 3rd, 2009

It is simply amazing the proportions that the media has blown the ‘A H1N1 Swine Flu’ into from nothing. First there we ‘suspected cases popping up everywhere’, while the ‘confirmed deaths’ were on the rise in Mexico. Next thing we had confirmed cases popping up everywhere with the deal toll continuing to rise in Mexico. First death in USA, a couple suspected deaths came along at seemingly the same time-frame. Pandemic level was raised from 3 to 5 within a matter of days.

Fast forward this a week, after hearing 100 times that they are going to create a vaccine for this ‘potentially deadly, pandemic flu’, and suddenly all the confirmed cases start to drop in number, and turns out all those confirmed deaths weren’t from this virus at all. The infection rate is not near as high as we were told it was even in Mexico where it originated.

The above tactic is a direct fear tactic used to gauge public response to a certain event, and also to make them form a unified fear of this virus so they can pass a few more laws on health regulations (this is going to take away some liberties I assure you). This virus has three kinds of DNA docking stations inside of it; pig+bird+human, and was created in a laboratory. The CDC has been doing hybrid tests on Avian Flu H5N1 that we know of since 2004, trying to ‘under controlled circumstances cross this strain with other species to induce the result that would occur in nature and create a vaccine for this virus before it ever actually mutates itself’. Which is itself absurd, how do you create a mutation that hasn’t happened yet in an experiment in a lab? Aren’t mutations a response to environment that cause it to modify in a way beneficent to its survival? What the CDC  is doing, is creating lab virus’s as bio weapons.

Now that everyone is numbed down by this release of the disease and crying for the governments to help them, the vaccine will soon come along (believe me when I say that this vaccine already exists) and is more than likely itself more dangerous than the disease itself. The general population has been guinea pigs to these medical experiments for years now, and this one is one of the last vaccinations they will ever receive. These guys behind the scene are beginning to set into motion their final plans for world take over and massive population decrease and control, you watch the next virus that comes along and whats going to happen. This vaccination everyone is going to get is going to contain the docking station itself for the next pandemic (the real one, not this generated false flag) and two thirds of the worlds population or close to will surely die. By 2012 the Illuminati plan will be fully underway, or sometime THIS SUMMER! We are in the final three and a half years beginning this June 21 2009 and what we have all been waiting for is about to begin. Survival is questionable and many of us are going to die. That is our future and if anyone knows of a way to stop these guys before it is too late I plead with you to do something, because I know I am helpless.

I hope your all ready for the apocolypse, its right around the corner now. The summer of 2009 is going to hold heat waves of 100+ degrees ferenheight, wildfires, maybe a few vacanoes, flooding, fammine, and possibly the real pandemic itself (between now & 2012). There has NEVER been a time like now to free your mind from this prison and stop focusing on such trivial material things in life and focus on whats really going on.To stop being blinded by this shroud of consumption, greed, and lust that has been cast over our eyes. When we defeat our enemy on future battlegrounds and rebuild this world once and for all, we need to toss away these old ideals on society and profits and begin a new life where nobody can lust after anything because we all have all we need. We have a utopia to create so get away from it while you can and start thinking with an open, compassionate heart and mind.

As usual you can take my words as you will, and as usual I truly hope I am wrong about everything I have just said. The next three and a half years will be the telling, I’m watching and waiting.

Strategic Assements

February 17th, 2009

In the past articles I had mentioned taking measures in your life, mind, and body to prepare yourself for that which may come to pass in our lifetimes. Even if we are all wrong (I’d like to think we are) in the aspect of the idea of a global takeover which is going to involve military force, there is no harm in taking measures of your own against this possibility. it is with this belief that I am going to share with you all a small focus of how to win conflict. Conflict can be an army, conflict can involve wanting something else someone else does, conflict can arise in any situation. Even though this sounds militaristic in fashion, it is more dealing with the philosophy of conflict. After studying “The Art Of War” by Sun Tzu for many years I wish to share my own interpretation, and additions to its philosophy. May this help any who study its contents.
1 Strategic Beginnings
When on the offensive against others, it is best to be like a shadow in the darkness, and when striking it be like the crack of thunder catching them unawares, with no time to recuperate. This usually involves some form of deceitful tactic, in which you show a weakness to others, but only appear to be weak, when in truth your are fully prepared against them.

It is always best to insight others to attack first, that way the form of their strategy can take place and you can be adaptable as needed. To be like the seasons and change according to the charge of battle. Make strong preparations at home with advisers, never let the form of your actions be know to others, as it will betray your position.

Plans should be unfathomable, to the point where you are as many steps ahead of your opponent as possible. Fill yourself with mystery, lay false plans for others to find, wait for them in ambush.

This is how one can strike like lightning, and lay waste quickly to others forces, resulting in quick victory, which is always best. A military operation that continues long in the field will overtime dull your soldiers, your officers minds will become muddled, and your operation will fall apart. Lay plans to make victories as fast as possible.

Make assessments of both yourself and others. Assess several aspects of each others forces. That is to say whose troops are better trained? equipped? willing to do battle? Whose ends justify their means in accordance with The Way? Whose officers are more capable? Who has fewer, or less troops? Who has the most to loose, for surely those with most to loose are more willing to fight to the death.

Make assessments of situations to find measurements of both you and your opponent. Measurements will give rise to comparisons, comparisons will show who has the most strategic advantages. Strategic advantages lead to victories. Generally as a rule those with the most strategic factors on ones side wins. Induce your opponent to take stances by prospects of gain or harm, this is how one can gain advantages.

Strategic assessments are made at home, Strategic advantages are made at home and on the battlefield. Momentum and adaptation are found in the battlefield. Those who master these four things are sure to win in almost every battle.

2 Offense
Once on the offensive, one is looking to seek full momentum of their forces attack capabilities, to let one thing roll quickly into the next, never giving time to see what the next charge of battle will be. Your forces should be like the waves of the ocean, crashing into others, and falling to a safe point to allow the next wave to follow. Even the waves of the ocean will wear away the rocks and stones on the beach.

There is always the unaccountable that is going to happen. nobody can predict the future, so lay as many battle plans as possible. Foresee as many circumstances as you can imagine and categorize them in your own mind. Know the strong points, and weak points, of every battalion and use them accordingly. This is the seed of adaptability, plant it within your mind and grow many fruits of victory.

Advantages are made in the battlegrounds, therefore it is best to make as much use of the land as possible. To know the advantages, look at the disadvantages, everything is always revealed by its opposite.

Terrain is to be assessed in terms of distance, ease or difficulty of travel, safety, and defensible positions. When one has nothing left to defend, why would they stay to attack?

So when striking attack at obscure places and confuse your opponent, then rush for the heart when they least expect it. Cut off the chain of command, and the forces will fall apart of their own accord. One should not aim to slay as many enemies as possible, for those who kill with pleasure have no place in a peaceful world. When victory is found it should not be celebrated, for celebrating death has no place in a peaceful world.

3 Defense
When on the defensive against others, prepare a center point as your holding and station as many troops as you can spare within. Split your forces into squadrons and send them to outposts within a close retreatable distance and reinforce them with your center surplus. Surround your encampment and push for an advantage outwards, whence seized let the force of your troops momentum do the work for you. Open your flood gates and let the dammed off water behind rush out upon your enemies, force them to retreat and hold the ground taken.

To be strong in defense you must induce others to attack what appears to be your weakest point, and surprise them by setting strategic decoys on all sides. Where you are weak, appear strong, where you are strong appear weak, in this you can be in charge of even the opponents forces by predicting their moves. Others are always drawn in by the prospect of gain, and repelled by the prospect of harm.

4 Philosophy
Military action is to the nation what self defense is to an individual; the path of life or death, without knowledge of how to defend yourself or others one may perish sooner than desired.

In general terms, one must be fully aware of himself, and others, to be able to fully utilize their potential. What this essentially means is understanding the habits of specific recognizable forms, and adjusting accordingly. This is done by reading others, controlling your own emotions appropriately, and using intuitive knowledge of the situation to foresee gain and loss before it happens. To foresee harm or unwanted eventualities before they arise.

Inside oneself, one must plant the seed of The Way, and cultivate that seed. The Way is a just path where ill intention to others is never intended, or acted upon. The Way is the harmony of the universe, with it inside oneself others will flock to you, treat them just and The Way will overcome. It was said by the ancients who studied  military philosophy, that The Way was the greatest weapon on the battlefield. For those cultivated in The Way first made themselves invincible, and treated all fairly, by utilizing the Universal Harmony, things would always work out harmoniously. The Way does not adhere to wildness and brashness, does not adhere to selfishness and lust, does not adhere to military or aggressive behavior unless as a last resort. It is said that bad years inevitably follow a great war, and thorns and brambles grow on the battlefields.

When a nation follows The Way, great things will sprout forth. The larger a nation of The Way grows, the more it will inevitably engulf as others will flock to it like herds of antelope to the watering hole.

2008 Drawing To A Close

October 31st, 2008

Last time I found the free time to share some thought with you all, I was pretty sure we had found the big bang but it looks like I was off (it happens). Still, there is much going on in the world, as we all know. The capitalist structure is being broken down and rebuilt by the bigger banks. Slowly buying up all the other banks going bankrupt. We the little people are starting to feel the grip of capitalism as all the money flows back to the rich. The economy is decaying, and all markets are drastically lower than they should be.

But lets get on with this and talk about it, even though I am sick of hearing about it personally; The US Elections. Four days to go and we will know for certain which man is going to lead the US of A into the new World War Three. I had forcasted that war was imminent this year, which is still possible, but I think it will be put off for a little longer. The war with Georgia and Russia had some good impact on the global community, and almost looked to me like certain world leaders staged this whole thing trying to make the Russians look bad in the eyes of the world. What kind of policy will John McCain or Barrak Obama have on these foreign relations in our future?  Sure they can say whatever they want right now, its all about their actions that count. I hate to say it, because Obama looks like a change, for better or worse who knows, I think McCain is going to be elected.

Those are but just a few of the things happening in the world right now, and to get deep into the facts an entire novel would be required. The only questions that remain deal with what are you going to do when these things happen?

-Find somewhere safe, with a few close people, be defensible, and self reliable. Grow your own food if possible.

-Gather weapons that can be used, precautionary measures only, but if needed…

-Don’t blind yourself by your modern comforts and convenience. Go out there, today, tomorrow, all year or even just a week. But go teach yourself now the hard ways of survival, otherwise they are simply going to hit you harder later when there is nothing to fall back upon.

-Don’t let religious beliefs, or political views warp ANY of your opinions. Your spirituality is what is real, not false prophets. Your heart knows what is right, we are all children of the same universe. Follow your heart and common sense, and may many blessings follow you.

-Learn a martial art, it will help to strengthen your mind and body.

One last thought before I end this. I often wonder how we will all unite under one banner, not as a country or religion, but as a people against our opressors. If the whole illuminati plan for a One World Order starts coming into effect we MUST crush it, or damned us all. I put my faith out there, in all of you, to see clearly and open your eyes into a true world view. Cleanse your mind and body of these daily distractions they throw at you. I put my faith in you because you are all my brothers, sisters, friends and family. You are all my people and I love you all, and if need be, I will die beside you fighting for freedom.

Peace be with you all.

Being Leader of Your Own Life

March 20th, 2008

Every few weeks I like to respond to some of the comments received about my blogs. I enjoy reading the commentary from readers, whether positive, negative or informative. My recent blog “Stay Strong to Your Convictions” seemed to hit home for many people.I was driven to write the entry amidst ongoing media publicity about the first law firm I worked for being the subject of an FBI investigation for improper billing practices. The people being wrongly billed were, of course, the taxpayers because the firm represents numerous municipalities including school districts, villages and police departments. With yet another example of the big wigs taking away from the people they are supposed to represent, I was glad I remained strong to my convictions over the years and spoke up when things went wrong. When there is an absence of decent leadership, you must find the leader within yourself.

Amy L. writes, “That was a great read, your story is something I will read everyday. You said a line I thought was so great I will add it to my work email signature.” According to Rob Nicholson, “Great article. Sometimes we lose track of what is really going on in and around us. We get caught up in the norm and pushed with the flow of the non thinking majority. Thanks for pinching me and pulling me back on track.”

That is exactly what I hoped to do with my entry. We often get caught up in the day to day struggle of getting by and feed into the very system that is going against us. Everyday is another opportunity to be the leader of your own life and stay strong to you personal convictions. From there, your energy will ripple out to the world around you to slowly facilitate change. Once in awhile, we simply need to pinch ourselves to stay on track.

With regard to another blog entry I wrote, “False Promises to Veterans And A Possible Draft”, I received an interesting update from Cindy (though I was disappointed the link with more info did not work):

“Shock and awe, academic style – an embarrassing internal dossier on the Military Scholarship Scandal at University of Illinois was put on the internet this past week:

This report reveals University of Illinois’ OWN INTERNAL DOCUMENTS that describe a detailed plan to cheat and lie about a discrimination plot against military veterans and cover up the truth from the press and politicians. I got it from The Alumni Association in Champaign.

Deans are caught cheating and lying to public officials. Public Relations officials caught lying to the press. A whole lot of people KNEW about it and DID NOTHING. The people that altered admissions procedures to target military veterans just before classes started based on a quota need to be fired immediately. These people are mean spirited crooks.

Every mother of every 10-year old child teaches basic values like “don’t lie” and “don’t cheat.” The leaders of this university need a good old fashioned talk with their mothers to remind them of some basic rules of life. Lying is bad. Cheating is bad. Nobody needs a six-figure sensitivity trainer to tell them that. When it takes a scolding from the state’s Lt. Governor to remind our President, Board of Trustees and Chancellors that discrimination, lying and cheating is bad, what have we come to?

Maybe this university needs to hire some playground police for the grownups at Swanlund that run this university. Their ethics are in the toilet and I don’t need a doctoral degree to figure that out.”

Her commentary is alarming when it comes to the mistreatment of veterans, as written in several of my previous entries. With regard to staying strong to your convictions, clearly she agrees with me that you don’t need a degree or leaders to know what is right or wrong – it’s basic knowledge, and let’s face it, we all know. Small children are taught to tell the truth, work hard and do the right thing so what happens when they grow up? Are playground police necessary to monitor adults and prevent them from doing the wrong thing? Can we even trust those monitors when they become adults?

As prices soar through the roof and human nature disintegrates, we can get discouraged. When we feel let down by the world around us, it becomes easy to slide into poor behavior ourselves. Continuing to do personal inventory keeps us from becoming part of the problem and helps us find new solutions. World leaders know we are running to keep up with basic expenses and daily demands. They hope we fail to take personal inventory so we become part of the faceless, mindless masses that feed into their greedy master plan. When we let go of our own little greedy desires and empty excuses, we already become leaders of our own lives and initiate change in the world.

Mamasaid there’d be days like this…

The Disposable World Mindset

March 18th, 2008

I read an interesting excerpt from an article recently. It quoted Van Jones, the board president and co-founder of the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights. I appreciated his statements about environmentalism and the disposable mindset that leads to degradation as a whole.

Jones said, “Is a green economy only about reclaiming throwaway stuff or it it also about reclaiming throwaway communities, throwaway people, throwaway children?” He links the large prison population in the United States with the concepts of environmentalism stating, “To me it’s no surprise that the country that has the world’s biggest pollution problem also has the most prisons. We’ve got a disposable mindset: disposable products, disposable species, disposable people. We don’t see our sisters and brothers, much less the animal species, as sacred. The failure to honor the sacred is at the root of both problems.”

I was immediately struck by his words and the impact of a disposable world mindset. It’s all about fast food, fast living, fast talking and fast money. As everyone rushes to get theirs, no one else on the path matters. Grab that three dollar latte and two dollar pastry that clogs your arteries. Step over that homeless person with no food instead of eating at home and donating four dollars to a homeless shelter. Throw the empty latte cup out the car window so it lands on protected wetlands. Steal the customer of the associate who works next to you at the office to get that bonus. Stop at happy hour and celebrate by getting imbibed while you insult the waitress on a 12-hour shift. Is everyone guilty at some point of being in a destructive disposable mindset?

As we admonish officials and reject ridiculous laws, we also have to start with ourselves. As we begin to realize the imprint we all make on the world as individuals, we can more clearly recognize the lies of our leaders. This mindset has to extend to all people in society, from all backgrounds. Our own personal perspectives can’t be compromised as we rationalize about having to deal with the world around us.

Jones went on to say, “Even now, during the presidential campaign, you don’t hear a full-throated call for the sort of World War II–level mobilization that it’s going to take to avert ecological catastrophe. If you look at the scientific data on global warming, you can see that we can’t avoid a wholesale disaster unless we put this country back to work — putting up solar panels, weatherizing buildings, and constructing wind farms on a massive scale.”

While I will not get into the presidential campaign at this time, I agree that the focus is clearly not on aggressively addressing the environmental imprint on the world. As presidential candidates banter and bicker, Bush continues his war machine that eats up billions of dollars and pads the pockets of those good ol’ boys with a “throwaway” people mentality. Cloning is on the forefront and we won’t even know what we’re eating. Somehow this doesn’t seem to be improving to the world.

We need to get prepared by starting at home. While individual efforts aren’t enough to reverse the damage done, it feels better to be part of the solution rather than contributing to the problem. It all starts with a mindset. If we remain discouraged because of the negativity around us, we won’t feel motivated toward change.

Taking back personal power is a beginning. Getting your inner space back. We have lost this in a disposable, fast-paced and overcrowded society. Regaining your sense of self and creating a calmness clears the mind for rational thoughts. Those rational thoughts lead to intelligent action. As each individual takes responsibility for this aspect of themselves, we are already improving the world. When you think more clearly, you are less able to feed into the automatic actions of the world around you.

I recently discovered laughter yoga. It actually involves forced laughter to release stress, improve breathing and help you find that lost inner self through meditation. It was very effective and also reminded me of the importance of laughter. While the world around us has little to laugh about, finding that inner space gives you serenity and a positive perspective.

As our perspective improves, it becomes difficult to waste money or shun the needy. When we realize our place in the world, we learn to use our talents rather than take from others. As laughter becomes a part of everyday life, we don’t need substances or social classes to feel better. From there, we can learn to have respect for the world around us instead of using it as a garbage pail for trash – both physically and emotionally.

Stay Strong To Your Convictions

February 23rd, 2008

In a world where we are assaulted by media and popular opinion, it can be difficult to differentiate right from wrong.  While we know what seems to be right, the actions of administration seem to negate our beliefs.

I was recently reminded of this fact when a law firm I worked for twenty years ago was the subject of a recent FBI investigation for improper billing practices.  The law firm represents a variety of school districts, superintendents of school and other municipalities.  In fact, it they basically monopolize this sector in a very affluent area of the country.

I remember questioning billing practices, conflicts of interest and other related issues when I was just a kid hired at my first full-time job.  Because I was under twenty-one and had minimal life experience, my employers always told me I was “uninformed” or just “didn’t understand”.  What I knew what that right was right and wrong was wrong.  Being a person with few shades of gray, I continued to oppose certain procedures.

After being offered more money and political positions, I decided this was a way to recruit young, innocent and intelligent blood into a what appeared to be a corrupt system.  I decided to leave my job and pursue another position elsewhere.  The firm was displeased and let me know in certain indisputable ways.  I stood my ground and moved on to stay strong to my convictions.

I worked for several other powerful law firms in key positions.  After years of watching government officials and attorneys shuffle money to pad their own pockets, I decided it would be a cleaner job to wash toilet bowls for awhile – which is exactly what I did.  After spending a few years getting real and talking to everyday people in jobs such as cleaning, retail and telemarketing, I decided to use my education again and become the writer I always wanted to be. It was a difficult decision and my family and I wondered how we would ever make ends meet. If I returned to law, we wouldn’t need those care packages from the church anymore. I got over it and realized I had given many care packages to the church myself over the years and life is simply a cycle of giving and receiving – you take when you need and give when you can. With love and faith, we struggled on and stayed strong to our convictions as I decided I would never return to law again.

Five years later, we are in a comfortable position again and I did not have to compromise my values or turn my head the other way. There are times I’ve worked seven days a week, twenty hours a day but it’s worth it. The path of least resistance is clearly not always the best path and anything worthwhile involves effort, sacrifice and struggle. Reading in the newspapers about the demise of the first law firm I worked for was reassurance it was all worth it. It also confirmed that I was not “uninformed” or “didn’t understand” what was going on – I clearly understood.

This applies to all of us when it comes to current conditions in the world. Politicians, government leaders and media hacks are always trying to tell us what to think and how to feel. When we oppose their position, we are “ignorant” masses who just “don’t get it”. As corporate leaders and municipalities get in on this bandwagon, there seem to be fewer people that actually “get it”, making it even more difficult for those of use who do. In trying to make you doubt yourself, a corrupt system gains another supporter – or loses a valuable adversary.

We all feel the pressure. Rising gas prices, outrageous housing costs, astronomical utility fees and even the price of everyday food is overwhelming. We tend to remain in certain frame of mind or position because it’s comfortable or it pays the bills. We fear stepping out of the box to make a change. However, change begins with YOU. If you are unhappy in your situation, there is always another way. When you can make those changes within your own world, you can strike out beyond yourself to help others achieve greater changes.

Personally and professionally, I am a happier person now because I do not spend my days feeding into a system I don’t agree with. I do not have to stay awake nights wondering if my employer will go to jail or if I will be questioned about his behavior. I don’t drive to work so I don’t consume more gas or make an environmental impact during these controversial times. I can choose my own destiny rather than have someone else tell me what it will be. Even if that is unpredictable at times, it is still more predictable that employers who ultimately wind up the subject of federal investigations. I also feel a lot better about how I spend my life. After all, how can you feel good about going to a job everyday that is clearly not in accord with your personal beliefs?

Making change is painful, difficult and sometimes involves major sacrifices. But the only constant in life is change so we cannot fear it. Without positive change, we can never hope to progress in a positive direction. This starts in our own lives and ripples out to the world around us. Today, more than ever before, you must remain strong to your convictions. Mamasaid there’d be days like these…

February 22nd, 2008

In my last post I spoke of the ending of the year 2007. I tried to cover most of the important issues in the world stage, and more have arisen still in the mere two months since. Lets take a moment here to evaluate the current situation and what I think is the setting of the final stage before the final planned WW3.

Kosovo is ‘independant’ from Serbia, with the USA and some EU nations actually accepting this illegal move and recognizing the rouge state. Already there has been mass protests and the burning of the US embassy along with the Croatian.

Turkey is becoming more bold in its attacks on Iraqi’s PPK, really shows how well of a job the USA is doing in protecting and securing the country doesn’t it?

Pakistan is going to play a major role in all of this, of that I am sure. Iw ish I could say more but this is a gut feeling and I have no idea what exactly is going to happen. Musharraf does not want to give up his grip on the country that is certain. He recently resigned from his military post as General trying to secure his position. The assassination of Bhutto did not help him in this though, which makes me a believer that he was not involved in her death, as it is not beneficial to him. I welcome any informed input on Pakistan.

Anyway, off to Lebanon and Israel again. Nasrallah is speaking more boldly now about striking Israel and removing the regime, after the damning report on the 2006 war which stated that Israel had actually lost the battle.

What does all this mean though? When woven together into a fabric this chain of events starts to take shape. All we have to wait for now, is the Eu peace keeping forces to arrive in Kosovo, the Serbians will strike (relentlessly) and should receive help from Russia and possibly China. Then USA comes to assist in the struggle… alliances become broken… bombs start dropping.. and nowhere in the world is safe anymore. I said in my last post and I will say again. I hope you all enjoyed 2007, as 2008 is upon us… and things are going to start going downhill VERY fast.

Best of luck to all of you, I leave you with this inspiring poem as my parting.


Economy collapsing; feel the squeeze of capitalism.
As all the money flows back to the rich.
Battle for resources; greedy hands sow the profits
Whilst working man has no benefits.
Time is drawing nigh
We have only one shot.
World collapsing; lets stand up and shout!
No more corruption or greedy oppression
Its time to fight for the human race.
No more materialism and flamboyant conceitedness.

If we don’t wake up soon and stand up for each other

We will certainly fall further into a chained society.

Police units roam the streets, local thugs to the governments.

Military operations in other lands; the governments arm of greed.

Read my words and think what you will,

But you will never stagger me,

Me and my solid will.

Is it wrong to believe… in the need to be free?

I’ll fight for freedom until the very end.

-Author unknown

Protect Your Privacy In a Predatory World

January 20th, 2008

One of the many signs that we have lost control of our destiny is that Big Brother is watching everywhere we go. After all, the CIA was allowed to listen in on our telephone conversations without authority or penalty because of the alleged weapons of destruction they were monitoring. While there are situations such as this that we have no control over, we need to be aware of monitoring we may be subjecting ourselves to voluntarily.

The latest invasion of personal privacy is being done by Sears. If you decided to sign up for this retailer’s emails and you joined the “My SHC Community” you are probably sharing a lot more information about yourself with others than you thought. Apparently, you are not just sharing your details with Sears but with comScore, a company that tracks and aggregates browsing habits on the Internet.

When you install the Sears software, you also install VoiceFive software that provides data directly to comScore about your Internet browsing habits, basically making it spyware. Clearly this program is working for comScore because they have been able to effectively monitor people’s browsing habits – most likely, unknown to most of the folks being watched. In fact, comScore is the company that provided the stats showing that GodTube was the quickly growing website last year and that more people stole Radiohead’s most recent album than those who legally downloaded it. Would you reveal this type of stuff knowingly to a spyware company? I sincerely doubt it but obviously comScore has been able to quietly monitor and compile browsing habits for millions of people to come up with these kind of statistics.

However, Sears is legally correct in their actions because they did make mention of the software deep within the privacy statement users need to agree to prior to signing up for the SHC Community. The privacy statement, in part, reads:

Once you install our application, it monitors all of the Internet behavior that occurs on the computer on which you install the application, including both your normal web browsing and the activity that you undertake during secure sessions, such as filling a shopping basket, completing an application form or checking your online accounts, which may include personal financial or health information.

Once again, if this was more clearly stated in the forefront of Sears’ website, I doubt that many people would sign up for this “community”. Would you knowingly allow unknown parties to check out everyone you go online, including you personal bank accounts, credit accounts and health information? However, it is scary to think that you’ve already allowed someone this access if you joined Sears SHC Community.

Certain experts feel that this disclosure was too hidden to meet the intentions of the FTC regulations requiring companies to make it clearly apparent when spyware was going to be used. Somehow I don’t believe that sticking the statement above in a multiple page privacy statement documents is clarity, but it won’t be Sears that ultimately pays for this invasion of privacy – it will be the individuals who unwittingly supplied their personal details and continued to surf the Internet while they were being watching by spyware.

Sears is just a small example of what is going on internationally with regard to invasion of privacy and misrepresentation. Big business and government continues to get away with exploiting our basic rights so we need to become knowledgeable on our own and read all the fine print to protect ourselves in this predatory world. Mamasaid there’d be days like this…

Don’t Wan’t FDA Clones? You’re Not Alone

January 17th, 2008

Last year I wrote an entry about cloning and my disapproval of the process. Although popular opinion seems to be against cloning, apparently that doesn’t make a difference to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration because the FDA has deemed that milk and meat derived from clones is as healthy as products derived the traditional way.

It seems that a campaign of secrecy and desensitization is the plan to get this cloned food out on the shelves – despite numerous independent studies that don’t agree cloned food is as healthy and despite the moral implications of cloning.

According to Bruce Knight, USDA undersecretary, there will be a transition period to allow “the marketplace to adjust” and he does not state how long this alleged period of time will continue. He states, “This is about market acceptance.” He is calling a meeting of leaders in the industry to plan a strategy – or at least to plan a way to overrun the American public and what we really want.

Although Stephen Sundloff, FDA food safety chief, says, “Meat and milk from cattle, swine and goat clones are as safe as food we eat every day,” many don’t intend to buy it. Because of this, it will be years before food from cloned animals will be sold on store shelves. Additionally, it costs about $20,000 to clone an animal so it is more likely their offspring will be used for meat. Finally, big companies such as Hormel Food Corp. and Dean Foods Co. will not sell the meat or milk from clones at this point because of the concerns and anxiety of the general consumer.

The greatest concern about food from clones is that the FDA will not ultimately require the food makers to label if their products came from cloned animals. While companies will be able to voluntary provide the information, in consideration of the vast consumer disapproval of cloning, do you really think they will? There is a voluntary system in play that includes an electronic identification tag on cloned animals sold with a customer pledge to market the animal as a clone – but no real laws govern any of it.

Sundloff goes on to say that, “Both the animals and the food produced from those animals is indistinguishable from any other food source. There’s no technological way of distinguishing a food that’s come from an animal that had a clone in its ancestry. It’s not possible.”

Despite his statements, because so many consumer advocates are opposed to cloning, the FDA is not moving forward more quickly. According to Sen. Barbara Mikulski, who sponsored legislation for the FDA to study the issue further, “The FDA has acted recklessly. Just because something was created in a lab, doesn’t mean we should have to eat it. If we discover a problem with cloned food after it is in our food supply and it’s not labeled, the FDA won’t be able to recall it like they did Vioxx – the food will already be tainted.”

Carol Tucker-Foreman of the Consumer Federal of America adds, “If you ask what’s for dinner, it means just about anything you can cook up in a laboratory.”

Already the two main cloning companies in the United States (Trans Ova Genetics and Viagen Inc.) have produced more than 600 cloned animals for breeders. All of this since has occurred since 1997, when Scottish scientists announced the first successful cloning of Dolly the Sheep. Funny to note that sheep are not on the FDA’s list of approved cloned animals. Besides the possible ramifications with regard to human consumption, cloning technology has not been perfected and attempts at cloning end in tragic birth defects, deformities and fatalities for the animals. After all, Dolly was euthanized in 2003 and suffered from lung disease. Frankly, cloning is unfair to people and animals because it compromises the natural reproduction process and creates an unnecessary, unnatural situation.

Despite the vast unpopularity of cloning, the government and scientists march on to the beat of their own drum. In fact, David Farber, president of Trans Ova, says, “We are certainly pleased.” I can imagine they are because everyone is profiting from research that is unnecessary in light of the fact cattle are perfectly capable of reproducing on their own – I still wonder what is wrong with good, old-fashioned procreation. Is this society so against anything normal that we can’t even handle cattle reproducing through sexual intercourse? Has life become such as “planned event” that we are losing our sense of right and wrong? Further, wouldn’t research time and facilities be better used to address the myriad of “mystery” ailments attacking the general public with no specific causes or treatments than to create cloned cattle when animals know how to reproduce on their own? Further, if there is a shortage of cattle for meat or milk, why does almost half the food we buy wind up in the trash?

Mamasaid there’d be days like these…

More About False Promises to Veterans

January 4th, 2008

After being away for a couple of weeks, I enjoyed reading all the comments from readers about a variety of issues I’ve written about including immigration and veterans concerns. Today, in response to the latest reader commentary, I will follow up on a post a wrote in August entitled, “False Promises to Veterans and a Possible Draft”.I want to thank reader Jerry R. for providing a link with more information about the University of Illinois veteran scholarship scam and wisely stating, “How dumb can U of I be? Call veterans jarheads, change admissions deadlines for vets, recruit civilians to take their place, forge signatures on letters, lie to a Lt. Governor and US Congressman, and get exposed with their own internal documents and still continue to lie about it. Great lesson for all those students. In the real world, you go to jail for this.”

Apparently Lt. Gov. Pat Quinn has stepped up and asked the University of Illinois to prove they are providing business school scholarships promised to veterans and military members last year. While 110 scholarships were to be awarded for the executive MBA program, only 35 scholarships were awarded for the fall, 2006 school year. At the end of November, 2007, Quinn mailed a letter to university President Joseph White requesting a list of all scholarship recipients along with a list of applicants who were turned down.

Quinn states, “Since that promising beginning, I have been deeply disappointed by the University of Illinois’ failure to fulfill its promises to our veterans. Instead of honoring our pledge to our veterans, the University of Illinois has cut back on its promise.” Spokesperson for the University, Robin Kaler, had no definite response, stating the person of charge of scholarships was out of town and “They are working on a response.” Meanwhile, Elizabeth Austin, spokesperson for Quinn, says, “We have heard concerns.”

The former assistant dean at the University, Robert Van Der Hooning, said he was told to set up the program when school officials requestd he use military scholarships to build up attendance and revenue in the MBA program. He also stated he was ordered to cut back the program because of costs and worries about admitting dozens of “jar heads” who would dilute the quality of the MBA program. Of course, the University disputes Van Der Hooning’s version and says the scholarships were never to be awarded all at once or for just the Chicago-based MBA program. Former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld has given the University praise when they tentatively accepted 70 applicants while Van Der Hooning lost his job, which he believes was in retaliation for his honesty. He filed a legal complaint with the Court of Claims and remains unemployed and unwelcome on college campuses because of his complaint. He says, “I’ve gotten close a number of times, but this … subject keeps coming up again and again. When you explain it to people, they understand it … On the other hand, I wasn’t a compliant soldier who just saluted at attention.”

In response to the entire situation, reader Laurie aptly states, “So Watergate comes to Champaign through a military scholarship scandal with a coverup by Dean Ghosh, President White and the Board. Excellent work. Now you have the Lt. Governor demanding answers in addition to a court of law. How despicable to promise veterans a free degree and then change the admissions deadlines after they were accepted? A message to Joe White, Richard Herman, the Board of Trustees and that scoundrel Avijit Ghosh – I don’t want to hear another thing about Brilliant Futures or Inclusive Illinois from you.

University of Illinois has one standard for athletes and students but another for your own employees. You refuse to play by the rules. You should not expect it from your students.”

Another reader, Montsy P, adds, “Veterans should be treated with respect and dignity because they were brave enough to fight for this county. They should be able to live comfortably in the United States with all their vital needs provided. Many veterans come back from war traumatized and disabled. We as Americans should look out for those who fought for our freedom.”

Frankly, it would be a welcome change to have experienced military members who were able to survive a war and international crisis complete an executive MBA program and become the leaders of big business. With all the failures in big business today, we need people who know what’s going in in the world and have the capability to handle themselves under any situation instead of self-centered, narrow-minded morons who create programs they refuse to fulfill and then tell tall tales later. Mamasaid there’d be days like this…